Monday, October 17, 2011

GRRRRRRRRRR. Dead Battery!!!!!!!!

Ever go out to leave, and ur car won't start?,,,,It hesitated twice on me yesterday, so i plugged in my little jumper thingy and charged it all nite, and then very calmly put it on, and DARN.  WON'T WORK.   Called   here, called there, lol, and my bro G is gonna bring me a trickle charger, and maybe it will start later today, to go to my x and get a new battery.  Now,, that's not all, yet.  Had to call the foot doc over in Marble Falls and cancel my apt. to pick up the shoes i have waiting there.  As a diabetic, i can get new shoes once a year thru medicare.  So that's the ones for this year.  THEN, my bro asked if i had an extension cord, why,,,of course i do.  Didn't know it was all in a tangled mess in the store room.  Come to find out,, there's 2 in that mess.  My other bro kinda loops all of his, so they don't get tangled, and easy to undo, but,,,oooo Lord, why???? didn't i do that?  After lots of kicking and slamming, i finally get enough of ONE cord out long enough to reach from my house to my car,   about 20 feet to my back door, and that's when i had found out there were 2, scared poor little Jude to death, throwing the other one back at the store room.  So,,here i sit, writing a blog, while all my good plans went away.  No shoes, no groceries, no Mexican food.  That battery is a 5 year one, and i don't know how long i've had it, but the first time one does me that way, it's REPLACE!!!  I could look it up, but why,,doesn't matter.  Gotta have a new one.  Agreed?  This poor ol helpless woman needs a car that will start, right?  Now, with that one cord strung out, Hey Jude might not come near it, and will starve.  All day.  Guess now i can go thru all the coupon stuff out of the paper, might be some i can use later, on my next trip,,,

OK , trickle charger on, gonna check it about 3 PM,,MAYBE it will start, run long enough to go get the new one. 

Big cold front coming in tonite, lots of wind, no rain.  Fire danger again.   Low 90s today tho.  Might be AC weather again.  One time, this same bro B, and a friend were living in Ft Worth, and decided to ride their motorcycles down here on Friday after they got off work,,,heck, temp was in the 70s, no problem.  This was in Jan.  They no sooner got down the highway a piece when that big bad one hit.  All they had on were lite jackets, no gloves or anything to help keep them warm.  Their wives were behind in the vehicles, but no way to do anything, no trailer.  It got down right quick into the 30s when that wind hit.  No matter was in the 70s a few minutes before. lololol.  They would go as far as they could, stop for coffee, get warm, hit the road again.  It's about 250 miles.  They made it, but NEVER did such a thing again.  They never heard of weather reports. lolololol.  They got a trailer and hauled those things back home.  It was kinda funny, in the strange way, that he and we got motorcycles at the same time, and they had never talked about them at all.  We bought a new 100 yamaha, and it was too small, but i kept it, and we got a bigger one too.  Street and trail, rode backroads, trails, down the river, everywhere we could.  First time i climbed a hill (cliff),, i looked at that thing, thot, well, all it can do is kill me, and off i went.  I was so shocked when i made it to the top, i fell off.  lolol.  This was up at San Angelo, out where the reservoir is, and it was a really high cliff.  I had that little 2 stroke wound out.  After we bought them, several more did, so there was a group later.  I did whatever they did.

Think i'll take a nap today,,,car just sitting there, hopefully getting a charge.