Tuesday, January 15, 2013

St Joseph, Works,,or Not

Was reading in the Frog's blog about the St Joseph statue to sell a house.  After Mom passed away, and we finally got the tons of trash and stuff out, (she was a hoarder),, my sis insisted on trying to sell it ourselves, which didn't work.  So after 6 months of that, we listed it with an agency, and Bro G insisted on overpricing it, so,,,no sell either.  After another 6 months, we signed with another agency and I got the St Joseph's statue and followed the directions, like Ms Frog said,, and within 3 weeks, it sold.  I went back to dig it up, and never found it.  Went back 3 or 4 times, knowing exactly where I had buried it, but it just wasn't there!

Later, I asked this same agency to sell a couple of lots for me, and before she got the sign hammered in, a lady stopped and asked her about them then bought them...

I know for sure, that using St Joseph works.  Even our real estate lady was impressed.  I don't remember who told me about it, but I was sure glad they did.

I'm not too good today.  Whatever this is, is all in my head.  Haven't gotten to the cough yet but am prepared.  And just maybe, it won't happen.

Yall tc, and