Thursday, July 19, 2012

Got a Wild Hair Today

Just got in my car and went to visit G up at his country place.  71 miles W of here.  Close to Menard, all rocks.  Just got back, and i'm tired from driving mostly.  Got to watch him helping a neighbor and another man doing something i should have filmed with my flip, but,,,it was back at Gs cabin in the car.  There was this huge thingy,,air compressor?,,weighed about a 1000 lbs, and had to be moved about 15 feet over to a 4-5 ft fence so it could be lifted over.  Yeah,,,that's what i thot.  They're crazy!  No doubt about it.  Well, this neighbor had this huge front end loader and twixt the pipes under it, the plywood, the chains hooked to the hook on top, and 2 pushing and shoving to keep it kinda going straight,,,it finally got to the fence.  One time it went off the wood, and started burying itself in the ground,,so HALT!!!  Lots more shoving pipes to roll on,,plywood ahead,,,and lots more pushing and shoving,,,it got to the fence. 

THEN,,,They hook one little chain thru that hook on top and the other man lifts it up and over the fence!!!,,,  Even G got back, but that one man didn't...  They put it in a short bed pickup,,,lol, crossways,,wouldn't fit any other way,,,not all the way crossways either, not long ways,,mix in between.  Had that little truck almost off the ground in front.... He was hauling that thing about 300 miles.  I told him when he went up a hill, it would go right out behind him,,,he said,,nah,,it was sitting good... That's when you shut yor mouth,,,  No tie downs,,,just sitting there.  Why o why didn't i have my flip with me?,,,

Now,,,what's for supper tonite?,,,

Didn't want yall to think i died or anything,,,so yall tc, and

HAGD,,,what's left of it