Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ask me no questions, I'll tell u no lies,,

MERCYYY!!!,,, been on the phone with a dell tech for 3 hours,,,,NO kidding!,,, I sure know how to mess up some things ,,,I changed something i shouldnt have for my eml files, and thats how long it took THEM to fix it. lololol,  Have to save them into a different place, but saved all of them out of documents too.  Ive never kept emails, i read em, save em, r delete em.  That goes back to early years, with not much space for em, had to clean them out regularly.  When i first got a puter, ( O mercy, was it a 286 version, compaq?) was in 1996, had ONE choice for internet, and that was limited to 40 hours a MONTH.  Did i also tell u ,,,i live in the sticks?  Didnt have high speed til about 5 r 6 years ago, and that was sattellite.  Theyre real proud of their service, cost 43.00 a month.  FINALLY,  verizon wired us up and even to MY HOUSE, and now i have high speed for 18.00.  wooohoooo.  Like ol Texman, i have no use for cell phones, just have a net10 u get at the dollar store, and refill when my time makes me.  im home most of the time, and i do take the cell with me when im gone.  u cant believe the minutes i roll over, hahahahaha.  never was one to yak on phone either.  Yeah i see all u men rolling ur eyes,  but ill tell u another thing too!,,, i hate to shop!!

Now where was i?,,, got distracted there.   Cleaned my ceiling fan right above me here, kept noticing all this,,,stuff,,,on the table, and looked up,,,lmaoo,,,yeah, it sure did need it.  I have one of those thingys that i ran over it, then had to clean up all under it too, but now feel like im breathing clean air....Did that while tech was doing his thing, also ate lunch, cleaned up kitchen.  (Dont think he quite knew wth he was doing).  I finally told him one time,,,its NOT in the email r documents settings....its in the computer settings.  Well, thats where i was when i messed it up.  lololol,,,then coundnt find it again.   With the charge for it, i think i got the best of it.  He said was NOT a common problem, and took em all lots of time and discussions to fix it.  Well, decide to rerout it.

Im sure glad we r gonna cool off a little, and the closer its gotten to it, the less chance of rain we have.  Always the way.  Stupid weathermen.  Dont know why i ever watch it.  Got a little concerned about the man that does my yard, havent seen him anywhere in months.  Finally called yesterday and YES , hes still there, lives about a block from me, and does a super job.  Keeps an eye on it, so i dont have to chase him down to get it done either.  Youd think with nephews, id have a couple of boys to do it, but,,,FORGET THAT.  I tried both of them, and even their dad, my bro, said they didnt know how to mow a yard.  Well, all they knew was on a riding one, then leave the rest.  Thats what i got.  Unfinished.  Their mom finished it for one of them after she saw it, before i even did. anyway, forget these kids.  I can do it all with a push mower, without even having to use a weed eater.  Told ya, was raised right. lololol  Not able to get out and do it now, and this guy that does, doesnt charge a whole lot.  Takes him about an hour.  Have had to just let my yard go, and lots of things have died, but thats just how it is.  I have COPD, with emphysema, and i cant really tell its gotten any worse in the 3 1/2 years ive known i have it, but i did quit smoking 3 years ago, May 1, so thats probably the reason.  Actually was no problem, even after 50 years,  2-3 packs a day.  Being in the hospital for a week with pneumonia gave me a head start, and i just never went back.  Have a fleeting urge to pick up my pack some times, but its gone as soon as it hits me.  JUST  AMAZING.  Cant be around it inside now tho, it chokes me up.  Out at my sis's, we just sit outside on her porch. 

Gotta get up and make a move!!,,, byeeeee