Friday, September 30, 2011

Stormy Weather,,,,,

Just a note today.  Was awake all nite, would get up, read a while, go back to bed, and do it all over again.  It was around 5:30 i finally went to sleep, then woke up about 8 and got up, sooo,,,guess what i'm gonna do?,,,Going back to bed.

With all the racket last nite, i thot we had a good rain,,But like DD, maybe a 1/4".  When it all first started the lightening started a small grass fire just below the bridge, but they had it out quick.  My power blinked once, but that's all.  AND, i did remember to check my coffee pot!!!,,,Can't have that clock messed up. lololol.  And my VCR kept on recording.  I have found out that if i miss a tv show, like last week, i can watch the entire thing the next day online.  AND, without all the commercials, maybe just one.  So with that knowledge i didn't get overly excited about the VCR.  lollolol,,,

Little Jude,,just don't know about him.  He was acting like he had never heard a storm before!!  He was kinda hiding,  like, under the table, and never did come and get on my lap.  He did go out about 10, very cautiously, but around 3 i heard him wanting back in, and he acted like he was starving ,,,Guess he'd been so upset over all the noise, he didn't ever eat.  When siamese get upset, the hair on their tails will stand straight out, and it looks like a bottle brush. lololol.  Well, not just their tails.

Been researching scanner radios.  The police dept here is fixing to change over to narrow band digital and i needed to find out what all that meant.  My older ones won't be able to pick up the frequencies, but i can still buy the ones like i'll need for around a 100.00.  It's not like the trunk system.  I do have 2 that will work.  I have picked them up at garage sales over the years, so it's not like i have a big investment.  Have had 2 stolen out of my car, so the one in there is fairly new.  New enough.  Used to carry one in the car, because i was drinking and driving, wanted to know where the cops were.  That hasn't been neccessary for a lot of years but i still like one in there.  Got up one day and just could NOT down another beer.  Drank rum a couple of years, but then same thing happened.  SOOOO,,,no drinking,,,no smoking,,,no,,,,uh,,,umm,,,fun?,, anymore, but what a good time i had!! hahahahaha.Can't throw washers any more, tho.  There's a really good R&R band playing out at the lake, that i love, but, i just can't make it past 10!!!

I called the man that's gonna replace my front doors, and he is gonna let me know if he can do it tomorrow.  I'm in no hurry, had to wait 'til i could do without the AC.

Eyes closing,,,gonna go back to bed.  Yall HAGD

Thursday, September 29, 2011

New Neighbors,,,Everywhere

Had to take a shower after visiting BB,,,,hahahahaha,,,and i didn't even get any fish!

Gosh, where has the time gone today?,,,what have i done?,,,(besides the shower) ,,,did do some investigating on my laptop memory here, ran the test, found out it's fine.  That took a few, and i ate lunch,,,, that took a few,,,watched the rest of X Factor i had to record last nite,,,that took a few,,,spied on my new neighbors,,,that took a few,,,told my sis i thot it was a 1/2 way house,,those 3 people just don't match up,,,got 3 vehicles too.  I'm NOT going over and introduce myself, i MIGHT NOT want to know them.  I nearly did that with one that bought the place catercorner from me, and TG! i didn't,,,figured out who it was, and sure didn't want to have anything to do with her.  So,,i'm using caution.  They are quiet,,major point,, no kids,,major point #2,,and i THINK there might be a little dog, but if so, it's so quiet i haven't even heard it, seen it once being walked on a leash.  Major point #3.  Hey Jude is ok with them, he's the same ol, same ol.  Not running and hiding anyway.  I kinda trust his judgement.  hahahaha,,,don't know why he runs and hides when sis or son come by.  lmaoooo.

OOO mercy!,,,what a day. 

Tried to eat leftovers, yuk,,got the rest of the canned potato soup down, but that frozen dinner,,meat loaf thang,,got trashed.  I'm outa that good potato salad,,guess i'll stop by the store later.  It's really good, and goes with everything.  It's a shame i don't cook any more, cause i did make the best potato salad, and,,,the best meat loaf ever.  I eat so little now, and i can't stay up on my feet very long, so it's just not to my advantage to do my own cooking.  In other words,,,AIN'T GONNA!!!  lol,,Told my second hubby i didn't cook, he said he didn't care. lololol. And he never did.

Have i named this yet?,,better look n see.  Nope, but now it's there.


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I'm My Own Grandpa

Thot yall might like this, and have probably seen it before. Sounds kinda like my my family,,,,lololol


I’m My Own Grandpa

Many many years ago when I was 23

I got married to a widow who was pretty as can be

This widow had a grown up daughter

Who had hair of red

My father fell in love with her

And soon they were wed

This made my dad my son in law

And changed my very life

My daughter was my mother

For she was my father’s wife

To complicate the matters worse

Although it brought me joy

I soon became the father

Of a bouncing baby boy

My little baby then became

A brother in law to dad

And so became my uncle

Then that also made him brother

To the widow’s grown up daughter

Who, of course, was my step mother

Father’s wife then had a son
Who kept them on the run

And he became my grandson

For he was my daughter’s son

My wife is now my mother’s mother

And it makes me blue

Because although she is my wife

She’s my grandmother too

If my wife is my grandmother

Then I am her grandchild

And every time I think of it

It simply drives me wild

For now I have become

The strangest case you ever saw

As the husband of my grandmother


Still playing around with this, soo,,,
HAGD again,,,

Will I Be Able to Post,,,,Or Not?

This is a test.

Ok guess i got my problem fixed.  Was getting:  Input error, values null for form restoration.  Anybody know what that is?,,,I sure didn't, had to google it.   Found out it has to do with cookies, and i'm really not sure how i fixed it, but,,,it is.

To all u bloggers i follow, i couldn't comment to u, and that's when i got into all this.  Couldn't even comment on my own.

DON"T eat any cantaloupes!!! Deadly.  Another person has died now.  I nearly bought one last week, but TG i didn't.  Then today, a ground beef recall.  What is safe?  Guess my spaghetti frozen dinner was, not sick yet.

N just came by, so had to postpone a bit. 

Gonna put this out,,,go see if i can post to some of ya i tried to, earlier.

Might get back, but,,,if not, HAGD

Did make it back, at least for a bit,,,,

Ol Jules sure writes up some good blogs, yall.  He's over there,,under So Far From Heaven.  His title,,Cat Houses, had me jumping over there couple of days ago.  LOLOLOL,,,he was talking houses for his cats.  hahahahaha,,,And that So far from heaven,,,not true, he's in God's country over there.  Can't be that far off.

Saw where OFM is back In God's country too.  On the South Llano river, over at Junction.  That's one of the head waters that gets here, combined with the North fork of it.  South is the one with the springs.  He sure has a great picture of the milkweed with a butterfly on it.  That weed is ready!!  Bring em on.

I keep putting off getting out there and cleaning out my water container, got green stuff all in it.  Need to get that done before the rain later, ha ha.  I don't have any bleach, found my big jug, that had leaked and crystallized, and empty now.  Forgot to put it on my list, so, no bleach.  Like,,no velveeta for queso,,wasn't on my list.  Got the darn chips,,but,,,now, no queso.  You'd think my brain would connect the dots, wouldn't ya?,,,welllll,,,I reread my list twice, to be sure i had everything,,,and i did.  So,,,No cheese, no bleach,,,let's see,,,do i have em on a new list?,,,,better check right now!  On there NOW.

Ok temp's just 100, maybe i won't die from heat stroke,,,gonna go wash out that big pan. 

Yall TC, have another good day.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

LATE,,i Know,,,,Was my Niece's Fault

Don't have much, but since we have caught just the edge of a storm, and knocked the tv out, well, the cable, thot i would just jot a few things down.

Went out to Kingsland this morning, took my g/dotter, and her hubby to lunch.  Then i went on the HEB, got a few things.  Supper anyway, lol.

There is a BADASS storm on the NE of us, and one on the SW, but,,guess what??? We are right slap dab in the middle!!!  WOW , Kingsland's getting golf ball size hail, just heard on scanner.  Like i said above, we caught the edge of that one, and a little one too.  These just built up in the last hour or so, and got bad.

OOOO YEAH!!! River flow up to 20!.  Means we can water 2 times a week with a hose.  Certain hours. 

Niece called from Lake Worth, and we talked for 1 1/2 hours,,,lol.  Soo,,this will be shorter.  Just one more thing.  Read in the paper today, about a kid catching a piranha out of Tom Bass Park lake,  i guess, over the week end.  When the adults saw the teeth they turned it over to the authorities, then they are saying it's just the second one in Texas, and the other was in 82.  NOT TRUE.  Before i quit working, a man i worked with out at Granite Shoals caught one, this about 10 years ago,,and since he didn't know what it was, he took it around showing others, 'til someone identified it.  It was in the Highlander paper at the time, and i think it was a game warden that did it.  My son sure wouldn't have gotten back in the river or lake,,(bad enough about the gars) if he had ever known that. lolololol.  Hey BB, this was in Lake LBJ, just down from Inks.  There are piranhas in the lakes!!!!

Ok,,gone,,tv was out til 7, so,,,,biggest loser, here i come..


Monday, September 26, 2011

Tinder Box

These all taken on a road just outside town.  The dead looking stuff is the b brush.  It was like this, everywhere.



This one is showing the milkweed needed for the monarch butterflies.  I didn’t know if it would be here or not, but I see it everywhere.

Wow, i've found a new way to do my blogs, in Window's Live Photo.  Love it.  The monarchs travel thru this part of TX on their way to Mexico.  The milkweed is what they feed on.  I'm seeing it everywhere blooming now, so,,,wonderful!!!  Hope the butterflies are as well.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just a Shortie, today

Well, gotta do a short post today.  Ol Jules brought up his story about a lost gold mine, so had to tell about one here.  A classmate of mine spent years looking for one here, and same as ol Jules, had oltimer stories, maps, etc.  Never found it, but there is gold here.  I know i've covered this in another blog.  Then there is the story passed down thru the generations about the lost Spanish shipment of silver.  The story goes,,,they hid it in a cave around here, but, again, it's never been found.  My x father n law, 2nd time, had lots of stories he told, and i wish i had recorded them.  That was one of them.

Not sure if i've told this one or not, but out there where that property is, was the first settlement in this county.  It still has an old log cabin, cemetery, and out all by itself, in a pasture, 2 flat markers, one with a german name on it.  Around here,, back then, were Comanche Indians, and they would set up a camp on a big creek there.  He said up 'til a few years ago, u could still see the bare places where their tents had been.  They left during the winter, went South.  Took the whole camp and all.  During the summer, they helped themselves to the new settlers crops when they felt like it, took what they  wanted.  Well, one year, was a drought ,,,like this one,,, and there were no crops.  That meant starving during the winter.  The Comanche packed up and left, like always,,and the settlers were having a really hard time,  they didn't know how they could survive.  One day, here they came back, the Comanches, and with them, bringing food for them all, to last thru the winter. 

Later still, another settlement was made a few miles up the river, and that's still here, the little spot called Castell.  My hubby and i had talked about buying the old Castell Store, was for sale, but didn't.  I would have loved it, an old country store, big porch, everybody gathering there to talk, play dominoes, or whatever.  Castell has gotten really popular in the last few years, lololol, might be because of that "Castell Rooser",,,look that up on youtube,,,lots of goings on out there now.

OK,, mind's gone blank, time to say,,,,adios.  HAGD

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Break Time

Gonna take a break from this, not sure how long.  Getting harder and harder to do, seems nothing to write about any more.  Maybe a break will cure that.  We'll see.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Smelling Smoke?

Got my tv nites back!!  Finally, lol.  Won't have to do movies every nite. 

Went to bed last nite, regular time, and in 5 minutes, heard that someone had called in, smelling smoke here on my block.  I had too, when i opened my back door to let Jude out.  Wasn't strong.  Well, i got up and went out the front, didn't smell it there, but out the back, yeah, still did.  In a few minutes, it was less, so i went on back to bed.  Couldn't figure out what direction the wind was.  Had to kinda laugh, when i thot maybe it was my bro B, using his fire pit (which is banned now, but ,,,,,) and the wind was blowing it this way.  Didn't keep me from going to sleep.  I had seen a city cop driving up and down the street, figured they would patrol the area for a while.  Besides, Hey Jude was sitting out there, on guard.  (Actually, he was spying on the new neighbors, hahahahaha)

Gosh, Tony Bennett in on tv, singing... how old is this man???  Amazing! 

This is boring today,  gonna get outa here, check on other things.  Yall HAGD

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Squirrel Days

Thank you, Hermit J.,,,u gave me my material for today. lololol.   Brought back a couple of memories of squirrels. 

My Mom went out into her back yard one day, and this little squirrel came running down to her, wanting to jump on her shoulder.  She had never seen this little critter before, so she sure backed away.  She put out something for it, food, and didn't think anything else about it.  Her dog was in the back yard, too, and would kill squirrels, lol, thanks to my Dad.  So here he is, all excited trying to get to that little one.  We would watch out her kitchen window, and that squirrel would chatter, run round and round this huge oak tree, getting the dog into a frenzy, and would get down just out of reach of the dog.  Flipping that tail, chattering,,running round and round.   I named it Teaser.  It kept hanging around, and the g/kids found out that it would come and eat out of their hands..  One day, we were out there, and Teaser had been doing his thang, on that tree, and decided to jump from a limb over to the house.  He made it,,,if u call him hanging off the gutter, dog yapping, jumping up after him, and him scratching for his life, trying to get up on that gutter.  Well, he finally did, and we all breathed a sigh of relief for him.  One day,,,he decided to see what the cat would do, and the cat thot, hey, here's a meal, so the big chase was on!!!  They went here, they went there, up, down, all around on his tail.  Under the car, again, and again, up the utility pole, down the utility pole.   Teaser finally ran up some shrubs and jumped over onto the house.  Lost the cat, or,,,the cat just quit.  By then we were rolling on the ground, had tears, laughing so hard.  lololol.  And,,one day, Teaser showed up with 1/2 a tail!!! Got too close to the dog?,,cat?  we never knew, and he still kept up the chase on the oak tree.  Never knew what happened to little Teaser, but kinda could guess.  Sure missed him. 

When there was the first Wild Game Cook Off, here, some of our friends were cooking, and asked if i had anything to put in.  I raided the freezer, found a few doves, and ONE squirrel, left over from when my uncle had been here hunting.  They took it, and at the last minute tossed it on the grill, just because it was laying there.  WON FIRST PLACE!!!  We had always eaten them, loved them fried, even tho my Dad hated them around his house.  They would eat into wiring, and things.  That was why his dog hated them.  Teaser was around after he died.

OFM made me hungry, had to take a break and eat.  Never eaten a green chili burger, but wow, sounder great. 

LOL Doesn't take long for me to change or turn off that tv, when i hear a soap coming on.  Just had to do that.  I'm waiting for a cool weekend to get my front doors put in.  Will have to do without AC, so i'm waiting.  Thot this one might be it, but, nope, low 90s coming up.

Been looking at this one drawer in my fridge, for weeks.  When i was warming up lunch, took it out and started chunking.  GOSH!!! Old cans of biscuits, packages of stuff, old cheeses.  Gonna chunk lots.  Why do i keep those things?  Ketchup, cocktail sauce, pizza hut parmesan, peppers.  Going now!!
An old can of biscuits busted and has left a gob of sticky stuff gotta wash out.  GEEZZZZ.  Other old cans i've broken open, tossed.  Lol, one time i was driving home from Marble Falls, and heard a shot.  Thot someone had shot at me!  After i got home, found the can of biscuits in a bag.  Now i have these bags to keep hot or cold in. 

Ok,,gotta finish that drawer, yall HAGD

Monday, September 19, 2011

Glad Somebody's Getting It, Rain That Is

Why is it, even after all these years of retirement, that i still hate Mondays?  Makes NO sense, does it?  Can u get set in ur ways so much, u never can shed them later? lololol.  I LOVE retirement,and the best part is,,no alarm to have to get up to.  I do whatever i WANT to.  WHEN i want to do it.  Not that there's much going on.  lol. 

My friend S, the one with the lap band too, just called and is on her way to Austin to get the band untightened.  I have been really concerned because she just couldn't eat anything without upchucking it.  Not good.  She finally decided that too, even tho she told me last week, she had lost 21 pounds since we were there last, and i think that was in late July.  I need mine tightened but not that much.  When they do it, it doesn't stay, my experience so far.  Am told just to keep on until i find the right place, so that's what i'm still doing.  Ur supposed to eat 3 small meals a day, and be satisfied with it.  I do the small meals, but get hungry in between.  Not right yet.

Still no rain here, and i didn't water any yesterday.  Watched it lightening for hours out my front windows, looked real close, even heard it for a while, but,,u know how that goes.  Nada.  Slid around us again. 

Heyyy,,,new shows on tonite,,,finally!  Love my sitcoms.  Dancing?,,nah.  Not even going to record it, who knows when i could watch it.  More to come tomorrow nite...woooohooooo. 

Sel, did u read my yesterday's comments?  I think i figured out why u and 2 others i read, have to have our email addresses to comment.  None of you use  I have gotten so disgusted with blogger, have thot about changing, but don't think i ever will.  Sure don't want to have one i can't set like i want to. 

Gonna leave yall now, but,,,might be back,,who knows? lol.  HAGD

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rain Rain, Come THIS Way

Ol Jules is Good today.  lol.  Some of those i didn't even know.  A friend one time, told me his young son said he sure had a lot of friends, saw him doing those salutes to everybody, everywhere they went. 

Wellll,,,DD,,,YOU got some rain, but,,,,,,,,,like always, comes to city limits, then slides around one way or the other.  Sat there for hours, in the NW.   Could have driven 3 miles and got into it, and should have, my car needs cleaning.  lololol.  Also was in S part of county.  Just can't win for losing.  Haven't decided whether to water any today or not.

OOO BOY,,  When that new chicken place, Chicken Express, said hot wings, it meant HOT wings.  I got the 6, and they were huge.  3 were a meal, but had to smother them with potato salad each bite.  Just had the other 3 for lunch, thru with those.  No more.

Loved the Hermit's blog today, in fact, i kept it.  I always read the blogs before i post.  Lots of times, gives me fresh ideas for mine.  And u know i get a bigggg kick out of BBs and Hobos,,just wth is that man?  Can't do us this way, u know.,,,,Just ask DD.  hahahahaha.

Got a card in the mail yesterday from this little church, has always been mine, that the 60th reunion is coming up first weekend of Oct.  I remember going to the 50th,,,really surprised my Mom when i showed up and sat beside her...On Mother's Day, she always had the most kids in attendance,,,was 6 of us.  They had 3, and when we got to be teens, decided to have 3 more, how i came up with bro and sis, same age as mine.  Anyway, i sure plan on being there.  I was a member of it before that building became our church.  We had church in an old school house.  I helped paint the inside when i was like,,,12.  Then as the years went by, helped with lots of other projects too, (building).  I was the pianist for a couple of years, way back.  lol, didn't play like the book music.  Played with chords.  My blind piano teacher had taught me that.  Don't think i could even play chop sticks now.

Still don't know who is moving in next door.  An old blazer looking vehicle was there all nite, and still lots of others showing up with loads today.  Never saw any of those people before.  Just as long as they,,,she, is quiet, respects boundaries, we will be fine.  So far, no site of dogs or kids.  And DD,BB, not talking about YOUR kind of little dogs.  Talking about big ones, in pens, barking all the time.  Lol, Jude came in while it was quiet over there, but when he went running back out, he froze.  Heyyyy,,what is this?  Then he went slinking around the house, to hide and watch. hahahaha.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Moving Day

Glad to see BB got all those g/kids around, having fun.  lol.  Don't u just love it?  My large family has shrunk so much, and it's just not the same any more.  Guess because both Mom and Dad are having to work, then take care of home too.  No time.  There were always family get-to-gathers up until a few years ago.

 When my one and only g/dotter brought her future hubby to a Christmas dinner the first time,  he went with them to play football after lunch, played pool, and beat them sometimes, got out his guitar, played and sang, got into the poker game.  Loved every bit of it.  Later, i heard my bro B and a nephew talking while they were playing pool,,one said, yeah, he played football with us.  Then the other said, yeah, good  too.  Then one said, and he played pool with us,  the other said, yeah,,he was good too.  Then,,both agreed, gosh he fit right in!!  And he did, and that was growing up as an only child for him.  My sis asked where they had met,,,i said, on the internet.  hahahahah,,,Found out they had!!!  A friend of hers found him on Facebook, and got them together.  Love at first sight.  lololol.  His mom made us all cry at a birthday party for her, when we read the card she gave her.  The part saying,,never knew what my son would bring home, and then he brought you.  They love her too.

Got some new people moving in next door.  Kinda hate to see what they are.  This is a quiet neighborhood, no yapping dogs, no noisy kids.  No loud music.  Hope they fit in.  Guess i'll find out. lolol.  There's so many helping to move, don't know which ones are going to live there.  When i moved here, i had a moving party. lololol,,,They got me moved in just a little time, like,,1 1/2 hours.  Of course, i had everything boxed, ready to pick up.  I had  put all my freezer stuff in a black garbage bag, and my nephew was doing great, he picked up all my ash trays,,,and guess where he emptied them!!! hahahahah.  Had a lot of fun,,cleaning that up to put in the freezer later.  I kept an old trash can, small, by my chair in the living room, with the show world, remotes, etc in it.  Guess where they all ended up?,,,yep,,Next day i went back  up there and thank God, the bag was on the top in the dumpster.  Found them.  I had hot dogs, baked beans, drinks, chips, etc ready when we took a break.  I've been here 10 years now, i think.  lololol.. I just can't remember backwards any more. 

Seems everybody's getting rain, here, there, everywhere, but here!  Glad it's happening somewhere, tho.  Would someone tell me what it looks like?  Sounds like?  So i'll know, just in case it happens here.  You know my memory's not good any more, won't go back that far.

All that cleaning bug yesterday is gone today.  hahahaha,,Rest can just wait.  That's my motto too.  Don't wanna, then don't.  My sis N, would just die if she didn't clean her whole house on Tuesday.  She'd crawl outa her death bed to do it.  Not kidding.  She even cleans the WALLS, regular.  I can't believe how clean mine have stayed since i quit smoking.  They were being painted when i quit, and now they're still good.  Hey yall, was 3 years back on 5-1.  And not one puff on one since then.  50 year habit.  Was actually easier than i had thot possible. 

Ok, just after noon, so gonna wish u all a great week end, and HAGD

Friday, September 16, 2011

They Took That Whole,,Cherokee Nation,,,,

OOO MERCY,,,who ever decided a house had to be cleaned?  I have to do it in spurts, so today i've done my do, 'til,,,well, whenever.  LOLOLOL  But, my floors are clean.  No shower yet, so, not me.  Just now ate lunch, can call it that since it's well past noon.

Hermit Jim sure brought up something very dear to me.  I'm part Choctaw, my great grandmother lived on that OK reservation.  She married a white man, and that started my line.  But, my grandmother, her dotter, was ashamed of being 1/2, so when she had to get a birth certificate in the 30s, she put the wrong names on it.  Didn't want it known that she was 1/2 Choctaw.  No way now, to trace it.  Me, i'm dam proud of it.  Then later, found out my kid's dad was the same blood, but from another tribe.  And just last year, found out my Dad's side had a connection too!!! Wow.  I need  to get back to that.  I have a whole lot to look into, from his side.

But,,anyway,,i have read about that Trail of Tears too, really really sad!!!.. They put the Cherokees in cattle pens, 'til they could ship them out from their Cherokee Nation, there in the SE.  Kept them in those during horrible winter conditions, let them die if they couldn't withstand those conditions.  Remind u of someone?  Then, the survivors in OK,,tried to rebuild thier nation, but,,here they came again,,,greedy bastards, the good ol US of A.  Took everything away from them,,,again!!! Set up a small reservation, put them on it, and there they are still, today.  Wonder when they will lose that? 

OK,,done with that.  And,,today they have found a body of a white man, down there on a little island off of Port Aransas, and think it's the missing man i was talking about yesterday.  Was teasing BB about it.  Really strange conditions, tho.  Name is Christopher Tiensch.  Went missing from his hotel room Sunday nite.  Taking nothing with him.  You can look it up at,,,
Got my curiosity aroused for sure.  Had a woman,, out at Buchanan Dam, go missing, kinda the same.  Last seen waving at her dotter, standing in her driveway, in her robe.  Nothing gone, but her.  I mean, her purse, keys, cell phone, all still there.  Found her, gosh, i think, about a year later, tied up with chains, to a sunken boat.  On the bank of Inks Lake, BB.  Not where u were, but on down, around Kindsland.  All kinds of things turn up when these lakes get low.   Like, a man in a barrell filled with cement. 

My spell checker's not working, so yall just have to make do, today. 

Hobo must be at hard labor now. hahahaha,,,Sis caught all that blogging!  Hey Joe,,sneak some back on here, we miss ya.

Have to keep on reminding myself it's Friday, whatever that means.  Guess all it means anymore, since i don't party all week end, is,,,things will be closed,  won't be able to pick up things if i need them.  Not that i need anything now. 

Gonna get that shower done, so,,,HAGD

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aint He Cute

That's my Jude.  Such a good looking kitty, don't ya think?  Was wanting me to leave him alone, on my lap, and he didn't know what that thing was, flashing at him. lololol  Can't see much of those big blue eyes.

Well, gosh, still fooling around with pics, tags, software.  My son came by and told me he liked the one on Windows Live Photo thingy best. and he does millions of pics.  But,, he doesn't blog! hahahaha.  Now i'm in a mess, was putting tags on em, and got a lot done twice, and can NOT figure out how to take one set off!!.  Won't just hi lite and delete, all of em goes  to trash bin, had to dig em out.  Make 2 sets again.  DAM, no one told me this was a major job!!! hahahaha,,,have to ask my son how to, later.  Sooo, i gave up for now.

This blogger, just as bad as doing photos,,,lol, it's back to the ol same ol same ol thing.  Puters just do strange things sometimes.  All on their own.  Maybe those 9 updates it did this morning did it..

Can't wait!!!! for that cooler weather.  Down into 90s!! hahahaha,,,10% chance of rain?,,nah,,not gonna wait.  Do have clouds drifting by sometimes.

Fixing to pan fry me a couple of eggs, got real bacon bits (since i'm outa bacon) and wheat toast.  Sure getting ready for it.  Rarely buy bacon, don't use it much, have to keep in freezer.  Did u know u can throw a package (well, out of the wrappings) of frozen bacon in a pan, med heat, and start cooking it?  It will peel off one slice at a time, so when u get what u want, off, take the rest and put back in freezer. 
Works great.  Figured that out one time when i had to have some and it was frozen.  OK talked enough, gotta eat NOW.

Just read Hermit Js blog,  and gotta tell ya a little more on my story about books.  My sons learned to use the library after they had found out how fascinating books were, and,,well, one time here comes my oldest son, about 14 by then, with a book on braiding.  It showed u how to braid from 3 strands on up,,,to gosh don't know how many.  He had come home with a bag full of leather strips they had given him at the boot shop, and with me holding the ends of 4 or 6, he made this long square strip, sooo neat.  Think it was 4, turned out about 6 ft long.  And he might have had em cut those strips too, gosh, can't remember, DD. lololol.  I do know he sure used that library a lot.  As a youngun, he was fascinated by dinosaurs, so here came the books.  One time in the 2nd grade, as extra points, the teacher gave them 5 dinosaur names to spell, and marked one of his wrong.  He argued,,but got an x on it anyway.   Came home huffing and puffing about it, knowing he was right.  Well, the next day, the teacher apologized, told him SHE was wrong. 

I know i confuse u, talking about my 2 sons, the one above is the one i have left now, was older than the other one by 4 years.  Lost the youngest at 16, and took a LOT of years to learn to live with that, but i did.  Might as well finish the story.  It was suicide, and he used his gun.  He was a happy go lucky kid, everybody loved him, but 8 months earlier, he had been put on a new acne medication.  12 years later they found out it could cause depression and sometimes, suicide.  Accutane.  It liked to have destroyed all of us.  Was the worst hell u can ever go thru.  None of us saw anything indicating something was wrong.  No one could believe he did it, but he did.  It changed us all, even his friends, for the rest of our lives.  It was a long time ago, and we can say now,,he would have been our millionaire.  He was coming of age at the right time, mid 80s, a total computer geek, and would have been right up there with the best.  And we can laugh saying yeah, and he would still have played pool for a $1.00 a game, been right in there with everybody.  He nearly got kicked out of computer class in his soph. year, for taking his friend's homework off, thinking it was hilarious to do.  I called the principal about it, and he said he could have ruined that puter,  i told him,,no,,he probably knew more about them than the teacher!,  And i was serious.  He got to stay, and he was sure a good kid after that.  Heck, from the time he was 10, he went to the computers in stores, not toys.  Got his hands on them every chance he got.  Took an adult class one time too.  Don't get the wrong idea tho, he played football, was into all kinds of things.  Loved football as much as puters. 

OK,,last nite there was finally a new program on.  Maybe there's gonna be something to watch for a few nites a week now.  Reminds me, i haven't looked at tonite's lineup.

BB, there have been people killed by those bucks.  And they attack for no reason.  If they're snorting u better find cover.  Serious.  I laughed this morning when i read about the missing man right there where YOU ARE.  Well, not about him but about you being right in the middle of all those law enforcers and all.  Have u been searched yet? hahahaha  He had just gotten a big settlement from a company, and my thinking,,did he do this on purpose, start a new life?,,  It's in today's paper.  Since ur there, tell us what's going on.

Ok,,HAGD yall

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

One More Time

Still experimenting.  Think this might be ok now.  This is about all the geese running to me, and i sure felt bad, didn't have anything for them.  There's 13.

Hobo J, i did the preview thing,,,thx. 
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Heyyy,,,i'm Lost Here

WTH has happened with blogger?,,,A whole new set up here. hmmmm, i sure didn't do anything i don't think.  Gosh,,,using picasa do this?  Don't see any sign anywhere.

Just read Hobo's post, and remembered back a time we all went to a mall, yeah i did,  hubby and 2 young teen age boys.  Well, i needed a book so when we got to the part with the book store, i told them i needed to go in there for just a minute.  OMG,,,,should have heard em all!!! Do we have to?,,i don't want to! Griping, groaning like it was the worst thing imaginable.  They drug in behind me, i went and picked up the book i needed, told em let's go,,and went on to the check out.  I COULDN'T GET THEM OUT!! It was,,,WAIT!,,,JUST A MINUTE!  I don't wanna goooooo.  They had each found a whole new world in there, books, books, books, on the subjects each one loved.  From then on, it was,,,can we go to a book store?  We could just pass one somewhere, and it was,,,stoppppp. Go back...

Hey, i like this new thing!,,,It just expanded this page down automatic.  Wow.  It's plain, no phychodelic background tho.  Boring blue and white.  Wonder if i can get my old one back.  hmmmm.

Hermit J,,,on the pics,,no matter what size i put on here, u can click on them and expand to full size.  I have to do that a lot to see things teeny tiny in some of them.

I told my son a few years ago, and maybe he had never realized ,,,that they grew up different than other kids.  We were into motorcycles wayyy back, and i had my own (wasn't gonna ride behind anybody!) back in the early 60s.  Only female i guess.  But then,,,each of our kids had their own too.  Starting with the really small ones, on up.  Size i mean.  Like in,,height.  We took them to all kinds of races, drags, drag boats, motorcross, round track,,all kinds.  Then about their teenage years, we got into running our own cars in the drags.  Hubby ran GTOs, and so did my oldest son later.  A lot of his friends got into it too.  We took their friends along too.  Gosh, now i think about sitting out in that heat for races, had shades tho, except for a couple, makes me think,,how in the world?  lololol.   We went to Austin a lot of week ends, just to see a movie, eat out at a good place,,none here.  On their birthdays, they got to choose where to eat. lololol,,,youngest always chose Burger King.  My bro B was just 4 years older than my son, so he was almost always along too.  We had lots of fun, with our kids.  Had empty nest syndrome for a long time.  Was divorced by then too.

Ok,,enough of my history.  Gonna post this and see what shows up. 


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just Playing Around Here

This is the dam 2 miles W  in the park.  Just a little water oozing over.

A load of turtles out there, wanna go fishing, BB?

Some of the geese that run to me ,,,i swear they know my car.

Downloaded Picasa, maybe this will be easier, still don't know what i'm doing.  HELP!! anybody have any suggestions?
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A Little Patience

Well hells bells, N called and can't take me to Austin today, she's sick, so,,,i called and changed my appointment to 10-4.  That way,  my friend S and i can both go together again.  Not gonna say i'm disappointed,, lol, gonna be way too hot.  And like i told her, maybe this was a God thing, not to go today.  I firmly believe he leads us in our daily lives.

 I had this revelation one time, driving to Fredericksburg to work.  I seemed to always get behind this little ol man in an old pickup, driving 45 mph, got his elbow hanging out the window, his cap on a little crooked.  Here i am, chomping at the bits to pass, and no where to do it.  It's a crooked 2 lane highway, with few passing zones.  He just ignores me,,i'm on his bumper grinding my teeth.  I always had to be ahead of everybody.  f o r t y  f i v e   m i l e s  a n  h o u r... Get the pic?  At the first short space, passing lane or not, i'm out there zooming around!  Got a good passing gear.  Leave him behind so fast, he never knew what just went by.  I work 'til 5, head back home,,and OMG!!!! how is this possible????,,,I'm behind him again!!! Do my same routine, gotten normal now.  Well, point of this story,,,one day, i thot,,u know,,maybe God has done this to slow me down, prevent something that could have happened up ahead, going my usual 75.  I still apply that today, no more road rage, just calmly wait 'til i can get around safely.  Almost all our highways here in this county are 2 lane.  So u gotta learn a little patience.  Driving was my worst one to do. 

Just had my leftover lunch from the Catholic church.  And,,had dark meat, so was eatable.  Didn't have the salad or dessert, ate them yesterday.   Have no idea what that dessert was, but was really good with ice cream.  (I sure do need this band tightened,,,heheheh)  Hungry now, just thinking about it.  But,,i can eat, sorta, for 3 more weeks. lololol,,,

I'm so ready for the new tv shows.  Been watching movies forever.  And noooo, i don't do old westerns,,,lololol.  I like those sissy kind,,on lifetime, and hallmark.  And i still like movies i could watch with my kids, and not be so embarassed.  One time,,,we went to the theater here, yeah back when,,we did have one,,to see Bonnie and Clyde, never forget that experience.  Had our 2 younguns with us.  When it started, my son leaned over, whispered  "that woman doesn't have any clothes on".  Mistake #1, i didn't answer.  Then he leans over, says a little louder,,," that woman doesn't have any clothes on",,,Mistake #2,,,still didn't answer.  Then he YELLS,, "THAT WOMAN DOESN'T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON"   Guess he thot i had lost my hearing.  But i could sure hear everybody in that theater laughing their asses off!  I decided i better say something by then,,and all it took was,,"yes, i know"  Lesson #1,,,answer that kid when he says something.

You see, i never let my kids mispronounce words, i would correct them, so they knew from the get go, how to talk like little adults.  Don't know now, if that was a good thing or not. lololol.  Were lots of times, i sure wished they hadn't been understood....hahahaha.  My youngest son,,started correcting himself to say "ain't",,when he was about 14.  He would say something right, then stop, like,,i'm going to,,,stop,,i ain't.. lol. 

Enough's enough,,,today,, yall TC, and HAGD

Monday, September 12, 2011

Can Do Pics Now,,,

Hi yall,  had to make my monthly trip to Walmart, with my long list.  Have to go there, cause i need all kinds of stuff, not just groceries.  Got back about 2, and unloaded everything, sat down here and did all the do with my new camera.  Wanna see a pic? 

This is out my back door, going up over the hill toward river.  See any green?  Gonna have to figure out a faster way to put pics on here, tho.  Total beginner, all new to me. 

Too late, too tired to do more today.  Might get back, but doubt it.  I'll be gone all afternoon tomorrow, that dreaded Austin trip.  2;45 appointment, so won't leave 'til 1.  Ns driving,,,

Yall tc,,,HAGD

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This is Not my Usual Thing Today

Yep, i sure do remember that morning, 10 years ago.  Was sitting in this very same chair, waiting to call in to my company to see where they were gonna send me that day, when it came on about the 1st plane.  Didn't think anything but an accident, until the 2nd one hit.  Then OMG.  Then,,, the 3rd one.  Still get tears.  How can this be?  WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!!!  I call in, ask them (in Austin), if they have any news on,  then i tell them to turn something on, anything.  I don't want to leave my house!  Who knows what's next?  Ft Hood is just a stone's throw away.   But, i was sent to an 87 year old man in Kingsland, just 20 miles away.  I rushed there, radio on, and he had his tv on too.  All i did was just the necessary things, while watching with him.  He was just as upset as we all were.

Now, i'm gonna tell this one too, cause i still think this was one of the terrorist that did this.  About 1 1/2 years before 9/11, my x called and told me some idiot had been calling about something about our 1st son we had lost as an infant, in 1961.  Said she was with the social security adm.  Had left a number and name.  He gave me the info, told me he thot she was a nut.   I called the Austin office and found out there really was an office where she had said, so i finally called her.  She told me a man had come there wanting a ss number, but he had raised her flags, suspicious.  He was giving his name as my son, even our names, date of birth, whole thing.  He even had a birth certificate in my son's name.  I told her he had just lived 5 months, and had died of SIDS.  Back then, it was called crib death.  He had a good story, but she must have raised his suspicions too, because he never went back.  She had delayed him for about 3 months, and had looked us up in the phone book finally, and called.  Was surprised herself, to see our names still there, we were supposed to be dead.  My x went by the office and looked at a picture, but no one he knew, ever.  Said he was from Australia.  She put a flag on our son's name after that, and no one can ever do that now.  But the man was not to be found, had used a po box for an address.  I reported this to the FBI, who told me they didn't do that kind of thing any more, to call the Secret Service, so i did.  Never heard another thing about it.  Told them to call the woman in the social security office, gave them her info, but who knows?  And u know, maybe there were other reports, like mine, that were not checked out, and the person doing these things, got their ids because there wasn't an alert person on duty to check.  I still thank GOD for that woman.  Remember, this was just the right amount of time that the terrorist needed, 1 1/2 years before.  Yall agree with me?  Think i'm nuts?  Well, i put the 2 and 2 together later and that's what i came up with.

The Catholic Church is having their fried chicken dinner today, and my son gave me 2 tickets.  When i went to pick them up, thot there would be a mile long line, even at 10:50, and wow, i was the first!  Grabbed mine and just had my brunch.  Chicken way overcooked, so dry could barely eat it, and wouldn't u know it, i got a breast and a wing, the driest of pieces! lololol,, Had to chew, and chew, and chew, finally got about 1/2 of one down, and didn't look in the other, but hope it's dark meat.


Forgot to give yall this.  It's a free travel guide, a big book,,, comes with a new Tx map too.  I used to order them for everybody.  Lists every town in Tx and gives u the attraction found there.  For all u travelers, a must have. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It Really is Saturday

Sel,,hate to tell ya, but,,,still the same.  I just checked again, and u go to settings, then the comment tab.  Mine is set to anyone,,where ever you find that.  And word verification.  lol, that's all i remember.  GL!

When i woke up today, i cound not,,remember what day it was.  Finally figured out it had to be Saturday.  Verified that on this puter. hahahaha,,,joking. 

I have always been an avid reader.  I read when others watch tv, and get into books sometimes, that i just can't put down.  Hard to quit and go to bed.  Well, this one i told you about, the last one of the series of the Clan of the Cave Bear,,i'm sooo almost thru with it, and here i am,,blogging!!!  Just have about a 100 pages to read, and this book is on a waiting list, so no renewal, due by the 13th!.  Gotta stop and read the rest!  It's about 2" thick, heavy, hard to hold.  Going to finish that thang,,,TODAY!!  Just hide and watch.

Checked the river flow, still at 2cfs.  Now i can't decide if that's good or bad.  Can be either.  New readers,,,that's cubic feet per second.  I live in Llano, with the river flowing thru town, our only source of water.   Has to be above 12 for us to go back to stage 3, water rationing.  I'm expecting all outside watering to stop any time now.  We have been allowed once a week, by a hand held hose, just during certain hours, and i missed mine last Sunday.  On downstream from the Highland Lakes, they have finally woke up and started to do some too.  Then the fires came.  Mercy!!  Not good times in Texas now.  Yep, i could just get in that river and grab some of those fish. 

Wish i had some leftovers, darn it.  All i have is jello. lololol.  Means i have to do some kind of quicky cooking.  After Tuesday,,won't need to eat,,,much any way.  Get that band tight enough, can't.

BBL, maybe,,,HAGD

Friday, September 9, 2011

Not Saying, TGIF, I've Worn it Out

Goood Morning!!!,,(barely, almost noon).  Sel, just read ur blog, and when i tried to post a comment, it's not changed yet.  Gotta tell ya, tho, i'm with you on guns.  Always had em too.  Gosh, who doesn't?,,,It's TX.  I gave my 22 automatic to my g'dotter a couple of years ago, for her birthday.  Her mother-in-law was kinda horrified i guess.  But she didn't know she had been raised right.  She hefted that gun (nylon 4 pounder bought new wayyyy back) and popped those cans like a pro.  Really impressed them.  I still have my barely legal (by a 1/4") shot gun, (really short barrel), chrome plated.  And, the one i use most around here now, my pellet gun.

Here's a link to read about the fires all around here.  The report now says 1386 homes burned in Bastrop.  And just 30% contained.  Right now.  Hey BB, u ok there where u are?  Guess he's sitting on the side of that lake ready to jump in.   Saying he's fishing, but we never get to see the pics, hahahahaha.  I'm in the market for a camera too.  Gotta do some researching, WHEN I GET TIME OFF BLOGGING!!!  lololol  My game ratings have dropped to horrible levels, my house needs cleaning, (my Jude doesn't care),  have lizards in here.  hehehee,,,i really do, new almost clear ones, nearly drowned one in my sink before i saw it, and put it outside.  One ran and hid somewhere, across the floor.  Saw Jude looking under my fridge, bet that's where it is.  That cat has super ears.

Whew, didn't starve, yall.  Took a time out and made a scrambled egg,,,in the microwave.  One lady i worked with, in her 90s, just didn't know if she wanted to eat anything cooked in a microwave or not.  lololol.  She was given one and when i used it, she really hesitated on eating.  Had to hide using mushroom soup in anything, she did NOT like them.  Even after i told her that was why things tasted so good.  Like, pot roast, stew,chicken and rice,,,She wouldn't buy it, hahahaha, she ignored it on her grocery list.  lololol.  I had to pick it up when i would get a few things for her.

Any of yall ever wake up during the night, with your pillow and bed all wet around you?   Well, i did once.  Thot i had hemmoraged.  Or something, til i could get the lite on.  Was my ceiling about to fall in, it looked like, right above my head!!!  Down by my feet too.  It had never leaked before.  Had to move my bed and try to find a dry spot to sleep on, put buckets under the leaks.  We had a bad hail storm a year or so before that, and i had collected on a new roof.  The adjustor had even told me i might or might not need one.  WELL,  i sure did!!  Wasted no time calling my bro to get one, either.  When he looked he said it might just be a few of the nails up there, had worked loose, but,,,i said,,put a new one on.  Sooo,,,my ceiling dried up ok,,didn't fall thru, and my new roof sounds good.   He does metal roofs and cement work.

Can u believe that not one of those hurricanes are gonna make it this way???  Good luck down there DD, know you live in that swamp and it's become tinder now.

There has to be a life away from blogging.. hahahaha,,,gonna check it out.
Thx for my new follower.  Really really appreciate all of you.  Makes me keep on blogging.

HAGD  (have a good day)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lingo Lesson #101

Wow,,didn't realize people didn't know all the new lingo.  Sometimes i just use ppl, for people.. Sooo,,,here goes:
lol=== laughing out loud
lmao== laughing my ass off
roflmao==rolling on floor laughing my ass off  (not gonna explain the lmfao,,,lolololol)
ty== thank you
BB==Billy Bob
That's all redneck lingo around here.  Was asked one time, wy (why) everybody was called by initials.  I don't know, they just are.
bbl-= be back later
cya,,,hahahaha,,,see you
If u (you) text, u use them, don't u?  I looked them (text language) up one time on google, and couldn't believe the list i got.  But those above r (are) the most used, and i've used them a long time in the game lobbys i'm in.  Never thot that ppl wouldn't know what they were, and thx for telling me.  SS (so sorry) about not realizing it.  You actually spell like it sounds 2.  lolol

That doesn't cover this snapping turtle hanging on my finger cause i was klutz this morning.  lololol,,,Think all those cat fish left, if they didn't they're trapped now.  Our river flow here in town was down to 2 yesterday.  NOT GOOD. 

I can really tell how dry it is, cause my hands r so scaly, can't keep enough lotion on em.  Looking out my back door, i'm seeing 2 hackberry trees with brown leaves, and not from frost either.  These r old trees, shouldn't be this way.  All i can do is hope IF there's ever any rain, they might still survive.  They aren't in my yard, but do shade it. 

Last nite, for some reason, got to thinking about all the good music i loved, in the past.  Well, Still do.  But it was and still is, the ol R&R classics, like AC/DC, ZZ, Nazareth, Janis Joplin, Credence, u know, all that good stuff.  O yeah,,Dr Hook and the Medicine Show,  one of the ones i loved from the first time i heard Marie Laveaux.  Well,,,My bro B was in high school, and i would make him tapes of Hook, and before u knew it, they were gone.  Just couldn't keep em...until,,,now get this yall, i labeled the LAST one as Mel Tillis!!!! hahahahah,,,And i say last, cause no one EVER touched that one!!! lmaoooo.  That was the party music,,and most couldn't be played on the radio, like,,Get Your Rocks Off, Penicillin Penny, Making it Natural, Freakers Ball.  I have em all on albums still.  Bought every one they made.  If u get down, just look em up on youtube,,,will make u laugh, pick u up. lololol.  Music always did that for me.  Not country tho, gets me down.  Cry in ur beer stuff.

Still nothing going on around here.  Might get back here later.  But, in the meantime, HAGD

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wed? You Sure?

TYTYTY Sel.  Gotta let you know, tho, i don't comment on ones that ask for too much personal info.  I'll be reading them tho.  Ol Jules and rvsue do that too, but like i said, i still read them, just don't comment.  I'll put up with screening, like OFM, and filling in the word space, but, i don't know, guess i'm just mostly a private person.  I'll check sometimes, and if u change it, i'll be there. lolol,, 

There's a special on now about these horrible fires.  In paper today, was talking about some toad's habitat maybe all gone, and the toads too.  That's in Bastrop county.  And i had thot the houses were mostly in cedar breaks, but now know it was in pine woods.  About the same.  That's in Bastrop.  All the others in the Cedar, tho.

Have leftovers for lunch today.  Got a child's plate of chicken fried steak with a baked potato for supper yesterday, couldn't eat even half of it, so,,,,I throw in a big hunk of onion and yummmm.   Ok,,,warm up time.

Gosh, just not in a writing mood today.  Yall ever get that way?  And after those leftovers, my head's nodding,,,eyes shutting down.  Might bbl..

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fires, Fires, Fires!!!

Central Tx made national news, cause of these wildfires.  Got everybody on the look out for smoke now.  My g/dotter called and asked if i knew where one was out there, at Buchanan Dam, and i had heard it, but didn't remember the street.  She said they had packed a getaway bag, ready to take off if necessary.  Living right here in town, just a few blocks from one fire dept. i think they can make it before my house would burn down, so all i'll do is like i did Sunday, get in the car and go.  I have a metal roof, and so does the one beside me, so that helps.  Even my sis N,,getting concerned out there.  There's just too many now.  AND, my bro G told me that one of our arsonist just got out of prison, soooo,,,,He's the bro of the fire chief too.   And was the son of the one before.   He never has quit setting fires either.  Been in and out of prison forever.  And now he's back. Lord have mercy.  Here, in this county, cedar trees are bulldozed out, but over in those other counties, ppl have built houses out in em, on the side of the hills.  No sense atall.  Fire just can't help it,,,those trees are like gas fumes,,,go up in a whoosh.  I tried it one time when i took our Christmas tree out,,,threw a match on it, and whooosh,,,ball of fire.  NEVER AGAIN.  That was when i got an artificial one. 

Hobojoe been talking about a sun burn. lololol,,, First time i wore a bikini, was laying out on a raft on the river.  Did fine, cept for that little strip right under my bellybutton.  Never saw the lite of day in my whole life.  Looked like a tomato for weeks.  A ripe one. hahahaha,,,  Got sense now.,,,,don't i?  Hush, yall.  After that first one i got, back when i was a freshman in HS,,,on our class trip out to the lake all day, in bathing suits,,on a partly cloudy day, and everyone knows they are the worst.,,,I knew when to call it quits, but,,,that one spot was totally new to it.  When i got that first one, i couldn't wear clothes for days,,,was so burned.  Had to wear that same suit.  ha ha,, Got my freckles from that.  I wasn't the worst one, some got sick, was so bad on them.  And back then, hobo, even i didn't know the remedies.  Only excuse,,i was just a kid. 

I had an aloe vera plant, and at the change of seasons, i lugged it in,,or out, whichever was required.  One time it BLOOMED!!!  Had 2 witnesses.  Never heard of one doing that.  Put out these 2 long spirals with yellow blooms.  Got so heavy, i left it out, and one year it froze.  But,,,we did see it bloom.  I have a bottle of green gel, and those lotions won't work either.  My niece got a burn one time,,,when they were living in Austin, and they took her to the emergency room and they put menthol shaving cream on it.  That works!  Cools and cuts off the air.  Bet he's never heard of putting a penny on a sting either. hahahaha,,,Yeah,,,we women just KNOW THINGS.  Ask any of us.

Uh,,,how do i?,,,ummm,,,

Sel, gonna look up ur blog address, forgot to yesterday, but i'll be a follower of urs too.  My mind lets me forget sometimes,,,hehehe,,,,,,even when i have the best intentions...

yall HAGD

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day? Monday? Well, OK

Labor Day,,,,means nothing any more.  Monday,,,the same.  That's what happens when u get to where i am.   But,,,this first front?  OOO yeah!!!  Darn crippling heat gone!!!  I even have my windows open today. 

About 5 pm yesterday, tho, i had a terrible scare.  A grass fire on the block across the street to the North!,  which has nothing but an ol house about to fall down, fire hazard.  I heard the call on my scanner,  looked, didn't see anything, but,,,less than a minute later, i saw flames, then less than another minute had come all the way over to my street!!!  And was approaching the back of that house.  That's when i left.  I got in my car and went to the North a block, and watched til they had it out.  They got there real quick.    Had to air my house out later, what with all the smoke.  Then about the time i was ready for bed, they were called back for one spot that was flaming again.  Waited til that was over, and to bed i went.  Believe it or not, i had a good nite's sleep.  lololol,,  We had 3 fires here in this county, but there were so many more in central Tx, was horrible.  Still is.

Took a container of soup out of the freezer yesterday, forgot about it and made oatmeal for brunch.  Well, got supper. 

Boy, there was a storm opened up about vista,,hahahahaha.  NO ONE LIKES IT.  Like someone else said, too, BB, it's just not compatible with anything.  And never gets better.  By the time Dell was letting u choose which u wanted, it was a few months down the road for me, and i had gotten used to vista.  HP was top of the line for a while, might still be.  Back when,,,u know,  (cause i don't know how long ago) my first one was compaq.  Wow,,,only one internet company anywhere around here, (i'm in the sticks)  and we were limited to 40 hours a month!!  Was so slow, i never had a problem with it.   Think it was 256K. hahahaha,,,Won't even get into  the modem not working for months , having compaq pick it up and take to Houston to figure out the problem,,(was plugged into wrong place).  Best Buy went on my *&^%% list.  Took it back lots of times, never fixed.  Even had repairmen come to my house.   Wow where was i?  Think that was the one lightening got.  Yeah kinda sure of it.  Had insurance.  

Gosh, it's 12;30 and still nice.  When that first really cold front comes, i always cooked deer chili or stew.  Loved it.  Now since i rarely cook, don't know what i'll do.  Only reason i have that soup is cause i cleaned out my freezer, found that beef needed to be used.  Lol, i put rib eyes, and chuck roast together.  hahahahaha  Made a good soup.  You seen those boxes of the 6 oz rib eyes at Walmart?  Had a couple of those left.   There are T-Bones too.   Can't eat beef much, now.  Gotta be falling apart tender.

Think i've bored yall enough, for now, anyway.  TC, HAGD

Sunday, September 4, 2011

XP, Vista, 7

I'm BACK...Kinda, sorta, missed yesterday, just a little bit of a blog.  Lol, might be the same today.  OOO yeah, now i remember.  Wanted to tell you why i got vista, in a puter.  HAD NO CHOICE.  My xp died on me, and when i had to get one, the only thing they had at that time, was vista.  This was Dell.  My choice of puters at that time.  Soo, anyways,,,i hated that thang from the get go.  NOTHING was compatible, had to change everything i owned to work with it.  Like to never got the printer to work.  Had to contact each company so they could give me the updates for vista..You getting the picture now?  The printer company told me wrong, but finally sent me a cd that worked.  Their web site had left out a step in the instructions.  Whew.  Still not thru.  Spent hours on the phone with Dell, with other things too.  See what i'm talking about?  THEN,  a few months down the road, they had the nerve!!! to give u a choice, xp or vista!!!  So when Windows 7 came out, i was one of the first to get it, and loved it from the start.  When i got this laptop, that's what it had, so,,,didn't take me long to update that desk top to 7 too.  Did that with the download.  Vista was the worst disaster ever.

My nephew that came over to bring my doors in,,said he was in shock seeing the countryside around here.  He's going to college in San Marcus, where there's springs and things, and still green.   I'm still gonna go around the whole county taking videos.  Still waiting, things still dying.  Still drying up.  Like us, BB,,,hahahahaha, had to say that.

Brunch ready, and i'm sure getting hungry.  Got ham steak, potato salad, and v8. lol  Don't do veges well, unless i stir fry em.  Drinking them today.

 Reminds me,,loved that rum too.  Was my liquor of choice, but the lite one, bicardi.  That dark can make u mean,,,didn't u know that, BB? lololol  I was a happy drunk.  Was beer for years.  My bf told me one time, i was the only woman he'd ever known who could keep up with him and still function.  At the time, i was proud of that!  Couldn't throw washers til i had about 3 down, or more, but u better watch out then.  Even the kids wouldn't take me as a partner without asking how many beers i'd had.  Less than 3, was nope.  One time, we had a big bar-b-q, and set up a washer tourny for $1.00 a piece, just to have a pot.  We divided the experienced ones with the nons,,and one man got my 10 yr old g/dotter for his p.  He was frowning, doing his diappointed thang, til,,,,, she threw the first  time.  Was against my bro, B, who won tournys all around here, and when he put one in, she covered it, all thru that game.  After her first throw tho, that p of hers was grinning from ear to ear, and if HE had made just ONE point they would have won.  All our kids learned at a very young age, to throw em, so they could play with the adults.

That front hit about 1 1/2 hours ago.,  Slammed in here, making lots of noise.  Made me look to see what it was.  Wooohoooo.  Know i already told u about the Labor Day weekend when my kids were young, and it got just down right cold.  And they were the only ones in the swimming pool, everybody else had a little sense.  My son never had any body fat so he could just drink something cold and get chills.  This not that good, but sure beats what we've had.

Still no plans, but,,i hate to make plans anyway,  they're made to be broken. 


Had a good scare a bit ago.  The empty block across the street caught fire, and in this wind, was going fast.  It's not quite empty, has a huge ol falling down house on the corner right across from me.  That's what i was worried about.  I got in the car and left!  Went over a block and watched til it was put out.  Looked like it started at the edge of the pavement a block over, like from a cigarette.  The fire dept put it out real good.  Kept putting water on all the spots til they quit smoking.  The grass burned right up to the back of that house too.  But i could just see it crossing the street to my side.  whew,, No one lives next door, heard it might have sold tho.  All this belongs to the same people.  Cya tomorrow, just threw this in.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Got Those Doors,,,

Got my doors!!  N and i went over there this morning.  We were barely able to get them out of her truck, so i called my nephew and asked him to come by with a friend and bring them in for me.  They both have glass, wouldn't want them to get broken outside.  Don't know when i will get them installed,  lololol,,,but no problem there.  Got the doors, and the rest of my life to do that, right?  I almost backed out on the entry one, but after i talked to N and she told me you could fasten rods to a steel door, got back on the band wagon.  Now,,just for some cooler weather to install them.  When i'm not having to run the AC.

Didn't go to sleep til about 4 last nite.  Would lay there, toss, get up and read, go back and toss, u know the routine.  We were back in time for a nap for me.  And she also said she was going home to do the same.  She's been feeling crappy for a couple of days, said even had chills  2 days ago, and now has bad cough.  It's going around.  I think that might be what i had several weeks ago.  Know i had hard chills, which i haven't had in about 40 years!!

Had just a short nap already.  Made quite a bit of progress on the huge book.  Just about 500 more pages to go.

Gonna cut this short today, way late getting here. so,,,


Friday, September 2, 2011

Missing ALL That Rain!!!

Eating oatmeal here at 11;30 am.  Never was a breakfast eater.   Back in high school, i slept til 10 mins before i had to leave, jumped up, got ready that quick, and was gone.  Didn't see any sense wasting sleep time.  Now i never set an alarm, well almost never.  Best part of being old. hahahaha.  Should i say, retired?

Told BB he needed a wagon, for all those fish he doesn't catch.  But,,reason i did that, is i have used a big red wagon  always,,since my kids had one way back.  Had to buy a new one a few years ago.  Great to haul stuff around the yard, haul groceries to back door, just about anything.  Course, Sadie Mae would have to ride in it.  Or, maybe she could pull BB. hahahaha.  One time i tied one to our german sheppard, and put my young son in it.  She loved it, but the further she went the faster she got.  By the time she went around the corner, she was running, and that wagon turned right over throwing my son out.  He got up, wanted right back in it. lololol  I led her after that.  Everybody needs a wagon.

I just can't believe all that rain turned to the North!!!  Had such high hopes.  All of Texas getting a drenching.  Pipe dreams.  But did i see a front coming this way?,,,Cooler by Monday?  Probably what ran off the rain.

N told me she would take me to pick the doors up tomorrow.  Nearly changed my mind, thinking i couldn't cover up the top half of glass, in a steel door.  Never had steel doors til i got the back one, and it doesn't have any windows.  All i want to do is put curtains over them, on a rod at the top.  Anybody done this?  Quick,,tell me before tomorrow.  lol.  Need ur help and input here. My bro B would use roofing screws,,hahahaha.

It IS gonna cool down Monday, just saw the weather.  OOO Boy.  My utility bill was up about 40.00, which i expected.  It covers 3 extra days too.  Mid July 14-Mid Aug 16.  not bad.  That's everything, water, electric, sewer, trash. 

Wish i had something to write about.  Wish i had lots of money.  Wish i was younger.  Wish i was thin again.  Let's see, what else.  hahahahaha,,,That's all BS,,except the first one.  Glad i have what i have, i count my blessings every day.  Home Health Care taught me that.  Worked with one, in his 30s, had dived off a cliff, hit his head, became paralyed from the neck down.  Had 2 young kids, a wife he hadn't been married to very long.  Other young ones had bad health problems.  Even the older ones were sad too.  But it made ME feel good to help THEM.  Think i might have told you also, about Big Boy. lol,,Weighed 600 pounds, had to give him a bed bath every day, when i was sent there.  He had a specialy made bed, with bars above, could turn himself.  His legs had broken open from the weight, and the company i worked for was looking for a nursing home for him.  A nurse was by every day to change the dressings.  He was 42.  By the time they found one, he had gained up to 700.  BUT, on the other side of the coin, WE were paying his disability and health bills, because he was fat. 

Any of yall like to play games? Online.  With real ppl.  I play mostly at  Just thot i'd throw that in.  I do ludo and painted yahtz.  Have to be good, got kicked off one time. hahahaha.  Not saying what i said, but they are strick.  So when i leave here, i usually play for a while.  Loved games all my life.  Also play rummikub on another.  Got a BIG book to read right now, tho.  About 160 pages in.  Out of 760.


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well hells bells, im still having to redo my whole google account to post comments.  Why doesn't it keep it?,, Who knows?   AND,, before u say it, i do check the box to remember me. 

OOO Mercy!  Just had to bend for a while to trim my toe nails.  OOOOWWW.  That pain pill i took last nite worked so good, might do another one tonite.  Hush, BB.  lololol.  Cut too much on 2, now i'll have sore toes for a while, but,,,they are short. 

There are a couple of blogs i would sure like to respond to, but,,,NOT gonna put my private info on there, just to do it.  One is rvsue, the other is oljules.  They want tooo much private, for me anyway, just to post a comment.  Don't know what you'd have to fill out to become a follower.  Ur life story i guess.  Anyway, i'm too much a private person, just won't do it.  Closed out that facebook too, too much info.  Don't do chat stuff with people around here, can use my phone, not a public place.  I explained to BB why i don't put my name out.  I don't even use my name on my email.  One time, i was pitching a fit to the cable company cause they wanted my personal phone number, and i didn't want to give it to em.  hahahaha,,,I was listed in the phone book!!!  AND worse, it was even on my checks i paid them with. hahahahaha  (Realized that after i had talked to them),,,Well, duh,,even smart people like me can be,,,uh,,,u know,,sometimes. lolololol  Nuff said about THAT subject.

Gotta get on the phone and call the Lowe's in Marble Falls, see if they have 2 doors i saw in their ad today.  One is a storm door and the other is an entry door.  Need them both on the front.  Has been too hot to do the work, but getting about to the point where it can be.  For me,,lol, having to have the doors open til replaced.  Gonna call the man that put on my back ones, he has told me he would when i got ready.  Will ask my bro B first, but he hates to work on old houses.  Gets too impatient.  That store is a pretty new one, and is huge.  I'm gonna ask about delivery too.    Just called, forget delivery!! $79.00.  But the doors are there, both of them.

Need to make a store run.  BBL maybe.

If not, HAGD