Friday, July 20, 2012

I've Moved,,,

Well, i have moved,,,from my dining room, into my living room...I realized i need to have windows to see out of,,not walls and a tv to stare at.  Now i have windows all around.  I used to see a lot of amazing things out my windows,,when i just had the desktop.  The pair of roadrunners were the BEST!  Watched them for years,,,then,,they just were gone.

Saw a fox go walking by, within 6 feet of me, going to my pond to drink.  I loved it.  My cats just sit there and watch, like they've seen it all the time.  lololol...probably have.  I watched the fox get plums off my tree too.  And when it had gotten the lower ones, it climbed up into the tree and got the rest.

 The first years, i would also see deer, going thru to the vacant block across the street,,,where they maybe lived.  Then, they too, disappeared.  These things came up from the river.   Who knows what i've missed sitting in the other room.  The desk top is slower, and i don't use it.,,,,It's hot in that room too.

So,,,got my card table set up, with a comfortable chair,,,and all moved.  So far, so good.

No plans in my future... Gosh,,Friday used to be party time,,and Saturday,,, Now,,it's ,,do i have a good movie for tonite?,.... lol And, i do.

Still no flies,,,still baffling me.  I think the most baffling, is, where did they get into my house?  The door sure wasn't opened enough for that many.

Yall tc, and