Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not Well

Think i'm sick.  Have chills bad enough to wear a warm up jacket, bp 93/94.  Can't get in to see my doc til 11:15 tomorrow.  Think i'm going to bed and cover up.   Don't worry, if it gets too bad, i'll call an ambulance.  Don't feel like standing long enough for a shower either. 

Took a drink of water during the nite, bad mistake.!!!.  Kept coming up into my throat for hours.  I sat on the side of the bed, trying to gag it up, never did.  Then when i laid back down, same thing.  Won't do that any more, will do what i've been doing, wash my mouth out, and spit it out.  It's hard to get enough liquids.  I do get my coffee down ok, it's hot.

OMG, paramedics in Austin gonna use motorcyles.  wow.  Great idea.  Can get there lots faster. 

Got my spotting scope in yesterday.  Not sure if i like it r not.  When u go up from 15, it isn't clear.  Need to check it out somewhere else.

Huge trail of red ants this morning when i went out for the paper.  I later put a line of seven dust across it.  Need that sidewalk, lol, and don't want a sting.

Obama threatening to not send out ss, and vet checks on the 3rd.  And disability.  Horrible.   Hate to even read about the debt, and how to fix it.  Has to be a way.

OK yall, just so u know, i don't discuss politics or religion in public places.  And this is public, so sorry for  the above.

Sorry about being short today, just not well,  need a nap.