Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guess The Heat Hasn't Forgotten Us

Gosh, thot we might make it til June, before that heat did.  That's what you get for wishful thinking.

I sure liked Hermit Jim's post about ice cream.  Makes me remember something i should always,,listen to your body.  When it starts craving, there's a reason.  I craved ice cream for quite a while, and now, it's gone.  Now,,coffee is a different story.  Gotta have that just to open my eyes in the mornings,,,  I've always had to laugh at SSs coffee, a cup of milk with a dollop of coffee.

I've got this big wall clock laying here on the table, going to the trash today.  Bought it at Walmart,,enough said.  Just a few months ago.  Can't make it even squeak now.  I could fill this whole page with stuff like that.  But there's not much choice on where to buy things around here.  Way back when my dotter was a teen, she got a clock in Austin, had BIG red numbers, and developed a hum after a while.  There were little lites that went around full circle for the minutes.  Well,,years and years later,,,i find one just like it at a garage sale and buy it,,has the same hum,,,lolololol.  Bro B keeps saying it has to be the same one,,hers,,because how would this OLD woman have come up with this far out clock?  Well, dotter went out in her store room and found hers just to prove it was, indeed, 2 of them.  I had to take mine apart and fix it once, and i could put something between the workings and the face and stop the hum, but it wouldn't last.  That, those, clocks just liked to sing.., Well, i brought hers up here and took it apart, too, but it had a nylon gear with too many teeth gone to fix.  Later, mine did the same..

Worst thing from Walmart was a push mower that the blade just broke off on one half of it while i was mowing!  Buried itself in the ground.  It broke just to one side of the middle!!  Then one came apart one time because none of the bolts had been tightened.  That was when you just put the handle on, these were all the others on it, just flew apart.

Got distracted so i'm outa here, tc, and