Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Good  Morning!  Really long day yesterday.  We didn't get back til after 6:30.  Our driver had to make all these extra  I didn't care, nothing else to do anyway.  I had never been in a Garden Ridge store, and LOVE it.  They are huge, and i didn't even cover 1/2 of it.  Like, later, Sue told me they had all kinds of shoes like i like to wear during the summer, and i didn't even see those.   There was a large table in the aisle with scrubs, sun dresses, etc, for 2.00.  They loaded up, but were buying mostly for others.  I got one pair of pants, but just one cause i didn't want to go try them on to see if that size would fit.  lol, Still don't know.  Later.  I did get a pad for my wrist when i'm on this laptop.  It works great!  It's full of some kind of little beads or something.

I didn't take my camera, and all day, wished i had.  Hwy 71 is so beautiful with the flowers, lots more bloomed out now.  They quit when you cross that county line....never knew why.  The color of our dirt is different too, changes at the county lines in every direction.  Well, almost,,,lol.

My doc didn't say anything when i told him i wanted all the fill taken out.  Well, he understood why.  Can't keep having regurgitation and acid reflux like i do all the time.  When we left, we went straight to a Golden Corral and for the first time, i could eat steak without it getting stuck.  I had lost 4 lbs,,but that was over a 3 month period.  lol, I think it was the walking.

After all that activity yesterday, i slept so good.  Even went to bed right after 10 and went to sleep.  Up a couple of times, but,,that's normal.  Went right back to sleep.

Just boiled some old eggs, and i mean old,,lololol.  Wonder if there's an expiration date on the carton...might be better not to look.  There's 7 of them.  I'm planning on eating lots more, on a high protein diet.  This is the start.

Yall tc, and