Friday, May 31, 2013

Time to Catch Up

Since I still could barely get around, I went back to see my doc Wed.  That shot she had put in the muscle didn't do anything, so this time she xrayed it, and I found out it's arthritis.  How can it feel like the muscles are hurting when it's the joint?  I'm seeing a specialist next Wed. and in the meantime i'm taking aleve and tramadol.  With those I can walk a little better, at least.  And yeah, a replacement will be in the future, but hopefully not for a long while.  J showed up when I was still in the xray room, and looked at them like a professional,,,,lol.  (He's still doing super)

With that hurting so bad, I haven't done anything that wasn't absolutely necessary.  I did make it to the library yesterday, can't run out of books to read.  I'm still reading David Balacci, and soooo glad he has written so many.  Finished all the ones with Oliver Stone in them, so into the others now.

Kinda thinking about going to the lunch at church, even tho i'm not hungry.  Been eating my waffles, then supper, and not hungry in between.  J brought me a big bowl of spaghetti that I've been eating on for 2 days,,,best I ever had.  And I make great spaghetti,,,lol.  He said he had found a new sauce at HEB, and was keeping the jar so he wouldn't forget.

BB, I don't know how you play golf with your hip and leg hurting.   My fast pitch softball did this to me.  That has about that same twist.  O well, i'm old, gotta expect bad things.

Need to get my shower done if i'm going to lunch, so yall tc, and