Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Recuperating Today

Made it fine yesterday,,,,but my feet hurt a lot later.  Not from walking either, from wearing shoes.  What am i gonna do? lolol,,, and these are diabetic shoes at that.  The 2 pair i wear make the balls of my feet hurt, then my whole foot gets sore.  It feels like there's no padding there.  Even sitting, like most of the day, makes them hurt, if i have the shoes on.  I'm gonna try another shoe today, see if that makes a difference.

I just joined the Schwan's pool,,,for home delivery.  Somewhere a few days ago, i picked up one of their little catalogs, and found a few things i'm gonna try.  Prices weren't as bad as i had thot they would be.  Years, (and years) ago,,,when they first started this, i used them quite a lot.  The prices kept going up, so i finally just stopped.  They were the ones  that had the first chicken strips, and i bought em in a big 5lb bag.  Gosh we loved em, made a quick meal, and weren't high at that time.  I'll let you know what i think about the small pizzas, and the lasagna i ordered.

I went ahead and let the Doc put in 1/4cc fill in the band yesterday, and he was wanting to put in a 1/2.  BUT,,i remembered how bad the 1cc was, so i thot the 1/2 would still be bad too.  And i was right, the 1/4 is ok,  but i had bad indigestion last nite after i went to bed, (LOLOLOL,,,besides my feet hurting) that i finally just got up, took an aleve, 2 tums,,read for a while.  I just don't think this is going to work.  With this 1/4cc, it's not at the "right" place, and my body won't handle what it would take to get there.  Got 2 months to decide what to do.  O yeah, i haven't gained any, since Oct.  He was trying to tell me,,that as i lost weight, i could have more put in, but,,,it still won't ever be to the right place.

Going off with these 2 others, is a load of laughs all day.  The doc's nurse said she didn't know what she was gonna do with us,,,hahahahaha.  I blamed THEM for going to the Red Lobster to eat,,,,Then Sue told her, NOOOO WAY,,i had said even if i wasn't gonna get fills any more, i still wanted to go, just to eat there.  (we're not supposed to eat like that,,,,hahahahah)  And,, we laughed most of the way down there, about something i had heard ON THE SCANNER, a few days ago...And this did happen.  Some man called in, said his penis was cut and bleeding bad.  WELL,,,WE wanted to know HOW< WHERE< WHEN< WHO<,,,hahahahaha.  We found out,,,,LMAO,,,like Sue told the Doc,,,he was pleasuring himself, and stuck a rod up it,,,twisting and turning,,and it had sharp edges!!  Can you imagine????,,,Anyway,,,we KNOW it's not really FUNNY,,, but,,,it is.  We still don't know Who.  But,,we have connections,,,hahahahaaa.....

DD, that sculpter came here quite a bit, to get granite.  You would never have known what he could do, nor how famous he was.  And i think more so now.  Cause this was back in the 80s.  I worked as BK at our granite company for about 8 years, learned just about everything about it too.  My boss had pics of some of his work, and i was amazed.  He was getting granite for something for the capital, in Austin, the first time, i think.

Somewhere along those years, the manager started doing business with some Indians,  for India granite.  The black was so beautiful.  Well, one time someone wanted a statue of the state of TX, so i called them, in their office in CA, to get a quote of that in the black.  I told em the dimensions, and to be cut like the state of TX,,,AND he said,,,,,,WHAT'S THAT???? hahahahahaha  I had to fax pic.  Put me in my place,,,i thot the whole world knew what TX was!!! hahahahah  Like,,one time in order to figure the freight, i asked this man where Utah was,,,at least he laughed,,asked where Tx was.  It was just one small marker, and i couldn't see how it was worth it.

Hey, lunch time,,yall tc, and