Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tooo Tired for Words

Not in the mood to be laughing today, but just couldnt help myself, after reading BBs blog.  hahahahaha  Know how easy those canoe type thingys flip over.  My x and bro, G, used a canoe to go down the river to the slab one time.  The river was up 2 r 3 feet, (they thot just right), so here they went.  A friend and another guy rented one in Austin and brought it up here to go with them.  They had never been in a canoe,,,took a while to get going in a straight line, and turning it back upright.  Told me to meet them in about 3 hours at that slab.  16 mile trip.  Well,,, i was there, but they werent.  I waited, n waited, n waited some more, 3 more hours went by.  By then it was getting dark, and i didnt know what to do.  I couldnt cross the slab, water was too deep for a vehicle.  About the time i had decided to go for help,,thot i saw something way up there coming around the bend.  Sure enough,,,was 2 canoes!  But instead of coming to the side i was on, they went to the other.  They sat there for a while, then finally loaded them on theirs heads and carried them across to the truck i was in.  My bro was barefooted and i asked why after i had said to keep his shoes on,,,and he said he HAD!...Lost them in an huge whirlpool getting flipped out.  They had gone around an huge rock too late to c it, got caught and nosedived down.  Also lost an oar.  The other 2 somehow got wrapped around another rock, ripping out rivets all over that rented one.  They had quite an adventure!!,,,we sold that canoe after that trip!,,,The two from Austin, worked all the next day to repair that canoe to take back.  Needless to say, they never rented another one either.  lololol  Theres lots of canoeists now, but they come here from UP the river, lots safer.  Also lots of kayaks and always intertubes.

I was awake til after 3 last nite, so tired today, can barely type.  Maybe after a shower i can get some go up.  Afraid to take those sleeping pills i have.  You can do things like ur awake, without even remembering it.  IM not taking something like THAT.  Took an aleve about 2.

It got up to 97 here yesterday, and more of the same coming up.  AND, no rain in forecast.  I was reading DDs blog today about his wildflowers, sooo beautiful, and this is a year we have none.  Ive seen maybe a dozen bluebonnets, and even less indian blankets.   No paint brushes.  The seeds will lay there for years, sometimes, til the right weather conditions come along, then wham,,,will be seas of blue, then red,,,then yellows.  Out of this world beautiful.  They show a background on the Ellen show that has to be this hill country, in a pretty good year.  I emailed n asked, but never got a reply.

Shower didnt help.  Tuesday, nothing i have to do today except get trash out.  Thats because they come way too early tomorrow.  Ive got a trail of red ants running down the length of my car port i need to block.  I leave them alone as long as they dont sting me, but need to reroute this trail.  Ill just use 7 dust to cut it off.  The bed is on out near the curb, np.  Dont want to find out if the penny works on one of those stings.  I studied those as a kid.  Even had a gallon jar full of dirt, with them in it.  Got to watch how they worked underground.  Read a lot about bees too, but never was a bee keeper, my dad was tho.  He didnt even use the protection and never got stung. lol, dont remember ever having honey out of them tho.  Think they went like the rabbits.  He quit raising those for eating, after nobody would eat their pets. hahahaha.  Raising fryers,(chickens) was different.  We did that, and would have a day for butchering, where we all pitched in.  Also had to have a big garden too.  He never quit that garden.  One time, my 5 year old son was there, and got in trouble for something, so he just went out and pulled up all the newly planted onions!!  Dad stood over him and made him plant every one back. lololol  He took a can of worms in one time, and mom told him to get those back outside.  The next morning, my bro, B, still a kid, got up in the dark and reached into his underwear drawer and,,,,,,,u guessed it...got a hand full of worms!!!  Rude awakening,,,,hahahahahaha  Maybe thats when he started going without!! hahahahahaha 

ooooo geeezzz,,,maybe bl