Friday, May 18, 2012

Dum de Dum de..............

Got nothing to say today either.  Slept really late, 9:30, so i'm way behind.  Just got the shower, and dishes done.  I needed to go to Marble Falls, BUT, not gonna.  Can't go tomorrow, it's a bbq out at sis Ns house.  Her dotter's graduation party.  She graduates on the 25th, and is leaving the 26th to go to Houston, stay with her dad til her school starts.  It's a 2 year school, but don't ask me the name, kinda a prep for later, college.  She wants to find a summer job.  Gonna leave N all alone,,lol.  Big change.

Reading MsBs blog today, i had to laugh,,sry,,,,She saw this little something in her laundry? house, thot it could be a snake.  In case yall don't know it,,,a cat will darn sure let you know if there's a snake around.  They smell GOOD!  and a snake smells.  Their hair will stand straight out, and they'll be sniffing,,backing up,,crouching and running away.  I saw mine do that and i did look, just didn't move that stuff in the corner,,,where the rattlesnake was.  That was in my laundry room too, just inside the back door, so i spent a whole nite with that thing in my house.  Somewhere back in one of my blogs, i told this.  Wellll, maybe i didn't,,,can't find it.  I found it the next day, in the living room.  We both froze, and i almost picked it up, but there was just something about those black stripes on it's tail that made me hesitate.  Later bro B told me the diamonds don't show up til they're about 2 years old.  There was nothing close i could grab, then it ran under my chair, so i flipped it over, and it went into a corner and curled up.  I finally could reach one of those long lighter things on the mantel, so i squished it's head.  Raked it into a trash can and took it out.  It was about 18" long and just had a button.

My son J got a call once, from a wrecking yard here, that he had found a baby rattler. J went to get it, and it was maybe 12" long, and had swallowed a mouse, and couldn't move.  Back then, he didn't have a camera like now, so he didn't even think about taking a pic before he skinned it out.  Said it took forever, it was so small.  About the size of a pencil.

OK enough about snakes,,,lololol.  And all i wanted to say was,,,cats make good guards.  hahaahaha.   Jude was sniffing and looking under my sofa one time, so i moved it,,(see, i learned)  and there was that gopher that the other one had let get away.  Well, Jude took off running, the coward.  Didn't say anything about protecting you, just alerting.....lmao  Had this little mouse in here one time, and Jude always showed me where it was, under the fridge mostly, and he would try to catch that.  But when i caught 2 on sticky paper, he ran.  hahahahaha.

Ever had a cat get on that?  hahahaha ,,,I did one time, knew exactly what she had done when i heard this gawdawful commotion going on.  Finally caught up with her on top of a chest of drawers, and used the oil to get it off.  Was sure glad J had told me about that.  Who reads directions?  In case yall need to know, that paper WORKS! And i did have it behind something,,,she was just snooping.

Wow, 1 pm,,gonna be a short day, and yeaaaaaaa,,, Phillip made the cut last nite on Idol.  The other 2 do have the voices, but,,,he has that special X factor,,looks like a young Steve McQueen too.

Yall tc, and