Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneaky Company

Another day, ,,,hmmmmm, that's all it is.. Got a kick out of the blogs today.

Got my vitamins ordered, the 2 i need now.  I've used Puritan's Pride a lot of years, because they are good, and the prices are better.  What i ordered today, was the buy 1 get 1 free.  The other choice was buy 2, get 3 free, but i didn't need that many on hold.

I've  been sooo mad about a thing i wanted to return, and when i called, they said to wait on their email instructions,,soo,, i did.  They want me to pay a restock fee of 20%, which is what i'm so furious about.  I guess it was in the teeny weeny print on the order, but i sure didn't see that or i wouldn't have ever ordered from them,, which is  AtoZ Companies, Inc.  What will happen is, i will have to keep this product because to return it, would cost me almost half of what i spent on it in the first place.  I've never had this happen before and i told that woman that, and asked to speak to her supervisor,,which she then told me he was already gone for the day.  Supposed to call me back today. Ha Ha!  Guess i can use it for a gift,,huh?  I've ordered on the internet since 1996, and have never had a company do this.  So that's how i totally missed it.

Way back when i was maybe 19, i bought a portable radio on a 3 month note,.  I paid it  off, but,,,,,they said no.  I hadn't kept up with receipts on things at that time, but let me tell you, from then on i did.  I paid again because it was my fault for not having proof.  Learned a valuable lesson then, and again on this other.

The city mayor has called and wants us to meet with him and our friend on the council, Friday.  Said they had been discussing it.  Have no idea what this is about, and S doesn't either.  We think he might have found out he's wrong,,,and wants to try to put something over on us.  Anyway, we'll be there.

Gosh, almost noon and i haven't had breakfast,,,lol,, time to eat something,, yall tc, and