Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lost in the Future,,,,

That's what I feel like anyway.  I just called my dotter and asked if she would come by and put my trash out when she gets off work.  DARN, I hate to do that.  There's just no way I can walk even that much today.  AND I am a slight bit better.  It's 6 days now.  After hurting so bad for days, weeks, etc, I would almost say do anything to fix it.

J went to the store for me yesterday, I was out of milk, frozen dinners, and that good potato salad.  I didn't know, and neither did he, that he would be in San Antonio by 8 AM today.  When I called about 11 to ask how he was, he said fine now,,,then told me he was just leaving SA.  I said,,"WHAT?"  lol.  He got 5 trigger point injections, and 2 of the others and he can't get except there.  The doc won't do those in F'burg.  Hopefully, that will last a few months.

I've been feeling so bad, I hadn't realized how long I had not blogged.  I do when I can, or feel like I might have something to say.

O gosh, BB, The Voice kicks off another one tonite,,,Now who will it be????  Mercy!!  I guess it just gets to the point that it doesn't matter cause they're all so good.  I can't even decide which one, myself.  It was Michelle, but,,,,,what about Sasha, and the brothers?  See? 

I guess it's the right time to be staying in,,,what with the weather.  I do lots of games on here, and found some good jigsaws,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


PS,,, o yeah, saw on the news about those giant mosquitoes!!!  20 times bigger than these we have now!  Look out now, they could really carry you away.