Friday, June 21, 2013


Woke up during the nite and in pain again!  Guess I moved wrong and now I have a set back.    Sitting here right now with an ice pack.   This is the same as a torn muscle, with set backs and everything.  I've gotten by with just one pain pill a day, but now,,,who knows?  lol.

I was feeling so much better yesterday I even got in my car, almost pain free doing that, and went to the Sonic for a strawberry shake,,, didn't know they were 1/2 price.  Was the 20th the start of summer?,,and when is the summer solstice?  Today or tomorrow?  It doesn't show on my calendar.

Hunter Hayes was on the Voice this week, but way back, lol, he's all of 20 now,,,,he was on Youtube with Hank Williams Jr.  AMAZING!!  Look it up.  Knew right then that kid was going places.  And i'm so glad he has.  (Watching him on Today now)

Thinking about all this hot weather where the weather forecast is the same, no need to watch, I use this method.  Since weeks seem lots shorter than months, I think of it as 9 more weeks til it will cool off.   Weeks fly by for me, so,,,gosh, before I know it, it's almost Sept.  And yeah, it's still hot, but like I told B, my bro, there's a good chance of a cold front.  One year way back, and the only reason I remember it, is on the last day the swimming pool was open a norther had blown in, bringing the temps down to the 60s, and the kids just HAD to go to the pool.   hahahahah,,, they were the only ones and the life guard was walking around with a wrap on.  They had to stay in the water because their teeth chattered when they got out.  They didn't last long that day.  lolololol.  So that's why I look forward to Sept.  There's a chance.

Meantime, I really don't mind staying in and cool.  Still have a good book, my games, and lots to do.  So yall tc, and