Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Don't u hate to wait on deliveries? Been waiting an hour for a delivery from my drug store. Putting off my shower, and everything else. Wasted time. Don't pick my refills up, there's never a parking space there, and they do deliveries 3 times a day. A new one is being built that will have a drive thru, just up the street from me. YEAAAAA. Maybe in August. Too hot to get out anyhow. lololol

Just when i had decided to water my trees, the restrictions went into effect. I'm still gonna do it, but will just have to leave an open hose running for hours, instead of a sprinkler. I'll start at the upper part, and the drainage will help the others. Gonna deep water once a month while i can, might end that before summer is over. I've never been able to get a tree to grow on the East side, by my back door. Don't know why. I've set out 2 different ones and they ended up dying.

Just clicked on something and lost half my post. DAMMMMM.

Got my delivery and shower. Since today is Wed, my official weigh in,,been 3 weeks now, i'm showing down 9 lbs. Not bad!! Makes it all worth while. That was even after eating breakfast. Almost noon, so now i'm thinking about lunch,,,,hahahaha. Gonna be oatmeal, i think. Nothing else sounds any better. Gonna have to get out to the grocery soon. The one here is so over priced, not sure if it will be better or not, to drive 22 miles to an HEB. Guess it depends on how long a list i have, huh?

OK folks, outa here for today, yall have a goodun.