Saturday, September 3, 2011

Got Those Doors,,,

Got my doors!!  N and i went over there this morning.  We were barely able to get them out of her truck, so i called my nephew and asked him to come by with a friend and bring them in for me.  They both have glass, wouldn't want them to get broken outside.  Don't know when i will get them installed,  lololol,,,but no problem there.  Got the doors, and the rest of my life to do that, right?  I almost backed out on the entry one, but after i talked to N and she told me you could fasten rods to a steel door, got back on the band wagon.  Now,,just for some cooler weather to install them.  When i'm not having to run the AC.

Didn't go to sleep til about 4 last nite.  Would lay there, toss, get up and read, go back and toss, u know the routine.  We were back in time for a nap for me.  And she also said she was going home to do the same.  She's been feeling crappy for a couple of days, said even had chills  2 days ago, and now has bad cough.  It's going around.  I think that might be what i had several weeks ago.  Know i had hard chills, which i haven't had in about 40 years!!

Had just a short nap already.  Made quite a bit of progress on the huge book.  Just about 500 more pages to go.

Gonna cut this short today, way late getting here. so,,,