Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OK,, New Door

From the inside, and trim not painted yet, waiting ‘til storm door is up.
This is open, showing porch post too.  See my funky color?,,,lololol,,,House is lite yellow, with that as trim.   Got the blinds ordered yesterday, and I did find the magnetic ones.
My font won’t stay this size, having to change it every time I make a new paragraph.
It’s 10;30, and I have 2 hours ‘til we leave for Austin.  All I have to do is eat and throw something else on.  And let me tell u men, I’m NEVER LATE.  Think my Mom made me this way, making us late everywhere we went, and I hated it.  If I’m late, there’s something wrong. lololol,,,got it?  hahahaha  I have leftovers from supper, a kid’s plate of chicken strips/baked potato.  These strips are like nothing I had ever seen.  They make their own, and they look like big fillets of chicken breast.  One is enough.  And they give u 2, on the child’s plate.  The only difference in a regular plate and this, is no salad, which I can’t eat lettuce anyway.  AND, it’s been on a recall too. lololol.  Let’s see, cantaloupe, ground beef, lettuce…What’s next?
Got a load of laundry in the dryer.  Don’t like to leave those running when I’m not here.  Used to all the time.  My washer had a seal break under the tub one time, just a few years ago, and I got the whole tub of water out in the floor, plus, all the wet clothes still in it.  MERCY!!! Did I ever have a mess to clean up.  So, not trusting them any more, I run them while I’m here. 
BB, I put MY pics up,,now,,,where’s the FISH?  hahahahaha. 


PS ,,Really appreciate my new members.  Thx yall.