Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gave Up,,Maybe Another Day

Got up fairly early, like 8, and i'm still just messing around.  Spent way too much time trying to figure out why i can't email something from Works, well, it tells me why.  I just don't know how to correct it, and got tired of trying.  Says i don't have a default email program associated with it.  Since it's not that important, i don't know why i spent all that time on it.  Wanted to email my son a letter i composed for him.  Just made a copy and will give that to him.

I stopped at subway yesterday and got one of those footlong chicken thangs, yuk, and couldn't eat but just a few bites.  Got a lot of leftovers,,,lol.  Gonna try some more for lunch.  Don't know if it's the bread, 9 grain ww, or the chicken chunks, but it didn't want to go down.

The news just showed a big white bull loose in Dallas and how they tried to catch it.. hilarious.  One view showed a policeman on a moped, with the bull chasing him,,,He was trying to fly!  Someone showed up with fence segments, and got him surrounded, loaded up.

Know this is short, but i'm so late, so yall tc, and