Saturday, January 7, 2012

Late Again

Gosh, gonna be short today.  Too much time gone out of it already.  Been changing how i pay my phone bill, and of course, on hold for ages.  Had ONE question, so had to wait for a person.  Gonna let them draft, and also, email the bill each month.  Did get to tell her something she didn't know,,,lol,,that on the bottom right of your checks, is printed the amount the bank actually holds out of your account.  I didn't know that til i worked for a CPA. 

One time, i spent days hunting a nickel.  Finally remembered and checked that, and sure enough,,there it was, the bank had held out 5cents less than the check was for.  When i asked them what they wanted to do, they said,,,just ignore it. lolol  So, i made a journal entry, corrected mine, and was good.  Didn't waste that much time any more, looked there a lot sooner.  It's so rare, you don't think of it.  I was taught double entry BK, so, i balanced to the penny. Something else i never knew, hope i'm not boring you, was,,,if you're off and the difference can be divided by 9, it's a reversed number somewhere.  Used that a LOT. lololol.  You can look and look, but you see the numbers the same, until you go away for a while.  Then they might jump out at you.  Or, you wake up in the middle of the nite, and KNOW where it is.  Done that too.

Did a lot of years bookkeeping, a lot working in an insurance office, but,,,my favorite was working in home health care.  Didn't know how much i hated sitting in ONE chair, 40 hours a week, until i didn't.  Which reminds me,,,lololol,,,on the news this morning, they told that no matter how much you exercise, eat right, and keep your weight low, you can still fall over with a heart attack if you sit a lot.  Too long at a time.  Like jobs at computers,,,BAD for you.  Said to get up once an hour.  I'm gonna have to do that too.  Even watching tv at nite, don't sit too long.

Ok, this is it for today, yall tc, and