Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Day of Nothing,,,,

Well, this is the 3rd day of doing nothing,,I'm barely getting out of the house,  too darn hot.  I get out and do what has to be done, and that's it.  I might ride thru the park, or a few other places, but don't stop and enjoy now..

My mower man came by and almost woke me up this morning,,mowing,,lololol.  I was awake, just not up, wanting to go back to sleep.  It really wasn't that early, like 8, but i was still not wanting to get up.  Now it looks so good, and just in time for maybe some rain coming.  We just got put back on a burn ban.  This might be a year of zig zagging. I love the rain, so bring it on.   Taught my kids to love the lightening, not to be scared. Watch the beauty, and they still do.  I never made them afraid of anything, and if someone else did, i corrected it.  We all loved the monster movies, but i explained how they  used makeup to make them, and one time, it showed that on tv too.  So there were never nightmares.  Now,,my Dad loved to tell the kids scary stories just before bed time...but they loved it.  My Mom would come home from work, (nurse) and find a whole bedroom full of kids surrounding their bed.   The kids would beg him for more!

I had my g/dotter and a niece with me for the nite one time,,(always on Fri) and i would take them out to do things no one else did.  This time, i took them for a walk in the cemetery at nite.  My niece was holding on hard to my hand, and my g/dotter was skipping on ahead.  There was a scuffling noise and my niece squealed, and my g/dotter never slowed up, just said,,It's just a rabbit...My hand was numb,,,when we got thru..hahahahahaha. SS was one of these nieces, and her sister the other.  Right about the same age as g/dotter.

My bro G and i went to the city council meeting last nite.  They were gonna discuss whether to release the legal opinion on this gate thing to the public or not.  They will, but i don't have the copy yet, i left early.  I will let you know when i find out.  Gs gonna bring a copy by today.

BBL, i think, so yall tc, and