Monday, December 31, 2012

Hate This New Blogger

Liked to have never figured out how to add a few other blogs to my list.  Not even gonna try anything else today,,,

There was something I was gonna blog about, but now,,,who knows...

Did see some beautiful bird pics on one, reminded me my cardinals are gone.  Had a pair right outside my kitchen window for years, raised their young, etc.  Then one day, I came home and saw red feathers by the sidewalk.  They are gone and have been since then.  That was in the spring.  Jude continues to surprise me, never thot he could to that.  My martins took one look at their house with the roof almost blown off, and left, didn't come back.  It's impossible to lower it sooo,,,no more martins either.  There are mockingbirds, but for some reason, I don't have blue jays here.  BB has the green jays there.

There are a lot of different ducks out at the park.  The little round black ones are back.  Remember Hop a Long? lol.  Wish I knew if one of them is that one.

Rain rain rain today.   Bring it on, we soooo need it.  So far, just drizzle, maybe a little very lite rain.

I've looked at my deer chili recipe, and what ingredients I need, and to make it I need to make a trip to the grocery, of course.  Remember all those spices I threw away?  lol  I don't know if it's closing early today or not.

Don't know about yall, but NO new year's resolutions for me. Quit doing that a long time ago.  If I do, I do, and if I don't, that's ok, no guilt,,,

J was by yesterday, asking about making a pot roast, needing a pan.  I was telling him things I put in mine, and in the process of giving him the box with 1 package of onion soup mix, happened to look on it, and THERE IT WAS!  A pot roast recipe to make in a crock pot!  Yea... So all he got was the box and the 1,,,he's not good about bringing things back.  Haven't heard today,,,and I was supposed to get some of it.  I did get to meet the little bearded dragon, which I just fell in love with.  It's about 12" long.  He gave his gf that for Christmas.  O yeah, was gonna look up how old it is by the length,,i hope.  Reminds me of horny toads.

Ok  folks,,be safe, want to see you all tomorrow.  TC, and


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Some Local Scenery

How do you like this turkey?

I think J got just a little too close for this....

Isn't he/she beautiful?

lol,,,not this one...
My cousin and his oldest son came down from Sherman, Friday, to hunt.  Didn't get to go to the place they thot, due to a misunderstanding about when they were coming.  BUT, my sis N lives out W of town on the river, so they hunted there.  He was totally disgusted and ready to go home this morning, but his son wanted to hunt instead.  Got 2!  They had seen them the first day, but didn't get shots off.   They used to come down every year, but since he's not doing real well, just haven't.  He weighs about a 100 pounds, just doesn't look good.  Had to have surgery on his cardioid ? arteries and is still working,,,gets to retire in March.  His brother just had to have the same thing! 
We played poker last nite,,,and I never won one pot!  Since i'm not stupid, I quit and left them to it,,,lol.  That was my fun,, so yall tc, and

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Birds,,,,

Reading on another blog,,,about the little parakeet in the wild.  We were on our roof one time, during the summer, putting a new one on, and this little parakeet landed there by me, it's wings dragging, mouth open, panting,,so hot.  It let me pick it up and take it in the house to give it some water.  Well!! That bird sure suckered me in, let me tell you.  The next time I put my finger down to let it hop on, it bit the blood out!  Don't know why I didn't take it's head off right then,,,but,, I didn't.

 My dotter always loved those things.  Years later, I went into her house and heard this baby kitten meowing,,started looking everywhere.  HA!  It was that bird!  It had learned to meow...hahahahaha.

My feet were cold all day yesterday, well,  mostly.  So, today I have thick socks on, and good fleece clothes.  I hate to wear shoes with these socks but I do, even tho they're tight.  lol, Kick my shoes off as soon as I come in the door, and they're 1/2 a size larger too.

Doing another load of laundry today.  All these heavy clothes makes for more loads.  I went out to our new Alco yesterday, and bought 3 new tops, fleece ones, marked down 40 & 50%.  A long time ago, in Austin somewhere, I bought a wool jacket marked way down in Jan.  One of the linings in one sleeve was twisted, sewn in wrong.  I got them to almost give it to me, brought it home and fixed it.  I made my dotter's and my clothes so it was easy to fix it. 

I ordered her a pair of plain jeans one time, took the inseam apart, then sewed rick rack, different sizes, different colors, all over them, then sewed the inseam back up.  lol, This was the 70s,,,And I made her a pants suit, with a jacket.  On the back of the jacket, I embroidered Chicago,,all across the back, like on their album... 

Ok,,enough, yall tc, and


Friday, December 28, 2012

I Swear, My Minds Going

I had a message yesterday when I got home, but it was too late to call, being the city number.  So I called this morning and guess what!!! I hadn't paid my utility bill!!!!!!!!!!!!  NEVER EVER in my whole life, have I done that.  She called because she knew that. OMG.  I didn't get a bill, BUT, I still should have caught it.  We all got voucher letters to use the city dump so I guess the bill was in the envelope, I didn't see it, and threw it away.  But still, OMG.  Needless to say, that's what I did ASAP.  I was in such a turmoil with Verizon about that 150.00 overcharge, my son, and whatever else at that time,,,lost my mind,,,lol.  For the first time in my life, I didn't get the discount for paying on time.

BTW, i'm current with Verizon now.  They got all the credit back to me.

Think i'm gonna have to turn one burner back on in here.  That wind got back up, and it's sneaking in somewhere, need a little heat. 

Darn TV has nothing on, and hasn't all week.  Gonna run out of movies at this rate.  Had to take time to look for today, and found just one to record.  One a day is all I need when there's nothing on at night.  No tv during the day. lol,  I'm here.

J brought me a big plate of Mexican food yesterday, beef enchiladas with lots of cheese, and fixings.  It will do for 3 meals,,and fixing to have the second one today.  I think this buffet is just 4.95, can't beat it.  He had a huge sandwich, with lots on it, including bacon and egg. 

No plans for the weekend,,,lol, never is.  Couldn't stay up that late any more anyway.  I woke up today about 7:30 and went back to sleep til 9:30.  That's a little too late for me.

Ok, those things are warmed up, so yall tc, and


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What a Wonderful Day

Despite the horrible icy wind, we had such a good time and dinner.  There were about 25 there, which always means fun with us.  After dinner, a lot of us had to go home for naps...lololol..  Back later for games,,poker mostly.  Lots of laughs,,

A nephew in law called this game of in between but with a twist,, if you matched up with one of the cards, you doubled your matchup of the pot.  First thing he did, got a K-3, called pot,,hahahah you guessed   it,,drew a 3...Double match up on the 20.00 pot!!!  He did manage to win it back later.  This is the game that went so bad at his house years ago, and everybody was losing and having to match the pot.  We still have to laugh about that one.  Making his little 2 yo sit at the table with her birthday stuff all by herself,,cause nobody wanted to quit the game out on the patio....hahahahaha.  B finally said,,we GOTTA stop and do the birthday thing,, and went in and there she still sat,,,patiently waiting...That's the same one that my sis forgot to take her birthday cake she had spent a week on, and it was here,,,not the 60 miles there...lolololol.  She was all upset blaming it on her other dotter, gonna drive back and get it,,,and I finally told her to go to the HEB and get one there,,,what did it matter to a 2 yo?  What a day!!!

Hope I made some of you smile,,,tc and


Monday, December 24, 2012

I Saw a Buffalo TOO

The woman that lives there started staring so I left,,,before she called the cops,,,lol.  This is out W of town about 5 miles in a development.  BB had said he saw one, soooo,,,I screeched to a stop, turned around and went back, to get this pic...

These two are the party tree out there....

I think the tree died years ago,,, this is the turnaround on the bank of the river.  It's regularly patrolled now,,,so not much goes on out there...

If you look real close, you can see the little black ducks,,about 50 or so.  This was back in town just above the dam.
Don't know of anything going on around here today, but maybe later.  I'm tired and already need a nap.
  About 9pm I heard on the scanner, an ambulance called out to J's gf's house,,,FOR HIM!  I just turned my movie off and took off out there.  He had kinda collapsed on the floor and she couldn't get him up, and had called my bro B,,who in turn called his son, and J's dad.  He was taken to the hospital, and checked out.  Sad to say,, his alcohol level was off the charts.  You take exhaustion, pills, and beer,,that's what happens.  He has kept telling me that that Natural Lite was like water,,,,BS!!!  It has the same alcohol content as any other lite beer,,,4.2% or thereabout.  He told the Doc up there, he would never drink another one.  I've seen him quit pain pills cold turkey, so i'm praying he does this too.  Haven't talked to him today, hoping he was sleeping.  His gf said she would go with him to AA too.  She also needs to. 
Well, guess it's time to say have a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS...
 and,,,HAGD too.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

We Didn't Die Yesterday

Since i haven't even wanted to think about Christmas this year,,,i did finally decide to do those firecrackers.  Got them in the bag now, so all i need to do is mix the other, and pour over them.  WOW,,,i had to buy a package of ranch dressing mix, and was so horrified at the $1.89 price!!!  Now, i know this Lowes here is robbery but OMG... They really gouge people, being the only big store we have.  Otherwise, you can drive 20 miles to an HEB.  (one way).  A can of chicken noodle soup, Campbells, is 2.00!  I bought the Shur Fine brand for .69 for J said he liked it better.  I can eat out almost as cheap and not have to cook.

I had thawed out some pork steaks, so i cooked them, and some gravy this morning.  Have some biscuits in the freezer, so i'm set for today,,,,wooohooo.

Did anybody believe the world was ending yesterday?  I didn't even remember that til it was way past the time it should have happened.  I did remember the solstice.

I got a card from a nephew that's a pic of their triplets,,,oooo wow. Not sure how old they are, looks to be about 9 months or so...2 boys, 1 girl.,,,and sooooo cute.  All 3 are chewing on a string of lites,,hahahaha.  Maybe that was the only way to get them to sit a minute for the pic....

Ok,,,mind's got nothing more,, so yall tc, and


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wind Wind Wind

Weather sure did change,,,huh?  That wind hit with a slam about 9:30 last nite and never stopped.  Still going strong.

Any of you ever used night shade veges for arthritis?  To eat or not to eat?  I'm looking into that, and was just wondering if anybody had not eaten them to help with it.  Back when i had first read about it, NOT to eat them was supposed to be an amazing help.  Gonna do some research.  But if any of you have done it,,let me know how it worked.

J called a couple of hours ago, and still hasn't shown up. lololol.  Maybe he blew away.  No waffles for him now!  I'm ready for my frozen shrimp, and ff.  Messing around in my freezer yesterday, i found a big bag of pork steaks, from my friend Sue.  Had forgotten,,,so i took 3 out today.  She put them in layers with wax paper so i could pop off three.  I used to always do my hamburger that way, make into patties and layer with that.  That way i could take out what i needed and thaw quick.

Tonite ends X Factor, and i guess i'm kinda in favor of Tate, the country one.  The 13 yo is amazing but,,,she's 13 and will have a huge career with or without this win.  O well, they never have the one i want.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Just Bringing Up to Date

Just got my bed changed, don't know how i can put that off so long,,,lol.

Took J to Marble Falls yesterday to a dermatologist,,,and the two places on his face were ok,,, but did freeze one off. 

He took one of their cats to the vet the day before, and when he called later, it was bad.  He didn't make it, so he had to pick him up and go bury him when we got back.  It had pneumonia, and we don't know how it would have gotten that.  He had all his shots and all.

I was so tired, it was all i could do just to get in my chair later.  I made it thru the Voice, and hated the winner, but,,that usually happens.  When Trevin got knocked off, i quit even liking the last 3.  All these shows seem to do that, pick the wrong one.  There's so darn many now, i'm gonna have to cut down,,,lolololol.   And tonite is the finale of the X Factor.

I set my vcr to record 4 of my sitcoms Monday nite, while i watched to finale of the Voice, and into the second hour, noticed it wasn't running!  Still don't know what i did, but missed them.  I'll have to try and find them online later,  and one of them said it wouldn't air online for 2 weeks.

They keep talking gun control, etc. and i have to appreciate our governor, Perry, wanting to pass the right for licensed people to carry guns everywhere!  One of our counties here in TX does that, and the teachers, licensed of course, carry guns, if they want to.  The principal said they were 30 minutes from help if a gunman came in shooing, but was seconds now.  How can that not be better?  He said they wouldn't be calling parents telling them they had lost their child, they would be calling and saying there had been an incident, but the gunman was dead, all kids were safe.

One woman testified years ago, after the Killeen shooting in a Lubys, that if she hadn't taken her gun out of her purse and left it in the car, she would still have her Mother and Dad. 

O well, i know there are lots of you out there that would never agree with this, but,,,, i hope you are never in a situation that having a gun would have kept a loved one alive.  I don't have a hand gun, and never will, but,,,i don't think people are wrong to carry one.

I'm ready for that front, now.  All my warm clothes are clean, bed changed, bring it on...and plz plz,,maybe some rain too?

Yall tc, and


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Break Time

This is just getting too much for me right now.  I really am gonna take a break, not sure how long.  I will be reading and commenting on your blogs tho.  It's just nothing to write about right now.  So,,yall tc and


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Nothing New

Same ol Same ol,,,

Haven't seen or heard from J today,,,and just tried to call, no answer.  hmmmm...

Need to get a laundry going, but,,,here i am.  This time of year is not good for me,,always get down.  I know i just have to get thru it, and it will get better.  When  the kids grow up,,,Christmas is just not the same.  And there's no little ones in my family, in fact, we are at the end of the line.  One g/child, and she's not ever gonna have any.  So that's it.  Coming from such a big family,,,i never saw this coming.  My son J,,,might be getting married but she's past the age of having kids too.  How many of yall have this situation?  Just curious.

I did finally get things straightened out with Verizon, but having to wait til next week to pay my bill.  I'm having to wait for all the changes to take effect, like my canceling my online account, so i can go back and sign back on again.  They put it on hold til the 20th so i have time. And i think i'm getting a paper bill in the mail, so i can do it that way this one time.

One time, i had spent hours and hours trying to straighten out another bill, so i finally told em,,i'm billing YOU for MY time, and made sure i charged them more that what we were arguing about.... lolol,,,they left me alone after that.  Why do they assume your time is worth nothing? 

Ok,,laundry time,,yall tc, and


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Missed Yesterday

J surprised me showing up early yesterday, and stayed all day.  We had a good time, eating waffles, napping,,going out to the park feeding the geese.  His back was hurting, he thinks from the weather.  The change coming. 

AND, the change showed up this morning,,wind out of the N, cloudy.  Not much cooling off tho.  Rain?  HA!  TV says East,,of course.  They always talk about the I35 corridor,,, E or W of it, and that's how it really seems.  I35 goes thru Austin, so,,,E of us all.

Saw that BB had about the same thing i did last week.  Wow, seems it's everywhere now.  That stomach stuff.  Mine didn't last but a couple of hours.

Earlier, there was a car hit a deer, and caught on fire, and then just a few minutes later, a few miles from that, another roll over.  Don't know how that fire could have started but it did.  Don't think anybody was hurt seriously tho.  At that time of day, you always think kids driving to school.

Ok,,time for waffles, yall tc, and


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Is 75* a Record?

Last nite was our lighted Christmas parade, which i have loved in the past.  I was disappointed this time, tho.  It did have quite a few floats all lit up, but not much else.  The temp was 75*!!!!  This was after dark!  As soon as the last one went by i left...when i got to the intersection behind me, i just drove thru the tape strung across it,,,and lost my antenna.  It was just stuck on there, not attached.  I went back by twice and didn't see it, so,,,came on home.  I'm gonna go back today and see if it's still laying there somewhere.

O yeah,, it was still 70* this morning when i got up.  I can remember when i was in hi school, and it was hot during the holidays and we nearly went swimming.
DD said he's having trouble with blogger or something.  How can that be?  I mean, on both his puters.  DD, it makes NO sense to me.  And how can your service affect it?  Gosh, now my brain's overloaded,,,lololol.  On one thing,,yeah, but on both?

Any of yall use a registry clean up thingy?  I ran one this morning,,,and finally just cut it off.  Guess it means this laptop is really messed up, huh?  I was doing the free version,,,(you can buy it for 29.95) or get it free is you buy from certain merchants.  It was still going at thousands and thousands...I'd never get to use this again, if i had to finish that, then let it clean them all,,,lolololol.

Ok, shower time, so yall tc, and


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not Done YET

It took til about 9 am to realize it's Sat.  The Today show wasn't on,,,lololol.

Got an email saying Verizon had given me credit and my  bill was,,,so n so.  #%^&)*&*_%  They did,, for ONE charge, not the TWO!!!  Which means you know what.  AND it will be Mon before i can do a thing.  There was a $90.00 charge,  for the first 1/2 hour,,then a $40.00 for the next one,,,they took off the $40.00 one.  Maybe my ear will be well by then. 

It wasn't foggy here today, but it's still cloudy mostly.  I'm like DD, it's staying warm much longer this year.  We did have one good frost last week, and the leaves are falling like a storm.  That usually happens some time in Oct.

Got 2 orders in yesterday.  My Christmas ones.  From 2 different places,,got home and there they were, on the porch.  Sometimes i don't see my front porch for days.  I try to remember to look daily from the street when i drive by going to the drive way.  These were big enough to see for sure.

This year has been too busy for me to be able to do the things i normally have done.  Like the shopping.  I've never been this late.  And i haven't done anything for my niece's family and don't think i will.  Last year i ordered some things and had them shipped there directly, but this year, just haven't had the time to look.  They have 3 girls.  She's the only one i buy for besides immediate family, (my three).  Cause she always brings me something!!!  Told her not to.

Ok,,yall tc, and


Friday, November 30, 2012

O Woe is Me

Well,,,i've spent hours today, dealing with Verizon about my bill,,,that has an overcharge of about 150.00.  First thing,,hold,,finally a voice says how can i help you?,, then more hold,, and more hold,,,goes on for over 2 hours.  By then my ear is numb, my shoulder aching,,,,and i'm still not thru.  They finally tell me it has been corrected and that amount taken off, but won't show up til JAN!!!!,,,which means,,my draft will still have the overcharges on it!  Hey wait a minute,,,i can't do that!!

Soo,,now i call the bank and they ask if they can call me back in a minute,,i say yes.  HA!!! My minute and their minutes just don't mean the same....  I finally call back and am told,,o, we were just fixing to call you,,,yeah sure.  Then they tell me there will be a 30.00 charge for canceling this draft just one time.  I tell them NO WAY. 

So,,back i go to Verizon,,and in the holding,,again,,,time,,i look on my online account and see where it says de-enroll,,,,hmmmmm.  I finally get a person again,,who keeps leaving me to ask my questions to someone else,,,so i start clicking this online choices...  Maybe,,,just maybe i've done it.  Gotten out of that draft coming up in mid Dec.  Someone back there somewhere did tell me they would send me a paper bill, which i will NOT pay that amount, but pay what i actually owe.  Let them use my credit THEY gave me to correct it.  O boy.  The tech that i called first,,said,,,he felt for me, cause they had messed his own personal account up, and it took ages to correct,,,lolololol.

Yall tc, don't mess with Verizon,,,and


Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It was showing 30, earlier.  Guess i need to get the covers out for the outside faucets, even tho i've never had one freeze.  Gonna be a fantastic day ,,,,

lol Just set my waffles on the table and J called, asking if i wanted the B/taco.  I'm back on my waffles for a while,,,the taco is good sometimes tho.

Hey BB, i'm so surprised you haven't made any comments on RVSue, about the slabs.... lollololol.  Do you miss going there?  O yeah,,,you're catching those big bass, lolol, chasing golf balls, riding that billy bike,,,etc..having so much more fun,,,

Sometimes,,my head feels so strange, funny, like woozy.  It was doing that yesterday and i checked my b/sugar, b/pressure,,all ok.  Just don't know what it is, but it goes away.  Brought it up cause it just had a touch happen again. 

J is doing so good, and it's been almost a month now.  Not having the spasms as much.  It's amazing, when you think about it,,how fast he's healing.  He's just about quit wearing that brace that doesn't fit right, rubs on the spine where it shouldn't.  The doc even said,,don't wear it... On about the same surgery back in 2000, that doc didn't believe in them,,told him he had him screwed together enough he didn't need one,,, (those were the ones taken out).  He is also 1 3/4" taller,,,

We went out to the park yesterday,,he finally has seen the attraction i have for it,,,and watched all the different birds.  The geese, some big black ducks, sea gulls, a lot of white cranes, and one blue one.  He loves it too,,now.   Have to give my Mom credit for my love of nature and all it's creatures.  When i was a kid ,,, was fascinated with red ants, and bees.

Well, i'm just rattling on here, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is it Monday?

Hmmm,,nope.  I went out to the park yesterday and waited for that front.  Sure enough,,it did cloud up, even thundered a little, and then the wind hit.  LOLOLOL,,had to move, those little oak tree leaves were like snow coming into my window.  It had been hot and still, til that wind hit.  I had done my little bit of walking before then, tho.  It did actually rain a little bit.  Not enough to measure,,,went by to the South and on to the West where they got good rains.  Didn't seem to bother those geese at all...

Haven't seen J since last Wed, but he called and is bringing a breakfast taco.  Sounded good today.  Mine are egg, bacon, potato, and cheese...His are made with chicken, onion, green pepper, cilantro, and are really good too, and filled so much he takes over half off and makes another one.

I got my Christmas shopping done over the weekend,,,lol,,,,Ordered them.  Got the three i buy for, the same thing.  An Admiral FitzRoy's storm glass.  Got this little catalog, called Bits and Pieces, and it has some of the neatest things in it.  A long time ago, i gave J this clock,,,had ball bearings that would roll down a chute each minute, then every hour, they would all fall and start over...,.,hahahahaha,,,Didn't take him long to move that thing out of his room,,,lolololol.  Never knew what happened to it,,just another thing that disappeared over the years.  WELL,,,for the first time since then,,there is one in this little catalog!!!  Gonna show him,,,when he gets here.  NOT gonna buy another one....

No plans for today, well, i will finish my book, don't have much and hated to put it down last nite.  I read during commercials,,lol.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, November 25, 2012

dum de dum dum

Gosh, just nothing going on around here.  Weather's great, ate my waffles, it's Sunday,,, that's all.   See what i mean?

Got the vcr set to record 2 movies, takes 1 each nite on weekends, so i'm ahead.  Got a good book to read,,,,got more little catalogs to go thru.  Kinda know what i'm buying for mine tho.  Will take a trip to Walmart. 

If you don't see me, don't worry, just nothing to put on here.  My life is so boring right now. 

Yall tc, and


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Got That New Faucet

Instead of blogging today, the guy came and put in my new faucet.  Well, no problem doing that part,,was getting the old one out!   It was done when i bought this house, maybe 12? years ago, and everything was new at that time.  But squeezed inside under it, then the tight place up under it,,made for a lot of slow work,, Was a snap putting the new one on....  Took him maybe 2 hours. 

Late yesterday my stomach started feeling yuck,,,then,,the diarrhea hit.  Have no idea where that came from.  I didn't eat supper, and then later i ate some peanut butter  crackers.  It's ok today.  N told me that G wasn't feeling good either and had gone to bed yesterday,,,now, for him, that is unusual.

Ok gonna eat my oatmeal now,,so yall tc, and


Friday, November 23, 2012

What a Day

Yep, 3 tables filled totally up with food, and another with desserts.  Had those BIG Styrofoam plates to eat on too.  With this many people, it's not formal.  It's buffet style.  I didn't even get a small sample of half the stuff.  I hated it that i got so full, i couldn't,...hahahaha.  I did bring home a small plate of small cuts of pies, later.  Pecan, choc, buttermilk, cheesecake.  Ate a little of that for supper,,,  My dotter had said if there was no ham, she was taking a ham sandwich,,,lolololol. But there was.  Turkey and ham, with so many side dishes, no way to get a taste of them all.

Came home and napped,,,lololol,,,went back later for poker.  The sheriff showed up to play too.  His stepson is married to my niece, and he nearly always comes over to play poker.  Her 3 kids have been like his own grandkids always.  I won a little,,,lol.  We just play nickel, dime, quarter.   Just for fun.  When we play moon, we used to play quarter loss, quarter hickey.  One day, bro B said,,let's do dollar, dollar,,and we all said OK,,,hahahahaha,,he didn't think anybody would agree.  Heck, used to play at the bar and they always said i won all their money,,, But when i went in the door, they would holler,,,come on!!! Need a player...

One time there was a new man playing at a table with 2 others, and i went over there and asked if i could join them,,2 said Yeahhh.  The new one frowned, scowled,,didn't like it...Til i set some moon bids,,Later he slid to a stop one day, just to tell my sis,,I could sure play moon!  He didn't know we ALL had all our life,,,hahahahaha.  I didn't like to play with women either,,,hehehehe,,,they almost always had their minds on other things,,wouldn't stay with the game.

Don't know what's going on, but the net is so slow today, taking forever to do anything.  And it's not my signal! 

Hope you all had a great day, yesterday,,,tc and


Thursday, November 22, 2012


I'm still sitting here, have been reading blogs,,,lololol.  But all i have to do is get dressed, and it's 9 AM.  Even have the dishes done.

I'm making my 2 waffles even tho we eat at noon. 

I think this parade is just no good any more.  It's all balloons!  Guess no one does floats any more.  So i turned it off....

J had a terrible muscle spasm yesterday when he woke up from a nap, what he calls lock up.  There didn't seem to be anything we could do.  He had missed his meds by an hour.  Slept thru it.  He just had to let them wear off.  Might be 2 months of this, before those muscles and ligaments heal.

He was headed home later to make his famous pecan pies...  Said he's spent about 20.00 on pecans for 2, and could have bought them for 4.99 each.

Well, too early for any news around here, but i do have LOTS to be thankful for.  So yall tc, and


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

You Do What You Gotta Do



When you need laundry done,,,you wear whatever works,,,lolololol.  I think he might want to stay this way,,,already told him  I will NOT be seen in public with him like this.  He went out to his car, even with me saying NOOOO,,,I got neighbors!!!

The guy that’s gonna put me in a new kitchen faucet, called and is ready.  So maybe today I can get it.

The weather is gonna stay great at least thru tomorrow,,,will cool off a little starting Friday. 

Anyway, yall all have a great Thanksgiving, and tc,,,



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Got a Dilemma

Well, woke up way too early today and could NOT go back to sleep.... So later, i won't be able to keep my eyes open,,have to nap.  Haven't had breakfast yet, and since today is delivery day for my drugs,,lol,,, do i dare get in the shower? 

You know, i just dread holidays now.  I'm expected to take something for dinner,,,like everybody else, but,,,this year, i just don't know what.  Can't be on my feet much, so it has to be something quick and easy.  Maybe my 3 bean salad.  Maybe HJs firecrackers (everybody loves em).  Maybe just pick up some potato salad at the store...We all go to bro Gs house, and it's small and really crowded.  Little kids drive me nuts.  See what i mean?  The weather is going to be beautiful, so maybe the kids will stay outside mostly.

J is driving against everybody's better judgement.  At least he got into an automatic yesterday.  O gosh, think i said this yesterday,,,, never mind...

I've GOT to get some Christmas shopping done... never been this late!  Normally, it's all done by now.  I'm not doing much, just for immediate family.  I shop online so i have a big stack of these little catalogs laying here.

Gosh, just seems i have nothing to put here, any more.  Yall tc, and


Monday, November 19, 2012

Have to Laugh

My phone rang a bit ago, and the only phone working in the house, is in the back bed room,,,lololol.  I had already called the verizon tech that worked so long on the internet connection, and it's still the same, and now, i had to call him again, about the phones......lolololol.   He called right after 8 this morning, i had just gotten up, and said he was gonna try some other stuff.  Poor guy.

It was J calling, saying he was picking up some breakfast tacos.  I was just fixing to do my waffles, so i'm waiting.,,,Starving,,,lololol.

He's driving against all my warnings, but did say he was gonna get into an automatic, the standard was killing him.  They, he and his dad, have a used car lot.  Lots of  He loves that Kia, cause of the 47MPH.  OOOO,,,,on the trip to SA, i got 28.3!!!! In my Taurus.  Never got that before.  I drove around 65 mph, using cruise control...have to do that, my foot gets too heavy.

I just can't believe that F1 race wasn't on tv yesterday!! Well, not on my cable. 

Looking at the week's weather report,,,upper 70s!,,,lol,,,love this.

That's all folks,,,tc and


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Just a Little Today

Nite before last, i woke up about 1;30 to go to the b'room, and heard the tones go off for the Kingsland Fire Dept.  A call in about a house fully engulfed.  People had moved out about 2 months ago, they said.  Of course it burned to the ground.  Same ol Same ol,, this has been an ongoing thing for a long time.  And yeah, it's arson fires.  This made about 7 or so houses, and i think i read there were 11 grass fires that were arson, too.  They arrested one 17 year old, but ,,,,.  This is horrible.  The residents in K'land are really putting the pressure on to get this stopped.   Sure hope they get em all, send em off permanently.  Had this happen here years ago, and it turned out to be the fire chiefs son doing it.  He got sent off for years.  Then got out, and got sent back.
Those F1 races on that new track have been going strong.  Unreal.  And it's just down the road,,,lol.  Here that means about 75 miles away.   Austin has been having stuff going on all weekend.  For being the 1st time, it has gone soooo good.  Read somewhere, that having that kind of race in Austin, was like having ??? in Mayberry,,,,lololol.  I don't know how they got it all done in time.

Don't know why Sundays are so long and boring.  I even did some mopping,,,lololol.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, November 17, 2012

What a Great Day,,,Yesterday

J was here, then my dotter and partner came by and stayed for hours,,, We laughed so much, i'm sore,,,lololol.  They all left about 3 so i went to the park for a while since daylight is short these days.  Had to stop at the library too, 1 book left and 1/2 way thru with it.  I'm reading Harlan Coben now,,great books.  Part of his books are based on one man, but i like the others better.  So i'm reading those first, and will get to the others, later.

I was amazed that one of my readers, Goldie, was in SA too.  That was probably my last trip.  His check ups will be in F'burg.

Actually, i don't have much to write about.  I have finally adjusted to the time change, i think,,,lol.  Not losing that hour now.

Had a man show up yesterday to fix my slow ISP.  lololol.  Had to call him later and tell him it was still doing the same thing, after he had spent so much time on it.  I know what happened.  Since my connection fluctuates on the speed, when he tested it, he was catching it on the top end.  There is this thingy that shows bars and when they're all white, i'm GOOD.  But, when green ones start showing i'm getting slow.  Right now, i have 1 green and it can go to 3, then all go back to the white again.  He moved my modem, changed out a line to it, and when he checked, it showed good on his machine...Hated to call him later.  I kinda think it's the modem.

That's all i've got, so yall tc, and


Thursday, November 15, 2012

SA Again Today

Staple pulling time today.  2PM apt, so we'll be leaving about 11:30.  With all our "rest" stops, we allow a little extra time.

He's shaving, and says he's gonna lie down for a bit...There are pillows in the car, back seat, so he can if he wants.  We need to make a stop at Walmart later to get more of the bandages that work so good under the brace,,,no one has em here.  They  are more padded and with the holes left from those 23 staples, he'll need that.  Also need some more of that saline wash.

Took these yesterday at the park...  There were so many different birds there late yesterday., makes it really interesting.  There was a big group of white ones sitting on the dam, and we weren't sure what they were.  We think maybe egrets... But,, we know what egrets look like and these just weren't quite the same.  They were too far to  get a good look.  We tried binoculars, but the sun shining on them,,well,,just not sure.
Got a good nite's sleep, ready to drive.  It's cloudy and i sure like to drive like that.  The apt. is at 2 so there won't be traffic problems.  It's NEVER as bad as Austin any time.  Besides, it's right close to the first loop, 1604, don't have to go into the worse parts.
Yall tc, and

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Maybe Later

Haven't had a chance to do any posts.  Will get back when i can.  Yall tc, and


PS  Forgot to mention,,J and i saw a whooping crane flying over the Llano River bridge right here in town, about 5 PM yesterday,,,It was following the river, and i had just read about them in an article in the Statesman, and asked to let him know if any one saw one.  I emailed him and told him.  (Mike Leggett)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gonna Get Cold

Somewhere back about a week ago, we musta had a little frost, cause the leaves are finally falling.  The front due in any minute will finish them off the next few days.  Hey,,no more mowing til Jan...hahahaha,,,

My internet is slow, and has been doing this a couple of weeks.  I can reset the router and make it ok, but,,,guess i'm gonna have to call, much as i hate that thot.  Where the lines show it,,it's just one line off, but, that makes it slow. 

J told me a couple of weeks ago that he wanted some pecans and did i know where he could get any.  I had seen signs but didn't remember where.  WELL!! Just across the road and down about a block from him,,,there is a big sign,,PECANS....hahahahaha,,,It's just before the city park, and i remember when that pecan orchard was planted there.  And yep, they had shelled pecans.  We went by and i whipped back around and he got a pound.  $8.  He's gonna make pies, and said he had won the award for pies, 4 years in a row...He makes those little, what? 4" ones?   Little ones anyway.    I think our squirrel population had doubled in the park this year,, so much for them to eat.

I just read Gypsy's blog today, and i had totally missed it about her being in the hospital.  Glad she is home now.  That pneumonia is a BAD thing to have.  I was never the same after my bad bout of it, almost 5 years ago, but one thing good, was, i never had another cigarette.

Hey just got dark, maybe we will get a little rain.  And that south wind just went still, think that front is right at my front door. lol.    Don't know if it will hit like a blast or kinda sneak in...

There was a new food trailer set up last week end and i was giving my signal for Sonic, and went by it, saw the sign, pulled pork,,and just went right on thru that Sonic drive way, back to the pulled pork,,,,Gosh, love that stuff.  And of course i want slaw on it!  WELL, got my appetite back up for another one, went back and it's GONE!  Well, it was back yesterday, so about 5;30 here i went again,,,mouth watering, and $%*%*&*_)&^(*%&,,,,,it was closed!!!  This is before dark, when the hunters would have been in hunting food.  So now, i'm lost.  Heck, maybe he ran out early or something,,,

Just had my waffles and here i'm thinking about that pulled pork bun!  Think i'm gonna go check it out...  so yall tc, and


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

I've had a great day, with both my kids and the g/kid too.  We had lunch at a Mexican food place, and my dotter and i had their shrimp,,lol.  We shared an order.  Then someone told someone it was my birthday, so i got the song sung for me, with all the loud clapping,,,lolololol.  It has just been a good day, and i'm tired, so yall tc, and


Friday, November 9, 2012

Hooray for BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great to know he's still around,,huh?  AND ,,,catching some fish,,,if we can believe that.   All well and good, but, there have been a few of us that never returned,,,and it could happen you know.

Windy, kinda hot today.  When it gets this way i'm always glad for a good front to show up, like will be here Sunday nite.  We finally got down low enough for some leaves to start falling.  And it will finish them  about on Mon. nite.

We've been going out to the park, and J has discovered how enjoyable those geese are.  He has lived here all his life, and had never done that.  He had even told me that that bread wasn't good for them,,now it's,, Mom, do you have anything to feed the geese?  lololol.  It's just peaceful out there and the other birds are showing back up.  Big ducks,little ducks,,white cranes, blue cranes,,,etc.

My neighbor did move out last week.  A big truck even showed up a few days ago and loaded his storage room on and took it away.  This morning, someone was walking around taking pics and J asked them what they were doing.  It was someone from his mortgage company.  We just told them they had left about 2 weeks ago, that's all.

I got this huge flower arrangement this morning.  My birthday is tomorrow, which i keep forgetting.  Now i can remember while i'm smelling these.  Something smells good.

Hey, yall tc, and


Thursday, November 8, 2012


Looked on BBs profile and there was his son's blog.  Left a comment and hopefully he will see it and let us know something.  THIS IS NOT GOOD!!  I  fussed at DD once ,,, about being missing and he understood and didn't do it any more.  Just let us know.  And BB did and for a while it has been ok, but 10 days is too long for nothing.

Js doing great!  I take him back next week on Thurs to get the staples out.  Have to go to SA to do it,,the doc just goes to F'burg every other week, and the timing was off.

The brace is rubbing on the top of the surgical opening, and was making it red, so he's not wearing it when he's in the house.  Looking lots better today.  After the back surgery in 2000, his doc told him NOT to wear one, didn't need it, he had screwed him together enough was no way it would come apart.

Well, my bro G showed up, so i'm just gonna close this now, yall tc, and


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I'm Early, Just One Thing

Does any one still have BBs son on their blog list?  I don't, but maybe one of you do.  Need to know what's going on,,,really concerned now.


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Need a Few Screws?


The top ones came out back in 2000, during another back spine surgery.  The bottom ones were taken out on this one, but twice as much put back in,,2 fusions.  I couldn’t believe the size!!  How could anyone have these in their back?  Lots do,,, tho.


Not much,,but it’s late now, and I’m really tired, so,,,GN, and


Monday, November 5, 2012

Memory Must Be Going,,,

Kinda getting concerned about BB,,,been 6 days with no communication.  In fact, thot he was gonna go to the coast.  Anybody know anything?

Just flat missed doing a blog yesterday,,,without even realizing it.  Gotta get back in the habit.

Js here with me today,,been 5 days now.  He's doing just fine, pushing it like he always does.  He won't listen to me,,,lol

Changed the dressing today,,,took a quick shot ,,,not bad huh?  This is the 5th day.  23 staples there, but they are small ones this time.  Normally they are 1/2" wide.
Went out to the park yesterday, just watching the bird life, reading, etc.  This man and his 13 year old dotter showed up, walking along the bank, casting along the way.  They went on past me a bit and i heard the girl yell,,,,and she had caught a small bass, which they threw back.  I moved to another place and in a bit the dad walked by carrying this BIG one,,, which he put in an ice chest with water.  I didn't stay much longer, but i think they had just started biting.  He said she had gotten 2 bucks Saturday, then 2 more.  (Using his tags),,,So yall,,,there are fish out there in that park!  You hearing me, BB?  Didn't think about taking a pic til later, still kicking myself.
Well, so late here now,,,gonna close up, yall tc, and

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Raining While I'm Writing

Still seems a little strange not to be doing the countdown for Js surgery.  I talked to him about an hour ago, and they were about an hour away.  He said they took that drain out about 4 this morning, and it's a 100% better.  It was making his back hurt to lay on it, or to wear the brace.  No problem now, he said.

There was a 64 year old lady next door, had the same exact thing done.  I had talked to her husband when he was waiting on her to get back from the surgery.  Her second one.  Hope J visited with her.

I was supposed to go out to Ns house for a get-together for her birthday and her dotter's, but,,,just too darned tired.   Took the gifts to B to take with him,,hopefully he remembers,,,lolololol. 

WOW!!! It's raining....Love it.  This is ahead of a front that's gonna cool us down a little.  Gosh, i'm ready.  Slept with the ac on last nite.  When i got home Thursday, my yard had been mowed,,,couldn't figure that out.  Then this morning my mower man came by and yep, he had done it.  Still hoping it's the last one for the, but i remember mowing in Feb. and fussing about that...

Getting a good little shower. 

Yall tc, and


Friday, November 2, 2012

Catching Up Today

Been trying to catch up on blogs.  Hey BB,,,, where are you????  I know, i know,,no internet there, but,,,,

Talked to J about an hour and a half ago, he still hasn't seen the doc, and was in a terrible mood wanting some pain med.  Was gonna get up and walk, so not to lay there hurting, he said.  I DON'T WANT HIM HOME LIKE THIS,,,,,  A nurse had told him they might have to keep him tonight.  I went over to his house and made his bed up, so it's ready.  It's a hospital bed his dad got him a long time ago after one of the other back surgeries.  That key he gave me came in handy,, lol.  It's to his Dad's house too. 

I just kinda piddled around on my way back yesterday.  I stopped once to fill up the car, and once for a milk shake.  Then, just 15 miles down the road i passed a good looking mexican food restaurant, turned right around and went back.  Got a plate of cheese enchiladas with the fixings, ate a little and brought the rest home.  Got it for later today.  Gonna make some oatmeal for lunch, here in a bit.

Monday nite, out at the lake area, was hearing about a man going around his house with guns in his hands, having a flash back.  His mom was on the phone with 911, trying to calm him down, but she would, then he would turn right back around uncontrollable again.  It went on for about 2 hours and i went to bed.  The DPS had shown up.  Well, they ended up shooting and killing him.  Told him to drop his weapons,,and he raised them to fire.  I just read his obit today, and the family was asking for a change on how these situations are handled here in TX.  He was a 20 year vet, and had an impressive career and life.  This is wrong!!!  I totally agree with the family.

I am so glad to be home,,,that was my last trip staying away like that.  No rest, total exhaustion.  Just can't do that now.  Got a good nite's sleep last nite, feel better, but gonna spend the next few days doing nothing. 

Yall tc, and


Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm Backkkkkk

Just got home a while ago, and i'm so tired, exhausted, etc, just gonna be a line or 2.  The 4 hour surgery went fine, he's doing great, and his g/f is staying there with him, soooo,,,i came home.  Not even 24 hours after the surgery he has everything unhooked, going to the potty on his own, can manage to turn himself mostly alone.  It ended about 4 yesterday, and the first 3 hours were BAD, but he was getting a little better when i went back to the motel, then when i called about 9, he had his mouth full of a turkey sandwich!!!  Anyway, just wanted yall to know.  So tc, and


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

BeBack Thurs. or Fri.

Woke up way too early today, will take a nap later.  Not leaving til 4:00.  That way i can get there before dark to find the motel.  I'm using Js GPS, so don't expect any trouble.  G told me the big intersection is under construction building a new overpass, at 281 and 1604,,,the one we are close to and have to go through.  I want to locate the best way to the hospital today, too.

Gosh, i'm seeing all the damage from Sandy right now.  In RI.  It's so bad over such a huge area.  Saw where one of the late shows was done with no audience,,Letterman i think.

My little weather thingy was showing rain, but,,, not here at the house...It is 2 miles N so maybe there.

See yall when i get back, decided not to take the laptop.  So yall tc, and


Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Nothing

Like i told DD, i like this cool weather.  We had a low in the 30s, but will warm up good later.  Then back to the 80s by mid week.  I think it's unusual to have the warm weather this late.   The time in San Antonio is gonna be in the low 80s.  lololol,,,Beats the last time,,iced in for 2 days or so.  That was in Jan. tho.  I used half a tank of gas going out to smoke.  That saved me from being iced out of my car tho.  My x liked to have never got his open after sitting there, had about an inch of frozen sheets of ice on it.  I stopped about half way back to get gas, and had just gotten out of the ruts i had been driving in and OMG,,,there was still sheets of ice on the back part of my car, over the gas door.  Had to bang on it and then it fell off in big sheets.  The temp had gotten up to about 32*.    The x and our son had run off and left me,,,when they passed that 18 wheeler going 10 mph.  Took me a long time to try that,,getting out of the 2 ruts, driving across that frozen stuff to the other side,,,(2 ruts).  I got up to 15 mph to pass,,,hahahahaha.  Made it fine, but i was shaking,,,lol.  That truck never slowed down.

I got home and my heater had gone off, so the house was COLD!  It had needed to be cleaned out and after that was done it was good.  All he did was blow out the dust with canned air.  It has all those safety things.

Gotta get busy,,,do a few things. Like vacuum,,,shower.  So yall tc and


Saturday, October 27, 2012


3 more days and we are more and more ready to get this done.  I have a list ,,,lol,,,of course,, so i won't forget something.  It's things to take and things to do since i plan on staying there 2 nights for sure, maybe 1 more.  He,,and me too, are hoping he can leave on Thursday, but,,,lol.  Think not likely., will be Friday.  Weather's gonna be beautiful.

I'm still hating it that i missed DD and the Mrs.   Just couldn't work it out that day.

Did any of yall read that new blog i told you about a couple of days ago?  I found it in the paper, sorta, and what they write about is so true of us,,,lol.  (Us, as in 'old people') 

Just had lunch,,2 pm, and i think it's gonna have to be nap time.  Eyes are telling me that.  So yall tc, and


Friday, October 26, 2012

4 More Days

No post today, nothing new.  Tc, and


Thursday, October 25, 2012

DD At Inks Lake!

I just saw my email this morning,,DD and wife at Inks, thru tonight.  Gonna try to make it out there later today.  Gosh, i love to meet the bloggers.  His cell phone not working, so i'm waiting on an email to know what slot he's in,,,can find out later, but,,,

Got up a little earlier today, gonna help J unload some stuff out of his car, and couldn't get ahold of him.  Just did about 15 minutes ago, and found out he had done a lot already so maybe later.  He had left his cell phone at his g/fs,,,and sure nuff, just as soon as i stepped in the shower, he called.  I've told everybody if i don't answer, call back in a couple of minutes,,,lol.  He wasn't calling my cell.  He's bringing breakfast tacos, wish he'd hurry,,,,

5 more days!! and that front will be in later, not gonna need my ac,,,yeaaaa.

Nothing going on, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A New Blog

Found this new blog and LOVE it,,,check it out.

Still counting the days down,,,til next WEDNESDAY!!!

Got up tired today, still am,,,and when i tried to nap,,,started this little hacky cough,, then sneezed a couple of times..Nothing unusual.  Gave up on that and refilled my pill box.  It holds 7 days, with 4 slots for each day.  I take about the same number of vitamins and prescriptions,,so i divide them out.

We,,J and i, went out to the park about lunch and the geese were there so since i had old bread with me,,we stopped and he fed them...For the first time!!!  He loved it...

This wasn't all of them,,,the rest flew over and back into the river.  He had never seen that either.

Don't pay any attention to the dates on my pics,,never right.  The batteries always have to be fooled with, just for the cheapo camera to work.                                                                                             

Hey, just a short one today, so yall tc, and



Sunday, October 21, 2012

Meteor Shower?

No meteor shower here today,,,thick clouds.  I've tried to watch some before, but never got anything from them.  They will tell you that there will be x number of them per hour,,,HA,,,maybe 1-3.  The only thing i remember actually seeing was that meteor with the long tail,,,back a few years.  I'm sure DD can tell you the name,,,lol.

Turned my ac on last nite, and will today too.  Close to 90, and that means hot and humid. 

I think the sun is fixing to come out.  Prefer clouds.  I think i saw something about a really good cold front coming in next weekend...  Getting close to surgery date, and last time it was an ice storm.  Don't think it will turn into that,,but,,,this is TX...

I went out to Ns house yesterday,,been a long time.  I couldn't stay in her house the smoke was so bad.  We sat outside down by her chicken pen.  She just has 4 hens left now.  I don't know how anybody can afford to smoke.  I'm soooo glad i quit.  Every great once in a while, i want to pick up one,,,but that lasts just a couple of seconds.  Being around it is too much for my lungs now.  Wood smoke is the same.

On tv, Parks and Wildlife,,it showed bob whites,,,and OMG,,,i don't even remember when i last heard them.  Was common way back.  Gosh, how many other things seem to be gone now, that were everywhere just a few years ago. 

Been a boring weekend, so yall tc, and


Saturday, October 20, 2012


How did i think the time changed tonite?  I looked on some site a couple of days ago, and it said it did, but,,,nothing was said on the news or in the paper, so i looked again today, and it doesn't change til the 4th of Nov..

J has to quit one of his meds,,tramadol,,,and i don't know how he's gonna make it.  It's a pain and anti-inflammatory med, and has to be tapered off.  That letter  said none of those kind 7 days before surgery,, and nothing with any aspirin at all.  He just takes 2, and the other was the blood pressure one,,which he can take.  We will call Monday to be sure about them.  I've kept telling him, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TIL IT GETS FIXED!! 

I need to make a list of what i need to take with me,,, the little things,, I've jotted down some of them, like book, laptop, snacks,,,pills,, 

I used to keep a loaded bag ready to go,,,just pick up and be gone.  That was when i would meet my b/f or he would come by and we would take off, anywhere.  

I thot of something i don't think i've told you about, so,,,  Way back i think in the 80s,,,i looked out my window one day, and there was a herd of cattle in my yard,,i'm talking like, 25 or 30.  They were eating my shrubs, flowers, everything.  I went running out and ran them off, then called the sheriff's office.  They had come up from the river.  A rancher had hauled them there and just left them on the river for the free grazing.  Well, next day, same thing.  I'm getting a little p___ed off by now.  WELL, the third time!!! i told them the next time i saw them i would get on my 3 wheeler and herd them up to the courthouse square!!!  The dispatcher,,,said,,"Aw,,you wouldn't really do that"  And i told her yesss i would!!  It was about a mile straight shot up the street from my house.  hahahahaha,,,never saw them again. 

Had a few things come by here too, but there was usually someone chasing them.  I heard a calf bawling last nite, one time when i got up, just down the block.  Made me remember when the stockpens always had cattle there, and their bawling was just a normal thing.

Yall tc, and


Friday, October 19, 2012

11 Days ,,,,,

Yep, 11 more days.  didn't realize i've missed 3 days, but,,,gonna happen right now.

WOW,,,was 39* when i got up today!!!  Lowest it's been since ,,,uh,,not sure. lol.

Got more done today of the pre op stuff.  Doc's office called and told us how much to send for the insurance company pre-pay.  So we chased around and got all that taken care of.  The pre-op package of instructions also came today.  Nothing new for him,,said he'd been there, done that.

I booked myself a room for the nite before,,,and today he did too.  In the same place, and they said they would put them close together.  The motel is 4.9 miles from the hospital, easy route.  Might be the same one i stayed in way back when he had the neck surgery, and was iced in for days.  Ice storm in San Antonio,,,lmao.  I was there, it happened!!   Could this time too,,,who knows what,,2 weeks from now.  Well, 11 days... lol.

Gotta tell all yall how much better it is to read comments with answers.  Never figured out why anybody asks John Wells questions,,cause i've never seen him answer,,,  So all yall that do answer, again let me say,,,,THANK YOU!!!

Nothing new, same ol same ol, except BBs here to catch a fish,,,lol.  Back in TX i mean.  Saw where a 600 lb marlin got landed in a boat today,,or jumped in,,,or something,,  it was flapping all over the place, knocking men down,,,i think the camera man ran.  Got some good stuff first, tho.

Well, yall tc, and


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

14 to Go.....

J got here early today, with that breakfast taco,,,yummmm.  He's crashed now, and i hope he sleeps for a long time.  He takes the anti inflammatory pill every 8 hours, and  after 7, the back is back to a major problem,,then it takes another hour for the med to work.  So,,there is a 2 hour stretch that isn't good.  The BP pill is once a day, so np there.  14 more days,,,we are counting...

I've about decided to go late the day before and get a motel room.  Being at the hospital by 9 am would be impossible for me,,from here.  He said there's a motel right by the hospital, so that's what i've about decided to do.  When i told him he said he might do that also,,,lots better that way.

It's been a lite rain since i got up, and i think it was before, too.  Hi,,,75 today,,,wonderful!

Today is my  dotter's BD, and i went over and got some of those bulbs for the Queen's Wreath, like for G/dotter.  Then i've got a HB balloon and a card.  I'll take them by after she gets home later.  Her b/f is having serious back problems too, and needs surgery.  Not like Js,,his will be outpatient, laser.  But his back does lock up sometimes too.

That's all i've got, so yall tc, and


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jude's Happy Now

When J rescued Rescue, he asked if he could stay here ONE day, after he was thru at the vet's.  I agreed,,,to ONE day.  He's a wonderful young kitty, very smart, BUT,, i was put in the position of having to choose, him or Jude.  Jude is so gentle, he doesn't understand that Rescue was chasing him to play, and he quit coming in my yard even.  That was it!  J took Rescue to his gf's house late yesterday and Jude showed up later, and was even at my back door this morning.  You could hear him purring thru the whole house,,,lol.  After all these weeks, he's still looking around like he's gonna be jumped, but,,,at least he's showing up now.  I wasn't gonna just dump him,,,i was gonna take him to J's house.

Not sure what time those storms showed up, think about 1 am,,,but there was sure a lot of noise.  It did that about 3 times, thru the rest of the nite.  Hail with it too.  News said it was up to 1" here.  I heard it at times, but i just went back to sleep.  Got the house open today, feels good.  Can't tell the front is here but i guess it is.

16 days,,,til surgery,,,lol.  Yeah, we're counting the days, he says it will be like pulling a thorn.  I've told him it will never be this way again,,,because he will have the medical coverage from now on.  It's been over 2 years getting to this point.  We didn't know that it didn't come with disability.  So going thru all the choices and being turned down, over and over,,took all that time.  Thank God for this PCIP that covers people with the pre-existing conditions.  And i will give Obama credit,,he's the one that did it.

Well, my dishes are still there,,,in the dish water,,,so yall tc, and


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Rescue's Gotta Go

The reason i haven't posted is because there was NOT ONE comment on the last one!  No one even said a word about  the cat pics.  I'm sorta like BB, getting down and seeming to have nothing to write about anyway.  And today is no different.  NOTHING.  I had been asked for pics of Rescue, and i put 2 on here, soooo?????

Maybe it's an age thing.  I will be 71 next month, and i'm sure not doing as well as even 10 years ago.  That's depressing enough.  I have a hard time walking, and i know i need to get out and do it every day, but,,,,do i?  Nope.

I am taking Rescue somewhere today, he's been here long enough.  Waiting to call my son, telling him he has to go.  When my Jude won't even come in the yard, cause Rescue chases him, time to go.  He did chase off a big dog while ago.  And i know he's wanting to play with Jude, but Jude doesn't know that.  I had a male cat run off one just like Jude before, not gonna happen again.

Looking like it might rain.  More chance later today and tonite.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Rescue,,,got Rescued

IMG_0766  This is who I call Rescue.


Yeah,, on my computer desk,,,not making too much of a mess tho.  You can’t tell how long his tail is,,it’s at least 3” longer than normal.  And you can’t tell how big his feet are.  They are huge.

J and I went out to the park yesterday,  and it was so nice.  He liked the sun on his back.  3 MORE WEEKS!!!  His surgery is the 31st.  Finally!  Has to be there at the spine hospital by 9 AM, further instructions following by mail.  Counting the days now.   Not sure if I will stay down there or not.,  His gf is gonna be there, so I probably won’t stay but 1 day.  If it’s like all the others, he will be up and walking by the next day.  He will have to wear a brace for a few months, but,,,NO MORE PAIN.  The surgery gives instant pain relief.  The steroid shots he got were not from the bad batch, found that out too, tho I already knew that.  He’s in my living room on the floor, on a pallet.  lol,,,I think Rescue is with him.  That cat is SMART.  Had cats always, but had 2 before this one, that were super intelligent. 

Gonna get up to about 80,,,feel good weather.  Lots of south wind.  We’re going back to heat.

Yall tc, and,














Monday, October 8, 2012

X Those Beans,,,,

J has already called, saying he would be here in a bit with the breakfast tacos.  Hope he's half way on time, sure am getting hungry.

I didn't get to sleep last nite til after 1,,,rolled, tossed, got up for a while.  I will NEVER eat beans with bar b q any more.  I was so bloated, i took some tums.  They have been doing me that way for a long time, but ate them at noon, and then paid for it half the nite.

About 5 yesterday, i was coming in from the park and heard the bridge was blocked with some kind of farm equipment and a bus.  There was traffic backed up forever,,,lol.  I stopped by the little park at the South end and just waited, had my book.  After a bit this duelie came off pulling a wide something and the traffic got to moving.  BUT,, there was a cop waiting on him at the end of the bridge.  Then later a highway patrol showed up too.  The guy didn't have a valid dl, the farm thing had nothing on the back to be on the highway, and it was too wide for a 2 lane bridge.  Ended up he went to jail, a wrecker showed up, but not sure if they hauled it off or not, i left.  He had a little dog with him and i guess his gf was traveling with him, cause she pulled up right after he stopped.  Guess she took the dog.  He was from Paris Tx,,,lol, where i have a lot of kin.   Was doing good to have gotten this far with it.  He also had a couple of warrants too.  Is that dumb,,,dumb and dumber?  Heard a lot on my scanner.

J showed up, and we ate those tacos,,,yummm.  He had me look up this steroid injection stuff that i had heard about last week.  There were 2 bad batches sent out that could cause a fungal meningitis.  I told him he didn't get that with his injections, but we're gonna ask about it when the doc's office calls back,,,,i already had a call in to see if they had gotten all they needed with his tests.  Nothing to do with that, but we will ask.  His gf and dad were in a panic about them.  I told him he would know if he had that stuff.  And yeah, he had some of the symptoms, but,,,goes with his back problem.

He went out to get his 2 pills that are due now, and must have gotten lost,,,lol.  Not really, he's messing with Rescue.  Told BB i'd put a pic on here as soon as i can.  The ones i took were with my camera and bad batteries, so not doing them.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Boring Day

Almost noon, and ,,, nothing accomplished,,,  I've eaten my waffles, and washed dishes,,,that's it.  Both cats have been in and eaten, one at a time.  Rescue didn't want to come in for a while, so i didn't chase him,,lol, if he's hungry enough, he'll come in.  He was acting kinda scared,, have no idea why.  He finally made it.  He was feeling frisky all day yesterday, outside,, he's still just a big kitten.  I keep telling J to find him a home.  He'll run and bounce off J's side when he's playing,,,no claws.  He did that in the house too, bouncing off the walls and things,,,lol... He lands with all 4 feet doing that.

Out of all the movies on this weekend,,i found one yesterday, and one today!  To record.  I even watched a western from yesterday,,,last nite.,,,,Buck.  Wasn't much to it, but i kept on til it finally ended, at my bed time. 

I did go out to the park for a while yesterday,, was nice to just sit out there in my car, and read.  J was here most of the day, and we both thot we would go to Bs, but never caught him at home.  J's gf was busy most of the day, but got thru by mid afternoon.  B gets antsy when he's home alone,,,lol.  I know he was there by the time the Longhorns came on.  

My yard was mowed like,,,a week ago, and it already needs it again.  Gonna just let it go for a while, maybe catch it for the last time by then.  My windows on the N are wanting to fog up today!  It's still cold, 48*.  And that wind is still blowing too.

OK,,,enough of nothing,,,lol,,,shower time.  Yall tc, and


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lost a Week

Got up today and started shutting windows...  Was 61 and north wind.  I let the cats in one at a time to eat, then each wanted back out.  I think they like it.  I cleaned out my heater yesterday, and then lit it.  It's doing good.  Those heaters have the biggest pilot lite i've ever seen.,,,about 3" long, and it puts out heat just by itself.  There's no adjustment.  Boy, can they heat up a place!  Mine is small, like the burner part is about 10-12" wide, and that's all that's needed.

J and i went over to Marble Falls yesterday, just a quick trip, 2 stops.  He had to make one stop, and then a quick stop at Walmart.  Gonna talk toilet tissue here,,,lolololol.  The only kind i like, i can't get here, so that was one reason for Walmart.  hahahaha,,,It's Charmin, strong mega rolls.  It's that mega part i can't get here.  Those double rolls keep me changing all the time!  OK,,,said my say on that,,,hahahaha.

He called 45 mins ago, saying he was bringing breakfast tacos, in about 20 mins,,,I triple that, but i sure am getting hungry.  These are soooo good. 

Now,,,Back at the end of Sept.,,,the last Wed, he had all the pre-op tests done that his Doc in SA wanted, and  they were supposed to fax the results to SA.  We waited a week, heard nothing, and called SA to find out the status, hoping they had a date for the surgery.  Well guess what!!! They hadn't even gotten them!!  So he has lost a week on this.  The nurse in SA called and got them,,we hope,,was told so.  By the place here.  We will call again Monday to be sure.  We don't know why they did this,,,the doc here hasn't called back so we can see what he says. 

Nap time,,yall tc, and


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Made It

I still can't believe how much better J is feeling, taking those BP pills.  He called about 2 hours ago, asked if i had eaten,,told him no, had just got up, so he said he'd bring some stuff,,be here in about 30 .  Well,,, i ate and he's still not here!,,,I did call and tell him,,,lol.

Had to have a little heat this morning.  Was 52 outside, so i turned on a couple of burners on my stove.  Just those will heat up this area in a few minutes.

Did i tell you i threw Rescue out a few days ago.  He looked all around, found the opening to go under the house, so all's well.  I just don't do litter boxes any more.  Jude quit a long time ago.  J saw a chicken hawk fly across the street to a little tree by the porch where he was, but he took off for under the house,,,lololol.  Guess he knew what that was too.  He's at home outside now, so i don't keep him in all the time.  And last nite was Jude's turn,,,  Jude is still scared of him,,and Rescue's wanting to play, but Jude doesn't understand.

Fixing to go to the library, and pay my utility bill.  J's out the door taking pics .  I'll show you some of them,,maybe ,,, if they will work.  He has one of those really expensive cameras.

Now, BB,,,if all of this stuff of mine isn't boring, just why do you think yours is?  lololololol  I've said the same thing,,,gonna quit, but,,taking a little time off helps a lot.

So Yall tc,,,and


Monday, October 1, 2012


Having my waffles right now.  Thot my drain in the kitchen sink was stopped up, and i was running hot water,,thinking it was grease,,,and i took the stopper out, and there was a piece of potato peeling laying over it...lololol.

J said he'd be by in about an hour, so that means 2 or 3.  Maybe he's still feeling better, he was running an errand for his dad.  I've never known a man that can be punctual.

I was so bored yesterday.  I went out to the park, finished the little bit left of my book,  went back out later.  It was like i just couldn't sit in the house.  Don't know why Sundays seem to do me that way, long days, and lonely.  Yeas ago it would be a huge crowd, usually in Mom and Dad's living room, watching football all afternoon.  That was always a fun day.  Family is too scattered now, not anything like it used to be.  I told my bro a couple of days ago, the kids growing up now, will never have the sense of family like we do.  Maybe it's been going away for a long time, tho.

My friend Sue and her hubby are getting a divorce, a very friendly one.  I have to smile,, he comes for supper, puts his paycheck in their account,  they're just living in different places now.  Maybe they're doing it for the financial help she can get, being single.  She's on disability already.

I know these are lots shorter now, but there's just nothing to write about.  Soooo,,,yall tc, and


Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Month GONE!

I think the rain is over, and my gage has about 2 1/4".  Not bad.  Got up today and had to shut the windows,,that north wind blowing.  Made for good sleep,,,

Gosh, i sure miss J on the weekends.  Getting used to him being around.  He is feeling like,,80% better the last 2 days,.  Could that blood pressure med do that?  How?  His back isn't locking up now, like before, just once yesterday.  By the time it was taking effect, he started feeling lots better, and the pain better too.  I don't know what it is, my machine, used once, doesn't work!  That's what i get for buying a cheapie one.

I drove out to the park yesterday and fed the geese.  There  was this huge bird sitting on the dam, and i think it was a whooping crane.  Was raining so i didn't even try to take a pic, and my binoculars were in the trunk.  I'll go back today and see if it might be there again.

The lakes are up a little, hope more in the next few days.  Missed what they said about Buchanan, but Lake Travis was up about a foot.

I just turned my calendar!!! Now i have to do it again!  Yall tc, and


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rain,,,,Don't ya Love It!

That rain hit last nite about 8,,and i don't think i've ever heard it rain so hard.  I could hear it over the tv, ac,,everything.  That lasted about 15 minutes, then it slowed.  All that's in my gage is 1".  Hard to believe.  Another round coming i think.  I just hope it rained in places that will help the lakes.

I'm STILL picking up these black beetles in my house.  There's a huge invasion!  Rain makes it worse.  The terrapin ate some of them.  J came over this morning and took it back where he found it.  All it did was crawl around the aquarium wanting out.  That's not a good thing to do to it.  And if it was taken to school, would be the same thing.

Is there anyone that likes this new blogger interface?,,,I finally got all the bells and whistles, at the top, but,,do NOT like it.  What's the new thing that makes it so good?   Does anybody know?

Think i'm gonna ride out to the park, see if the geese are around.  I have lots of stuff to feed them
so i hope they are. 

I called again today about that dog up the street.  Never ending whining, crying, barking, etc.  Nothing has been done.  I called back about an hour later and was told they had been up there yesterday and today,  like,,,that's all they will do.  lololol...gonna call til something is done.  Had to do that when a lot of dogs were running loose getting in my pond every day.  They finally did something about those.

Ok, outa here, yall tc, and


Friday, September 28, 2012

Nothing New

Nothing going on, maybe rain later, well, fairly sure.  Some spots might get 8",,,wooohooo. 

J caught a terrapin a couple of days ago, and it's in this big plastic thing out on the patio, makes a LOT of noise,,,bumping around.  His gf gonna take it to school in an aquarium for the kids.  It's eating a lot of these big black beetles that have been invading my house.    They are everywhere, not just here at my house.

Got up about 7 and now i'm sleepy.  Didn't get my nap.

I had to update my AVG today, and it didn't just do that, it put the whole thing on again.  Took a while.  Then i ran a scan, all was fine.   My x has a trojan on his, and no idea how it got there.  Even the best man in town can't fix it.  I had this and that in the past, and i know i went for years without anything,,,never a problem.  I had something on it before that, and it was always telling me how many things it was taking care of,,you know how they do.  Someone told me they didn't use anything, so i took that one off.  About 6 months later,,,, i ran a scan,,and guess what,,,there was ZERO on there!!  So that's when i didn't use one for years.  I actually don't know why i put one back on.  This one is fine, but i will NOT buy  any more to use.  Norton, you can't get rid of,,,whatever other one i used,,kept charging me when they shouldn't.  So AVG is as far as i'm going.!!!,,,lol.

Js burn is gone today.  The only thing on all those tests was his blood pressure was hi, (in a lot of pain at the time) and his sodium was low.  Both easy fixes.  His bp is super low for his natural readings.  The doc put him on a mild med, and for the sodium told him to cut down on water.  The results were faxed to San Antonio yesterday, so now, it's that wait time again. 

Well, out of input,,so yall tc, and


Thursday, September 27, 2012

HEYYYY It Changed!!

OK,,,NOW!!! I have all the thingys across the top.  Why did it take so long?  Even have spell check, font selection,,everything.

J and i went to his family doc here yesterday for all the preop tests, and he told them xrays burned him.  She didn't even bat an eye, just kept on clicking with this antique machine.  She had to take 6 because his lungs are long, way down his body.  Later, he looked like he had a severe sun burn, and i had some aloe vera stuff to put on it, and he had to use stuff several more times during the nite.   He's put in a call to the doc, because he wants this on his medical records.  He's still red today, but not quite as bad.  I'll take him down there if necessary. 

Just got back, and did stop at the doc's office and showed them the redness that is left.  The one that did them doesn't believe that the xrays did it, BUT, they did.

Got all the preop stuff done, now we wait until the doc in San Antonio sets the date.

Still have Rescue,,,lol,,but with J here every day, they both love that.  NOT keeping that cat!  He will be a good one for someone,,,,just,,i don't want any more pets.

Hey BB,,,last time J had surgery in SA,,,it was in the worst ice storm i ever saw..SA was locked down for days.  And way back around 90, i remember ice being all the way to Pasadena TX,,cause my sis N and hubby drove back on it..   Never know about Texas weather,,,lolololol.

I like what DD says, winter was last Thursday.

Yall tc, and