Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Wooohoooo,,,,now i can prove my memory loss is due to drugs!!!  Statins.  Also, diabetes and muscle pain.  I've taken one for several years for my cholesterol, and this says its better to have the memory loss, etc, than the high cholesterol.  I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes before i started taking anything tho.  I think.. hahahahah.  My memory loss had started when i was put on a lot of my medication, so ,,, i already knew that.  Like that thing,(chart) a while ago, i'm in the normal range, so, i'm ok.  You have to weigh the side effects against the good.

I'm still not seeing little Hop a Long, but i saw one that got up from laying on the ground, and limped for a bit.  Gosh they all look alike so, who knows?  Sure hope that was it, and that leg had gotten well.

I need to be doing other things this morning, and here i am, typing away.  And that council meeting is Monday.  Like my bro G says tho, we'll give it a shot, if it works,,great, if not,,so be it.  I would love to have lots of supporters show up.

I sure love all the pics yall put on your blogs.  Most of those places i've never seen.  And won't ever.  Next best, is the pics.

Leap year,,last day of the month.  Tomorrow was my Dad's birthday.  My son was due on that day, and he told me if he came that day, i would have to name him after him.  I already  had his name, so i was glad he showed up 6 days later. lololol.  There was already a cousin with that name so it was being passed down.

Gotta get ,,doing stuff, so yall tc, and