Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is It Christmas Yet?

I can't believe what all i got done yesterday, lol, had to take an Aleve this morning,,my whole body told me.  Even cleaned one of the 3 windows left,,just 2 more now.  It was the hardest, cause i had to move my sewing machine off it's little thingys i have under 2 of it's legs, then had to bend over and lift to put it back on one of them.  The other 2 won't be so bad, but i still have to move a couple of things to get to them too.  That's the reason i put them off.  Also lifted a big monitor off the floor and set it on a chair i'm getting rid of.  That's all before i got into the closet and got out most of what i need for wrapping, or not.  I know how to lift, but i can still get sore.
Even in that dark room, that clean window stuck out. lol.  Gotta get the other 2 done.  Have any of you used that window cleaner that i did?  I'd like to know how it worked with you.  I think maybe it's a good upkeep, when you have started with clean windows.  A once a year upkeep, tho.  I know that works.  I had always cleaned my windows, twice a year, til i got to where i couldn't do that any more.  Took me taking off screens, getting up on my ladder, running off those yellowjackets,, hahahahaha..  They would be there staring at me, tails raised, ready to attack.  I learned to look for them,,,before i got on that ladder!

One time i got in my car, with a red wasp buzzing around while i was doing it.  Backed out, and took off up the street, and buzzzzzzzz,,,there that darn thing was.  I slammed on the brakes and bailed outa that car fast as i could.  Right there in the street!!  Didn't care at all.  lol.  Didn't get back in either, til that wasp was gone.  I'm allergic to them.  Well, i thot i was.  I got stung on my hand a couple of years ago, and rushed to the doc,,,didn't amount to a hill of beans.

Lipitor,,,generic now. lol,,,i don't take that.  Guess yall know, i have the tv on, and it's news right now.

hahahaha,,,saying men using laptops, could be made harder to father a child.  o well.  Does that apply to anyone here?  Another thing today, is,,apple and grape juice have too much arsenic.  Just like Dr Oz had said.  Only juice i loved was orange juice.

I'm not even gonna repeat some of the things i heard on Oprah!!!!

Ok,,enough news,,,lol.  Hey i loved HJs blog today.  We be oldies but goodies,,,lololol.  Better pay attention...

I watched my g/dotter trying to get a stud earring into her ear way back when she had just had them done.  Well, wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, but realized how long she had been trying,,and told her,,,pull down on your lobe, and it'll pop right thru.  She did, it did, and she said,,,"Gosh, you know everything!"   hahahahah,,,i told her to remember that.  She was like, 10 or 11 at the time.  Sad to say, now i don't know everything,,,I was painting my nails one time, and she said "Gosh, how do you do that???"  I said,,"do what",,and she said, hold em out like that, (not propped on anything while i was painting them.)  I told her it was all that coffee, beer, and cigarettes i did.  She held her hand out, and it shook like a leaf.  Heck, i don't know why mine doesn't...

When she graduated out of hi school, she and her best friend, decided to draw a name of a state out of a hat and go there for just a trip.  They got NC, i think,,and everybody was having fits, these 2 young kids taking off like that on their own.  I gave em $50.00 and said have fun, if she didn't do it then, she might not ever be able to.   I had NOT remembered doing that til she told me years later, that i was the only one that had said that.  I still don't remember it.  But i told her,,,that didn't mean i wasn't worried about it.  Just meant i prayed a lot. lolol  When you grow up in a little town like this, you don't realize all the evil out there, and here were these 2 girls taking off on their own.  They made if fine, loved it, and i got to see pics...

Ok,,to get this blog on today's time,,i gotta shut up,, and post it, so yall tc, and