Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look Out Now,,Yall

I'm sooooo proud of myself, yall,  all on my own,  i stumbled on how to,,post to our new blogger, BBs son, Mr. nice guy himself, and,,,get this,,DDs!!!!!!!  Wasn't anything to do with cookies.  Somewhere, it showed google account, sooo,,,i redid it.  IT WORKED  I know yall are so glad,,that i can now post to ur blogs. lolololol,,,Especially, you DD. 

I bought one of those foam pillows about a year ago, so this morning i decided to give it a washing, with a set of sheets so my machine would balance, right?,,,That worked.  Went in there to check on it, and that pillow was floating, so,,,i had to reset and start it over.  Pushed it down and hoped it would work then.  lol,,Don't know how much it cleaned it, the cover still has the stains, but it was lucky i left it on, that foam had a whole lot of little pieces coming off.  When it dries, i'm gonna take the cover off, and clean all that off.  Gosh, that thing cost like, around 24.00 at Walmart.  Why would it do that?  I've tried the memory foam, used it awhile, didn't really like it.  Weighs a ton.  I like the foam best, of all i've ever used. 

See, you can talk about nothing, just get started. hahahaha

I also cleaned out the water thing outside, was all green and nasty.  So i washed that out too.  I just happened to look out yesterday, in time to see 2 mockingbirds land in the crepe myrtle there above, gasping, it was so hot.  Had their beaks open, panting.  Wish i had thot to put that container out lots sooner.  Just hadn't realized the critters around, that didn't have water.  When Jude goes out about my bedtime, i turn the lite on and see what might be out there, but haven't seen anything since the possum, his friend. 

Where did i see that ants won't cross a chalk line?  Well, i've tried it.  Had zillions of red ants coming around my house right past my back door.  So,,,i chalked the walk, and do u know?,,,it works!  Lol, i brought in about 3 or 4 one morning inside my paper.  Folded it back and poured them out the back door.  Then a day or 2 later, Jude was checking out a bug in my kitchen, and ,,,it was a red ant!  It got squished.  Now i feel bad.  I know they won't sting if you don't threaten them.  When i was a kid, i let them crawl all over my hands.  Just don't mash them. lololol  They were, and still are, fasinating.  Bees, also.  Dad kept bees for a while, in his back yard.  Don't think he ever got stung. 

Ok,,gotta quit this and eat, have had nothing today.  Might check back in later.