Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aint He Cute

That's my Jude.  Such a good looking kitty, don't ya think?  Was wanting me to leave him alone, on my lap, and he didn't know what that thing was, flashing at him. lololol  Can't see much of those big blue eyes.

Well, gosh, still fooling around with pics, tags, software.  My son came by and told me he liked the one on Windows Live Photo thingy best. and he does millions of pics.  But,, he doesn't blog! hahahaha.  Now i'm in a mess, was putting tags on em, and got a lot done twice, and can NOT figure out how to take one set off!!.  Won't just hi lite and delete, all of em goes  to trash bin, had to dig em out.  Make 2 sets again.  DAM, no one told me this was a major job!!! hahahaha,,,have to ask my son how to, later.  Sooo, i gave up for now.

This blogger, just as bad as doing photos,,,lol, it's back to the ol same ol same ol thing.  Puters just do strange things sometimes.  All on their own.  Maybe those 9 updates it did this morning did it..

Can't wait!!!! for that cooler weather.  Down into 90s!! hahahaha,,,10% chance of rain?,,nah,,not gonna wait.  Do have clouds drifting by sometimes.

Fixing to pan fry me a couple of eggs, got real bacon bits (since i'm outa bacon) and wheat toast.  Sure getting ready for it.  Rarely buy bacon, don't use it much, have to keep in freezer.  Did u know u can throw a package (well, out of the wrappings) of frozen bacon in a pan, med heat, and start cooking it?  It will peel off one slice at a time, so when u get what u want, off, take the rest and put back in freezer. 
Works great.  Figured that out one time when i had to have some and it was frozen.  OK talked enough, gotta eat NOW.

Just read Hermit Js blog,  and gotta tell ya a little more on my story about books.  My sons learned to use the library after they had found out how fascinating books were, and,,well, one time here comes my oldest son, about 14 by then, with a book on braiding.  It showed u how to braid from 3 strands on up,,,to gosh don't know how many.  He had come home with a bag full of leather strips they had given him at the boot shop, and with me holding the ends of 4 or 6, he made this long square strip, sooo neat.  Think it was 4, turned out about 6 ft long.  And he might have had em cut those strips too, gosh, can't remember, DD. lololol.  I do know he sure used that library a lot.  As a youngun, he was fascinated by dinosaurs, so here came the books.  One time in the 2nd grade, as extra points, the teacher gave them 5 dinosaur names to spell, and marked one of his wrong.  He argued,,but got an x on it anyway.   Came home huffing and puffing about it, knowing he was right.  Well, the next day, the teacher apologized, told him SHE was wrong. 

I know i confuse u, talking about my 2 sons, the one above is the one i have left now, was older than the other one by 4 years.  Lost the youngest at 16, and took a LOT of years to learn to live with that, but i did.  Might as well finish the story.  It was suicide, and he used his gun.  He was a happy go lucky kid, everybody loved him, but 8 months earlier, he had been put on a new acne medication.  12 years later they found out it could cause depression and sometimes, suicide.  Accutane.  It liked to have destroyed all of us.  Was the worst hell u can ever go thru.  None of us saw anything indicating something was wrong.  No one could believe he did it, but he did.  It changed us all, even his friends, for the rest of our lives.  It was a long time ago, and we can say now,,he would have been our millionaire.  He was coming of age at the right time, mid 80s, a total computer geek, and would have been right up there with the best.  And we can laugh saying yeah, and he would still have played pool for a $1.00 a game, been right in there with everybody.  He nearly got kicked out of computer class in his soph. year, for taking his friend's homework off, thinking it was hilarious to do.  I called the principal about it, and he said he could have ruined that puter,  i told him,,no,,he probably knew more about them than the teacher!,  And i was serious.  He got to stay, and he was sure a good kid after that.  Heck, from the time he was 10, he went to the computers in stores, not toys.  Got his hands on them every chance he got.  Took an adult class one time too.  Don't get the wrong idea tho, he played football, was into all kinds of things.  Loved football as much as puters. 

OK,,last nite there was finally a new program on.  Maybe there's gonna be something to watch for a few nites a week now.  Reminds me, i haven't looked at tonite's lineup.

BB, there have been people killed by those bucks.  And they attack for no reason.  If they're snorting u better find cover.  Serious.  I laughed this morning when i read about the missing man right there where YOU ARE.  Well, not about him but about you being right in the middle of all those law enforcers and all.  Have u been searched yet? hahahaha  He had just gotten a big settlement from a company, and my thinking,,did he do this on purpose, start a new life?,,  It's in today's paper.  Since ur there, tell us what's going on.

Ok,,HAGD yall