Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will We, or Won't We, get our SS Checks

Looking forward to all ur pics, DD.  Wondering if BB will take off on Monday or not.  As for me, i'm here for the duration, staying in, staying cool.  Utility bill wasn't up much, about 15.00, and like i told my Mom one time, i pay for heat to stay warm in winter, i'll darn sure pay for cool in summer.  Well, maybe not this time,,if that ss check doesn't arrive.  Can u believe that???  And imagine the total disaster that would be?  For everybody.

River flow:  J=42 M=20 L=6  Don't know how J can be up 4 ft from yesterday, but GOOD to see!

Could not sleep last nite, and made the mistake of eating one of my breakfast bars about 3 am.  Never again.  Kept waking up with a mouthful of it and indigestion for hours.  I can't sleep on an empty stomach, but will eat something else next time.

Gosh, just remembered that today is my once a week watering day, later.  Have to wait until 8 pm to start.  Didn't make it up for the AM period.  I just lay 2 hoses down by trees and let them run a couple of hours.  Gypsy was talking about crepe myrtle today, and yes, there's a lot here in TX too.  It's hardy and takes TX heat.  I have 3 here, one really old one.  They can go without water thru the worst of summers.  When i landscaped this yard, that's the kind of plant i used,  TX native.  So almost everything i put out, will make it ok.  I made the mistake of putting salvia by my pond, among other things, like a butterfly bush, indigo spirals, and the hummers and butterflies loved all these blooming plants.  I didn't know the salvia spread by the roots, and before i knew what was going on, it had choked out and killed the butterfly bush, and a bird of paradise tree.  I dug up what i thot was all of it, but,,,,guess what?  It could just be dropped somewhere and come up, and it came back from the tiny pieces of roots i didn't get.  So beware people,,,put it away from everything else!  Way away.  Not much left now, tho, the pond is empty and i don't do yard work any more.  Gonna find out what the survivors are.  There's an old wisteria vine out in the front corner, guess i'll put some water on it.  It's huge and needs a good trimming.

Since i put out the big thing of water a week ago, i have some birds back.  And, red wasps, lol.  Gonna turn my calendar today, look at Aug. lol, just a few more weeks til Sept. where there's hope.  And the weeks fly.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Rain That Wasn't

That DD is gone again!!  Must not have wanted to get into that rain. hahahaha  Everybody knows the story of THAT,, the rain that wasn't.  And BBs gonna stay where he is, and who can blame him?  If i were mobile like those 2, i sure wouldn't be in TX now.  I would make a good snow bird.

My fav niece and family traveled all over the NW ,,,for 38 days.  She's the one that sent me a pic with her having a heavy jacket on, from the Glacier Nat'l Park.  And, her sis that lives here, took pics of 2 lemurs that are living out there by them.  About 10 miles out.  And my sis, N, said her neighbor had seen some out there by them, too.  Can just see us getting overrun by lemurs.    N had been seeing the lion prints, and then C actually saw it one morning when he left for work.  Think i've told ya, u just never know what u'll see around this river.

Just had breakfast, brunch.  It's sitting like a lump in my stomach. lol,,,Was just a boiled egg, toast, and bacon.  Not sure whether i need more fill or not.  Just wait and see, no hurry.

Gosh, couldn't sleep last nite, so i got up about 12, and read.  lolol,,,That book is hard to put down.  I'm still on the Joe Pickett series.  #5, i think.  Hate to finish all of them, what will i find to read then?

No plans as usual for the week end.  Don't even need to go to the grocery store. 

Hearing on my scanner about a woman being found on the floor, and not knowing how long she had been there.  I worked for a woman and her son that was severely disabled, just 2 blocks from me.  Had known them for years and years, and she was kinda getting alzheimers too.  I went by 2 or 3 times a week, doing my job.  I was told to go by on a Mon, but then was called and told to go to another place that day.  So it was Tuesday when i went there, and there were 3 papers in front, that i always picked up and took in, (Not 3 tho).  She didn't lock her doors, so i opened it and called, going on in.  I heard her saying something, and her son was in his recliner, twisting and turning, while i went on down the hall to hear what she was saying.  She was in the bathroom, and i peeked around the door, and saw her legs in the floor.  She had fallen between the commode and bath tub, and couldn't get up.  Had been there for days, and her son, JE, had been in that chair too, he couldn't walk without help.  Another son lived just up the block and i had seen his truck so knew he was home.  I called him, then the company.  The company said i should have called the ems, but i told them NO, her son could make that decision, and he came right on.  He couldn't get her up either, and in the meantime, i made JE some sandwiches which he gobbled down, was so hungry.  And then while they all left for the hospital with her, i cleaned JE up, got him fed and clean.  She ended up staying in the hospital for about 2 weeks, with a kidney infection.  But then they put both of them in a nursing home in another town, where one of her dotters worked.  Was ideal, and JE loved it.  What i never understood, was that the older son drove by every day and those papers were out there, the porch lite and dining room, kitchen lites were on all that time, and he NEVER STOPPED and checked on them!!!  Nor called!!  To me, that's so sad. 


Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Where did Weathermen Learn Forcasting????

I looked into those kindle, nook things, and do NOT want one.  I also looked on amazon for the free ap, but didn't find it.  But thx for the info, sel.  I think i missed it, maybe it will be back some time.  I didn't like the 6" size, gosh, how much of a page would u get?  Didn't like the 10.00 price tag for books.  Sooooo,,,library, here i come.

River flow today:  J=38 M=25 L=8  And no rain heading this way.  Don't know why i EVER watch the weathermen.  My son says he can tell more about weather by just watching insects, ants, etc.  Over the years, he's gotten pretty accurate.  He told me yesterday, he wasn't putting any faith in rain coming.  Then today, weathermen agreeing with him, lololo.

Gosh, tried to eat a small rib eye for supper last nite.  After 3 bites, that was it.  Took an hour to get over that.  It stopped me up, and i finally gagged part of it back up.  I cut small bites, and chewed a lot, but steak is just one thing i can't eat now.  Never wanted anything else to eat, either.  Ate a yogurt before bed and that was it.  Had a scrambled egg, 1 piece of toast, and 3 slices of bacon for breakfast, brunch today.  Took a long time, but got it all down.  I had bought pre-cooked bacon, and,,,it's good!  If i buy raw, it will ruin before i ever get it all cooked.  So this way, no waste.

O Gosh, showing mexican food on tv.  HA, got a frozen dinner. lmaoo  I picked up a few of those just for times i need a quickie meal.  They're NOT good, but,,,,serves the purpose.  I can eat anything, not picky.  Found that out when i went thru the CNA training and school, in a nursing home.  Ate their lunches, and I, for one, found them really good.  I get hungry for things like cabbage, and can't cook a head of that just for me, so never do it.  Also, squash.  Like that any way it's cooked. Okra, too.  lol,,,Glad i've already eaten.

Need to get up and get in the shower.  It's Friday,,,hahahahaha.  Have my hot water heater turned off.  Don't need it, with the water so hot coming out of the faucet.

Yall have a good week end.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yada Yada, all About My Job History,,,Sorta

SS about my blog yesterday.  Blogger does that sometimes, just loses it, not saving into draft stage.  When that's happened, i've taken the time to redo, but not gonna anymore. 

DD, keep atrucking.  Maybe u will make it home in time for the storms, woooohoooo.  I can't wait.  Here we will get rain too, don't know how much.   Hope it hits on up the coast a little.  I remember Carla, way back about 1960, not sure what year.  We had refugees here, was the first time i had seen that.  Then we got the wind and rain.  Would love a rain thing like that.

I stayed in all day yesterday.  Never left the house.  Was tired, and wanted to stay cool.  Besides, i have a good book,,,lololol.  I'm still reading on the series about Joe Pickett.  Great books.  Hard to put down.  When i couldn't sleep last nite, i was up reading it.  Took a unisom, and maybe it helped.  lol, Not sure about that either.  My dotter got one of those nook readers.  I'm gonna look into them.  She said there's lots of books u can get free.  Not gonna get into one where i have to buy books.  I have the library! lol, I've used that since i was in about the 4th grade.  I was doing volunteer work in it, when all the kids had finally started school and i had lots of time.  The librarian told everybody i could do twice the work in 1/2 the time as anybody else.  lololol,,,One she told that to, ended up asking if i would come to work for them, her hubby being a new CPA in town.  And, i did.  Numbers were my thing, so his double entry bookkeeping system was easy to learn.  I used that for lots of years, in other jobs here.  The last one i had learned to use a computer for it, and that company's books were in horrible shape. OMG,,,the woman that had done them, had no idea how to balance anything!!  Took me a long time, but i finally got them in good shape, found 1000s of dollars of mistakes too.  When i went for the interview for the job, i was asked if i knew computers,,,yes,,had just finished classes.  Did i know how to file insurance claims,,,yes, had worked in insurance doing that too.  Did i get along with old people,,,,yes, had worked in home health care..  Next ?,,,when could i start? hahahahaha  They had a new computer sitting there, never been touched.  ahahahaha.  The "old people" was one woman that had been there forever, was in her 80s, and did NOT like change.  It was gonna be the ruin of the business, using that computer, but she sure liked it when i printed out the balances owed on the hundreds of accounts, just by clicking a button.  Could update them daily.  Stupid me, i started right at the end of March, just in time to do the weekly payroll, the monthly mail outs of 100s of bills, and the end of a quarter!  I went home the first day, not gonna go back.  But, i did.  The billing was all done on a typewriter!!!!, The owner's wife helped me, or there would not have been any done that month.  There were about 500 small accounts, then about 300  notes, with monthly payments.  I worked like crazy for the next month, getting all of that into the computer.  When i printed them all out, i had to go thru them all by hand, and separate the notes, from the other.  Using the program i had, it wouldn't separate them.  Quick books.  I was there about a year and a half, and had just gotten all of those balanced.  Found one account with a 5000.00 error.  Boss just said, OMG.  Then he had to call them and tell them,,,but THEY KNEW.  They sure hadn't corrected it.

About time for my late lunch.  Gonna look into those book thingys.  They had a segment on the news just now, comparing them.  Kimble, Nook, Kobo, and others.  They're all about the same price.  Will see what consumer reports have to say.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tall Tales

I almost always think i can post to DDs blog!  This morning i'm posting,,,BOUT TIME! lololol  All work, no play, makes a boring day. 

One of my cousins and his son were here yesterday, and they sure always have tall tales to tell.  Just ONE of them was,,,,they've seen Big Foot up there.  They live right out of Paris, TX, and lots of thickets up there.  After they admitted to seeing one, then they found out others had too.  WOW  The old timers just said,,o yeah, that's the so and so monster.

OK ,,,lost all the rest of this post, so, not gonna redo.


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thx for ur Prayers

We had the memorial service this morning at 10.  It was in the little baptist church we all grew up in, and it was filled to the brim.  The church members had a huge dinner waiting when it was over, so there was all kinds of eats, desserts, friendship, and visiting.  We had quite a few out of town kin come, and with all of us here, that nearly filled the church to start with. 

She had wanted to be cremated, (me too), so we actually didn't have to have anything to do with a funeral home.  That makes it so much better.  Anyway, it's done, and now we can all start to mend.  For some, it's a long road.  Been there, done that.

Had to laugh tho, about BB fixing up a snowmobile!!!,,,To bring here????,,,Surely not. I could barely walk from my car into a building yesterday and today, that sun is so hot on u.  I went into my bro's house yesterday, talking about the heat, and my niece in there, said, yeah, it's 111.  Cool today, just 106. 

River flow today:  J=39 M=25 L=10....Way up here.  lol,,,

I went out and laid my water hose under a couple of trees on Sunday, my one day a week.  Kinda hesitated because i think the river will finally dry up, and we won't be able to water at all, so, it's like, what's the use?,,, 


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Few Days Off

There's been a death in my family, my niece.  So i will be gone til whenever.  Wasn't unexpected, but still horrible.  She had bulimia and anorexia since she was 13 and i don't know how she had lasted this long.  She was 43.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Local Fire This Morning

J=42 M=27 L=3

Making one of those cold salads with noodles thingys.  Should mix up some jello too.  Anything cold with a meal, and i can't do lettuce, so has to be something else.  I still have about 1/2 of that last cantaloupe. 

Woke up about 5 this morning and heard a cop looking for the source of smoke.  When she found it, was the local cabinet shop, and in a minute was fully engulfed.  I had gone to the bathroom and looked out and saw my bro G leaving.  He's one of the volunteer firefighters.  Doesn't go to very many any more, kinda semi retired.

OOOO,,, Got that pasta salad made, not getting up for a long time!!! I will NEVER buy cheap paper towels any more, either.  I put one in the bottom of my strainer and the darned thing came apart, so i will probably be eating towel too.  Yummmm.  As long as i don't see it, won't hurt me, lol.  Says rinse with cold water. HA  Water from the faucet is HOT.  And i mean HOT. 

Went out and drove by the burnt building, total loss.  It was fully engulfed before the fire dept was toned out, tho.  Huge building.  Also stopped at a couple of garage sales.  Got my g/dotter some rocks, lololol, she's the only person i ever saw that bought rocks.  And found a big plastic thing to put water in outside.  About 5" deep, perfect.  Threw in some wood blocks so birds could get to it too.  I had looked for a kiddie pool yesterday and the $ store was sold out.  No one had better tell me i can't water animals and birds.

Have some stuffed green peppers just getting done.  ohhhhh, smells so good.  Hope my salad is at least cool by now.  I think i told you, i quit eating breakfast so i'm really getting hungry now.  Guess i'll catch yall tomorrow.  HAGD

Friday, July 22, 2011

River Flow NOT Good Today

When it gets to 10 AM, my TV goes OFF!!,,,This silence is so much better than anything on any of the channels on that thing.  Local news comes on at 11, so that i will have on, but right now,,,quiet.

Our river flow is just not good today, J=43 M=28 L=3.  Mercy!!  Gonna quit running here.  I'm not watering anything (horrible) but the little i can do once a week, is gonna end anyway, so i'm just letting nature take it's course.  What makes it, makes it.  Can't understand, tho, why this one huge hackberry tree in the front, is 1/2 gone.  None of the others even look stressed.  I have them all around, and it's the only one not looking good.  Have one small chinaberry back behind my storage shed, never has had a drop of water added to it, and it's thriving.  Just no explanation.  What really burns everybody up, is the school is still watering the athletic fields, GRASS!!!, and here we are having to let trees die.  Also the gold course,,GRASS!!!  Have to admit tho, it's just the greens.  The school says they're using well water, but when the wells dry up, they expect to use city water.  Might have to play football on dead grass. OOOO poor boys.  Or play in other towns.  WTH cares????  NOT ME.  I'm losing TREES.  That's the way people feel that i talk to.

OK, off that subject. 

I've quit eating breakfast.  Not hungry anyway, and when i get that way, about lunch time, i eat lunch.  Brunch, whatever.  Have leftovers today, the beef tips.  And some potato salad.  lololol,,,can u tell i'm getting hungry?  Also, i take my hand full of pills after i eat, and that way i don't feel so stopped up.  I had to change to things i can chew, dissolve in water, or cut smaller.  NO capsules.  About half are vitamins.  Like a daily vitamin, calcium, B-12, D3.  My bones were excellent, and i wanna keep em that way.  Never had a broken one, have had dislocations, but no broken ones.  Worst dislocation was my elbow.  OUCH.  Fell doing a turn playing softball.  Had to wait hours to get it set back.  So it took a lot longer to heal.  Had a black arm from the shoulder to end of my fingers. lololol.  Was told that was worse than a break, and i think so. 

No plans, as usual, for the weekend.  Like things spur of the moment.  Like when i travel, do it in no hurry, take side roads, just whatever hits ur  fancy.  My older bro leaves in the wee hours (for some ungodly reason) goes straight to destination in a hurry to get there.  lol, gotta tell ya about a family reunion going on, way back when they lived in Austin.  We were all going, up by Paris, but didn't have any set time to leave.  We got up near Waco on I35, and o wow, guess who we drove up behind? hahahahaha ,,,We had not discussed it with them at all.  We honked as we passed. hahahahaha.

 One time, had BF and g/dotter with me, going to Sherman for one, and he was supposed to tell me how to get thru Dallas,  WELLLLL, i could've made it fine on my own, but he wasn't paying attention and we missed the turn.  So, he's taking us all the way around on the loop to get back to going N, and when i realized how dam far that was, i threw the map back to my 10 year old g/dotter and told her to find me a short cut.  AND, she did!!, Found where we were, told me where to turn ahead, and where to go back to the place i needed to be.  My son had taught her how to drive, how to read maps, how to do all kinds of things by then.  Held my breath one time when i looked out and she was driving his 3 wheeler all alone on it, when she was 6!!!  He was right there, but,,,,,

Hey, it's TGIF, so yall HAGD

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rambling On Again

DD, u must owe someone big time, to work on ur vacation.  Then again, what kind of person would ask u to?  Never did get that video to load, about the damage at the park ur in.  HJ keeps rubbing it in, about the rain he's getting down there!!  So maybe u got it too.  Maybe ur swamp is flooding, hahahaha.

Our lakes here have just about quit getting any inflow.  We haven't gotten any of that flow from upriver either.  Today's readings are J=43 M=34 L=4.  This is the website i use for river flow, just in case some of u want to look at the central Tx area.

lol, You can't believe how fast i can change channels if a soap comes on.  Just had to do that.  Me, for one, will be SOOO glad when those 2 are taken off.  Anything,, and i mean anything, is better.  Working in the homes of the disabled was never a problem.  They would always turn their TVs off when i was there. 

Got my hair cut when i was in Marble Falls and it stills scares me when i look in a mirror. hahahahaha,,,really really short.  Almost shaved on sides, spiked on top.  She cut it a little too much on the top, but it grows fast. 

I was telling N yesterday, about when the river dried up, back in the 50s, how 2 of the neighbor boys kept bringing home huge catfish they got out of the few pools left.  She said SHE wasn't gonna go look under those rocks,,,so snake infested now. lololol,,,Even the snakes are hunting water.  Lots and lots more than normal now.  At the river, i mean.  AND, she went down to her garden 2 days ago, and coming back, saw some huge cat prints.  Cougar prints.  Then she saw more yesterday morning, coming up from the river direction and around her house.  The 2 big dogs are in a pen at the back, and i'm sure they were throwing a fit.  She's seen them around before.  You just never know what u will see, on the river.  Even things that are not normal for here.  We saw a half grown black one one time, and the game warden said they passed thru at certain times.  My hubby told the hunters they better NOT shoot it.  It hung around for a few days, then was gone.  Out there where the ranch was, there was a colony of ground squirrels.  I had never seen any.  Also, we saw swamp rabbits, partridges. and drunk gophers.  hahahahaha,,,See an earlier blog about that.  Love things like that.  I'm a total nature lover.  And i still miss the 2 roadrunners that lived around here for the first 5 years i was here.  Crazy birds. lol  Probably one of those mountain lions found them.  They nested in a neighbor's yard. (tree) 

Have yall ever realized how much info the companies like Google collect about you, just from one click?  Big Bro always watching u.  There is an article in the paper today.  Way back, Hank Jr had a song about that.  lol, i looked up something i was thinking about ordering, and wow, now i see ads everywhere about this thing.  More power to em, if they get anything from watching me. hahahahah  I'm an open book, nothing to hide. 



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rain, Rain, Come This Way

Wooohooo, showers all around,,,and i mean around here.  None here.  But above us got good rains, so river flow today is better, hasn't had time to get here yet, but, here are the readings.  J=42 M=25 L=4.   Small chance to get a few more today.  Maybe one will hit us.  But what makes the river get up, are the rains up in Junction and Mason.  There was one in Marble falls, just as i was leaving Walmart, then there had been a good one in Kingsland, water was still running in the gutters.  So,,,TYTYTY HJ,,,lolololol,,,You DID send some this way.

Talking about fish today, a few years ago, this man caught one over there in Inks or LBJ, can't remember the one for sure, doesn't really matter.  He had fished all his life, and didn't know what this one was, so he took it around various places there in Granite Shoals, and finally found out it was a barracuda. Now, the question is,,,are there more?  Or was this one raised in an aquarium and then turned loose?  Haven't heard of any more being caught, so maybe this was the only one.  Not getting ME out on that lake.  lololol  Alligators are kinda common, and a big one was just taken out of one of the lakes a few weeks ago.

Gotta tell u this story about the baseball coaching nephew,,,while they were living over in Lampasas.  They had gone to the coast and when they came back, he had talked my niece into bringing this 4 ft gator back with them.  (Thot she had a little sense).  They taped up it's mouth and got it back and put it in this little space in the fenced back yard, with the kiddie pool and all.  I was horrified!!!  Here are these 2 little girls of theirs, and you could lean over this deck thingy and look at the gator.  Then it found out it could climb the vines all over the fence and get out.  Yep, u already know, don't ya.  It came up missing.  My niece was in the grocery store, checking out, when she glanced over and saw the headlines in the local paper,,,Alligator Found!!!  She just about passed out,,,hahahahaha, grabbed a paper on the way out and read all about this gator scaring this young couple to death when they went home the nite before.  It was in their drive way, wouldn't let em get by.  (What the paper said).  They called 911 and sat in their car til help arrived.  Then the round up began.  hahahahaha.  Took just about every officer, game warden, and official to get this itsy bitsy gator caught, but they did.  Then someone drove it back to the coast and released it.  OMG.  ZIP the LIPS.  Never ever tell WHO did this!!  This baseball coach that had just been named the Coach of the Year in the whole SE Texas division?  No way.  Nah, he wouldn't do that.  That gator musta tied his own mouth up, jumped in their  vehicle, and hitchhiked back with them. 

This same guy is so totally useless when it comes to anything but coaching.  I was there one time when they moved into another house.  We all were working like crazy, loading, unloading,,etc.  Guess who decided the yard needed mowing?  hahahahaha  He had no idea what to do, so that's what he did.  (Didn't need it) I can make fun of him cause i luv him too.  When there's anything like painting, remodeling, or something, best thing he can do, is stay out of the way. lolololol  A whole trailer needed unloading, and he was carrying one little thing in at a time. 

Tried to eat one of the big M's $ double meat, cheese burger yesterday.  Took the top bun off, and all i could get down was a few bites, not even half.  A few bites of FF too.  Don't know how, but that hurt the rest of the day.  Later, tried to eat the other part, couldn't do it, and then kept hurting almost til i went to bed.  I've eaten one like that, since i had the port replaced, so i don't know why that affected me so bad. No more.  Walmart had lots of precooked foods that i loaded up on.  Today i had a bar b q and mashed potato meal i found in the refrigerated section.  Good, too.  lol,  The one will make me about 3 meals.  Also got one with beef tips in a wine sauce.  I rarely cook, too much trouble for just me.  So that's why i eat way too much fast foods.  This will help, and there were so many choices now, more than ever.  Can't do frozen dinners, burned out on them years ago.

We were talking about DDT a couple of days ago.  My bro B lived in a trailer a few years ago, and got overrun with roaches.  The exterminator sprayed, but didn't last no time.  Well,,,this other niece's hubby had found some old stuff in his grandmother's garage and gave it to B, and he soaked that MH down.  hahahaha Hasn't been another roach there since.  And never will be.  Despite what is said about it, i know how well it worked compared to NOT,,,now.  Had my house treated for termites, once.  Way back when they could use the good stuff.  Still to this day, no more.  I know, cause that's the one my bro B has now.  I told HJ there was a DDT plant 2 blocks from us, when i was growing up.  In later years, they tore it all down, then they bulldozed all the soil up, put it in containers, fenced off the whole area,  and took the containers off somewhere.  Both there and at the other chemical plant.  Don't see how that was any worse that the granite plant that operated here, with the granite dust blowing around.  Most of those old timers came up with lung diseases later.  We loved the talc plant, we would get hundreds of small paper bags, bag it up, and on Halloween, Look OUT.  Made great bombs.  Also, way back, there was a graphite mine on the South end of town.  Don't remember what happened to that, either.

OK ,,,didn't know i was gonna write a book today.,,,Making up for others, lol,

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day Off

No  blog today, made a Walmart trip.  Loaded up on groceries, still don't have em all in.
laters, yall

Monday, July 18, 2011

What to do For Breakfast

Guess i'm gonna have to quit trying to eat a scrambled egg for breakfast.  It sits there after the 2nd bite, like a lump that won't go down.  S told me the whites will do that.  So it takes me a LONG time to get just 1 down.  I'll just go back to the bars.  Trouble is, i haven't been able to find the ones i like, why i was eating the egg.  Maybe when i go back to Walmart, they won't be out, HA HA.  That store in Marble Falls has never been able to keep stocked up, even with common things.  Thot after the remodel last year, it would finally be good, but NOOOO.

My son was complaining about them not having the hubcaps he's been buying for years, in sets of 4, for under 20.00.  He put them on used cars when they were short.  And the new ones now, you have to put that and wheel on at the same time!!!,,,So the Kia he's got now, and needing 1, he was gonna replace with those.  Said that's why he sees so many lacking the one, people won't go to the trouble to put it all back on.  I told him i would look online and i did find them, but it wouldn't let you order online.  hmmmmm,,, don't know what to think about that.  I finally just looked at the ones around Austin, and they have em, but i think they're gonna quit carrying them too, in the future.  I've read that a lot of the new ones now, are made without a spare.  You get a can of fix-a-flat, or something similiar.  More space that way.  And it's not just foreign ones, it's a lot of GM ones too.

Called about my prescription that they didn't have on Sat. and their truck just got in, will bring it mid-afternoon.  They said.  huh  Hope all these mistakes don't continue after they get moved and settled in.  So, that left me able to get out and mail back some stuff i didn't like, and go to the library and get 4 more of the books in this series i'm reading.  There's just 2 more, darn it.  Love to read series, don't have to hunt for a book to read that way.

See some showers kinda, heading this way,,,,take a stretch to get here.  Maybe tomorrow.  Told a lady at the library just a few more weeks til Sept.  And i knew it was still hot, but there's hope. lol.  Possible for a blue norther to come in.  lololol,,,this man in there said he hadn't heard that expression for years!  He wasn't who i thot he was at first, but was one i knew from way back.  He had all the kids some time or another,for swimming lessons and was a life guard for years.

Wellllll, after that egg gets settled, don't know what i'm having.  Maybe oatmeal.  Finished off all the beans and cornbread yesterday, yummmmm.  I can always go to Cooper's and get some beans, but if i go there, gonna want some ribs.  Rib, rather.  Would just take one.  I should cook a pot of beans, and put most in freezer.  I DO know how to do it too.  But best way now would be to use my crock pot.  Did you know there are some brands that are NOT good, won't EVER cook good, no matter what?  I've gotten some of those. 

Spell checker won't work.  hahahahah Maybe i didn't misspell anything. yall HAGD

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Play the Game

Think ur smarter than the government?  Here's a game to play to see if YOU can balance the budget.  It's at  See what u have to give up, or if u have to raise taxes.  I haven't tried it, might later.  Just read about it today in the paper.

Had had so tiny a drizzle, it barely ran off the roof, this morning.  But it's nearly noon, and we still have clouds drifting by.  Is this all ur sending us, HJ? hahahahaha  Got my back door open, to watch, just in case, u know.

DD, luv ur pics.  I think my house had some of that iron wood in it. lol,,,,There's wood in it, that u can't pull a nail out of, or nail one into.  Was told, it was heart of pine.  Old.  Ran across it when i was remodeling here.  Was trying to take one door frame off, and the nail heads came off instead. lol.  Wasn't the framing, was what was under it.  Gonna be tough, to replace the front storm door, and the entry door.  At least i don't have a bee hive in the walls.  Like the house in Austin, had had one for 40 years, was over 7 ft of it in the wall.  Lots of honey,,,,lololol.  The owner got one jar of it, later.

River flow, lol, didn't forget today.  J=37 M=20 L=6

Spending too much time on this lately.  Nothing going on, so either they will be short and sweet, or i will be skipping days.  HAGD

Friday, July 15, 2011

Rental Property

Got everything done this morning, except shower.  Waiting on delivery of a prescription.

 I went out earlier and tried to straighten out the grill thing on my bedroom AC, not much luck.  Just don't have anything that works good.  I took out 3 different combs, a stiff toothbrush, and didn't do much good at all.  It has a grill over it that needs off.  Have no idea why it's on there anyway.  It's like a 2" square one.  I might could make a comb work if that wasn't there.  Needs to be cut off tho.

Called drug store and they aren't delivering the prescription this morning.  Said they didn't hear back from my Doc yesterday.  Since it comes in 3 boxes, they can bring one, and the others when they get ahold of the Doc.  Have to have it after 1 more day.  Told em, if it was up to me, i wouldn't take any of it.  But my Doc doesn't agree.  Won't know about all the blood work til next week, maybe then.  (Wishful thinking)

WELLLL, my trail of ants are back in full.  Going thru that sevin dust like it's not there!  Don't know what i have on this side of my house, that they find so good.  Also, i found another nest of yellowjackets.  Had seen 1 sometimes, but not another nest.  When i moved my broom there it was.  All 2 of them.  Straight into house, back out with my can, got em.  WHY WHY are they insisting on building here by my back door?   I have nooo mercy!  When i was a kid, red ants fascinated me.  They won't sting unless they are mashed on, used to let em crawl on me.  One time, i tried to dig up a hill of em.  Then another time, i filled a gallon jar with dirt, and put some in it.  Had tunnels all thru it.  My son used to throw his carcasses of animals he'd shot, on a bed of them.  Then he had the skeleton. 

LOLOLOL,,,Gotta tell u what my bro B did way back.  He was painting my dining room, and when he started on the ceiling, he wrote RUDE on it.  Don't know why, but he did, then he painted over it.  Years later, i had rented the house, and went down there using an excuse of some kind, cause weird stuff going on, like windows in the garage painted black, padlock on the door, etc.  Wanted to check this out.  He and my son went with me.  Didn't find anything in the garage, but the man said he wanted to show US something weird in the house.  We all went in, and he pointed out this writing on the ceiling coming thru the paint, said he's just noticed it not long ago.   He thot the house had ghosts! lololol  See, i didn't know B had done that, so i thot, strange, too.  They told me later, it was all they could  do not to snicker, when he had said that,  after B told me what HE had done.   They were among the many that left owing me.  I always tell people NEVER rent a house.  You will lose big time.  Damage, rent owed, etc.

OK gotta get.  Friend S called, said she had some cornbread and beans if i wanted some.  DO I EVER!!! hahahahaha.   Hunger calling.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lizards Around

Lots better today.  Had those chills til after lunch.  And i did go back to bed, took a nap after lunch.  I was never well enough to leave the house tho, so i just stayed in, stayed cool.  My Doc's appointment is at 11:15.  I'm way late for my blood work.  Gonna see if i can get off a lot of my meds.  My BP ones for sure. 

Yeah DD, the lap band is what makes it hard to eat or drink.  I have to really pay attention to getting enough fluids.  Of course, after my pot of coffee, doesn't leave a whole lot to require. lololol  It has left this little pouch at the top of my stomach about the size of a walnut.  Food will go thru very slowly.  Or fluids.  If i get too much in it, i have to gag it back out.  Gets painful if i don't.  You think that if something gets stuck, you can drink something to wash it down. NOOOO,,,makes it worse.

My trail of ants are gone.  For the time being anyway.  Thru the sevin dust is a trail all the way across.  Had to be a pretty good sized lizard.   Have lots of those around.  When i first bought this house, every year i would find newly hatched ones in my kitchen sink.  Some were so new they were clear.  I would very gently take them outside and put them in a safe place.  Don't see them any more.  Something must have happened to the mother.  One time, at the last house, i got home and saw one  half way down a hole backwards, laying her eggs.  Later, saw her covering it up.  WELL, next day when i got home there was a dam snake in that hole eating the eggs!  Still don't know how it knew they were there.  They must smell a lot better than you would think.  I chased it but it got away.

Have 45 mins before i have to leave, so getting off of this.  HAGD

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not Well

Think i'm sick.  Have chills bad enough to wear a warm up jacket, bp 93/94.  Can't get in to see my doc til 11:15 tomorrow.  Think i'm going to bed and cover up.   Don't worry, if it gets too bad, i'll call an ambulance.  Don't feel like standing long enough for a shower either. 

Took a drink of water during the nite, bad mistake.!!!.  Kept coming up into my throat for hours.  I sat on the side of the bed, trying to gag it up, never did.  Then when i laid back down, same thing.  Won't do that any more, will do what i've been doing, wash my mouth out, and spit it out.  It's hard to get enough liquids.  I do get my coffee down ok, it's hot.

OMG, paramedics in Austin gonna use motorcyles.  wow.  Great idea.  Can get there lots faster. 

Got my spotting scope in yesterday.  Not sure if i like it r not.  When u go up from 15, it isn't clear.  Need to check it out somewhere else.

Huge trail of red ants this morning when i went out for the paper.  I later put a line of seven dust across it.  Need that sidewalk, lol, and don't want a sting.

Obama threatening to not send out ss, and vet checks on the 3rd.  And disability.  Horrible.   Hate to even read about the debt, and how to fix it.  Has to be a way.

OK yall, just so u know, i don't discuss politics or religion in public places.  And this is public, so sorry for  the above.

Sorry about being short today, just not well,  need a nap.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rabies Around?

Hey Anon, why would ol Ben apologize?  Don't u know he's always right?  He blocks me off his blog, lololol, cause i made a negative comment. hahahahaha.  Made my day!  Whatcha wanna bet, he's reading these, hope he loves my comments. 
There have been Kothmans around here always.  Lots between here and Mason, and West toward Brady.  Didn't recognize the other name.

I might get out later and pick up my car tags.  Not one to get out early, like, it's after 11 now, and i'm just having breakfast.  But, i have had my coffee and read the paper.  Daily ritual since the 60s, but now i don't have to get up earlier than others, to do it. 

Jude wouldn't come in this morning, cause something dragging on the bottom of my door was scaring him, and i couldn't hold that hot door any longer.  When i looked later, there's been something up on the table that turned over a couple of cans, one with bird seed in it.  Lid off too. lol,,,No doubt a coon.  One time when i was up during the nite, (i open my bathroom window when i go to bed) there had been a skunk around, that sprayed.  Keep hearing on my scanner about people calling in about suspicious animals.  It's been too much rabies around this year, so anything gets called in now.  A neighbor called in about a cat that was foaming at the mouth, in his yard.  OMG i called Jude and he didn't show up, (he got his update for rabies a few months ago) and i knew cats do that if they are sick.  Had one of mine do that one time, because he had a fish bone stuck on a tooth and couldn't swallow.  I watched him a minute, then opened his mouth, saw what it was, got some pliers, and pulled it off.  Hubby had taken off running, wouldn't get near him.  Poor thing couldn't swallow at all. Anyway, back to this report.  Since i couldn't find Jude, i got in the car and went over there, had heard the official say he just had a big gun.  I was horrified he would shoot the cat.  Well, he didn't.  He was smart enough to look at the cat and decide it needed a vet, not disposing of.  It was the neighbor's cat.  And that's the same thing i told him, that the cat was sick.  He said it had had rabies shot about a year ago, and they last 2-3 years.  The vets re-do them in years like this, after 1 year.  I don't panic when i see an animal doing something unusual now, like a skunk of fox being out in the daytime.  You can tell if there's something really wrong.  Like the skunk called in this morning.  It was staggering around.  Everything is looking for food and water.  When the sun gets over to the West, i'll get out and clean up the bird seed.  Don't wanna be feeding mice.  On that table anyway.  lololol  That 5 gal bucket out in the storeroom is fine.

Hey DD, thx for the pics.  Sure would like to be a snow bird.  Winter here, summer there. lol.  It's hard to believe the coast is as dry as we are.  Paper today said all of  the Texas counties are disaster areas now.  Only crops making are the irrigated ones, and the wells are drying up for those too.   River report:  J=39 M=22 L=6  Wow we're up 1.  Those little showers musta done that. 

Yall all HAGD

Monday, July 11, 2011

How do I Do These Things?

DD's got a blog today!  About time, lol.  So,,, it was hot up there in Texarcana? huh?  We got this little pop up shower late yesterday, but don't know how much.  Rained real hard for about 10 mins or so, then all was gone.  Had a little pea size hail, wind, too.  So,,i didn't get out and turn the hoses on.  My lot is on a slope, so the part that was so dry, is on the downhill side, will seep to it.  Always does.

Got to fooling around with things on here, not knowing what, and wow, if u hit compose up there, u get all ur tool bar filled in!,,,Most of the time when i'm doing something like that, it ends up costing me.  So after my last episode, costing so much, i really don't like to try it.  Even the dell repairman couldn't get this back to where it had been,, not this part, my email part.  So when i save an email on here, i have to put it into a new file, in email, can't put it in favs or docs any more.  Or, i can send it to myself, and on desktop, put it where i want.  So, u see why i don't just go around clicking this, clicking that?  You also saw where i had 2 of the same blogs yesterday.  I have NO idea how that happened either.  Took one off today.  I did go back later and added onto what i thot was that one, but i guess it wasn't.

Couldn't get to sleep last nite, AGAIN!  Got some unisom but not sure if i should take it or not.  Need to check on that today.  Used to use a web site to check on all the drugs i had to take.  You would be surprised to see how many times ur prescribed some that won't mix with others.  Now i really check.

Know this is short, but not much going  on around here. HAGD

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How Did a Can of Soup Bring All This Back?

Thot that DD was gonna blog on his trip. Haven't seen any yet. Isn't there always happenings along the way? That's why i like Gypsy's so much.

I couldn't find the soup i wanted here, the other day, so i came home and made my own potato soup. WOOOO,,good!!! Hope i can replicate it again. One time, i made some deer chili, kinda started with some directions, got to throwing in things, not knowing what i was doing. yummmm,,,best i EVER tasted!!, I sat down rite then and wrote down what i had done. Reminds me, lol, of an huge chili cook off way back, and bro B and my youngest, decided they would DECIDE which was best. So after all these cups went down the table for the judges, guess who was at the end to put thier own 2 cents in. There were 100 cookers, so lots to taste. Some they spit out, others made them grab water, and then some they put in the 'like' area. Later, i looked in my fridge and guess what i found??? All those cups of left over chili!!! Had to agree with them, tho. The one they decided on was the best, til i cooked the above one. Yeah, i had to taste too.

Still don't have all those things up there on my tool bar, means no spell check either. Just changed all on it's own yesterday. Has anyone tried the Google Chrome blogger? Sure wondering about it. This one has too many things that don't get fixed.

Haven't checked my tv list for today. Need to do that, i'm almost out of movies. Have to use them lots of nites when nothing is on. Whew, got 2 done, starting at 12, was 5 til.

Told on yesterday's blog, that i would post river flow. So, here is how i'm gonna do it.
J=Junction, M=Mason, L=Llano,,, so today's are:
J=39, M=25, L=6. No change since yesterday. The numbers are cfs.
Don't know how we are still in stage 3, and today is my watering day. Need to put what i can on trees in front. And shrubs. The hours are so bad for me, i don't even get my morning done. It ends at 10, so when i wake up at 9 or so, not enough time. Then, it doesn't start again til 8 tonite. Hard to get out later and cut it off.

Keep getting that error, not saving drafts, so i'm putting this out while i can.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Boring Weekend

Gosh this puter is slooowww today.  Don't know what's going on.  Got a big kick outa BBs post today.  If i didn't have the calendar gadget on this, i'd never know the date.  And sometimes i have to take all the open windows off, to look and see what it is.  Then, the screen is covered by more gadgets, my yellow sticky notes, clock.  Every morning before i get into anything, i read my sticky notes.  Like,,car tags due this month.  Books due on different dates.  At least i can do renew online.  All my appointments.  Gosh,what would i do without em?  I stack em in dated order, as much as i can.

No plans all weekend.  Is that unusual? lololo,,,Didn't sleep til after 3 am. Took some of my good pain med, no pain, just wanted to sleep, and did after that. So today, gonna see if i can find something like unisom, to help me sleep.

See that "whatever" up there?,,,All that just popped up on here and this went back to somewhere else. No spell check, not much up there on tool bar left after it did this. hmmmm. wth is going on? Even my font is different. lol looked at preview and it doesn't show up.

Ok, back to no sleep. I have a prescription med that i won't take, after finding out about side effects. Like,, u can get up and do things and not even remember!!! Now, who in the world would take something like that when u live alone?

I had never seen the movie, DaVinci Code, so last nite i watched it. Was so so, not great. I hate movies filmed in the dark, and most of it was. Besides that, it was 3 hours long. That movie that won so many awards, about the kids in India, i never saw anything at all to do that.

Gotta get out sometime today and go by friend's house and get some eggs. Ns chickens not laying much. S has good fresh ones too.

Ok, gonna get dressed and get out now, maybe not so hot. lol, showing 100. but that's on East side, not correct in the mornings, even tho in the shade.

4 PM,,just read anonymous from yesterday's blog. I have the web site and will post the river flow, cfs, each day. I put it in comment to answer anonymous for today.

Living in Denison, huh. hahahaha, small world. Have LOTs of kin there, in Sherman. Mom's side. One of my fav cousins, Shelby Gann, know him?, loves to come down here and harrass me,,,lol. Used to show up in wee hours, call, say get yo azz outa bed, let's gooo! There's a good club out at Buchanan Dam. He brought 2 friends down to hunt one time, got back and they hung thier deer out in Dad's garage. When Dad went out to see em, he said, don't u laugh now. Dad didn't, til he turned n headed back, telling him he'd bring him a sandwich bag for Bambi. hahahahaha You had to look hard, in the pics, to see it, hanging up there between all those other big ones. He still swears it had nubs. Another time, he got up at 5, to go out, and told bro B, felt like he just got to bed. B said, u did. That might have been the day he stayed in the truck, while the others went to thier stands, raised his head up one time, saw a big buck, shot it, went right back down. When the others showed up later, he asked them to go over yonder and get it. They didn't really believe him, but sure nuff, there it was.

Whole other area there, folks. Just wanted anonymous to know how much i appreciate his comment, and how small a world it is.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Dum,,,,de DumDum

Read on another blog that DD is leaving, driving for 4 or 5 days,, and on HIS,,just had 'no blog'!!! And that's what i was gonna put on MINE! lmaoooo

So, here's just a little today.  We are back to stage 4 on water.  And i didn't even get any watering done.  Our forecast is BAD, thru the rest of the year, even into spring.  Only hope is maybe rain from a hurricane, tropical depression, or something on that order.  Our 2 car washes have big signs in front, well water, so they're still operating, but,,,conditions aren't good for wells either.  People pumping out of the river above us, are being limited now too.

There's an huge tennis tourny this weekend, in Austin.  The world Davis Cup.  And it's not on any channel i can get.  Who gets the tennis channel?  Besides softball, i was really good in tennis.  We had a club here at one time, and hubby and i were in it.  I could serve an ace that didn't even bounce, just kinda slid by.  Not hardly anyone could return one.  About the only sport i didn't play, was golf.  Just never was interested in it.  Told ya, i was a tomboy, lol.

I just don't know how the firefighters get out in those suits, and battle fires.  In this heat?  Around here, there's grass fires, well, brush, trees, etc. just called grass fires.  And everything is so burned up by no rain, very easy for one to get going.  Just something lying on the ground, can set one off.  When i'm out on the highways now, i'm noticing bare ground in the pastures, so maybe there won't be any bad ones.

I bought 2 huge cantalopes at the store a couple of days ago.  And i can't eat but a few bites at a time.  Told N to plzzzz come by and get one.  Her hens aren't laying enough now, so i'm gonna have to get eggs somewhere else.  She said she had a good talk with them about that, yesterday.  She's caught one of them eating her own eggs.  I told her Dad always put the egg shells, ground up, back in their pens.  She's gonna get some ground up oyster shell stuff today.  She's NOT gonna eat chicken!! lol  After all, we named them all, and Ms Clean is the one doing this.  She's white, and sooo clean.  The other white one is One Eye, lost her eye to the other rooster and hen.  Nearly killed her.  Now, those 2 didn't last the nite.

Nothing to write about today, taking a day off, hahahahaha.  byeeeee

Thursday, July 7, 2011

LMAOOOO,,,Everybody Talking About Scraps of Soap

DD, my parents grew up and lived thru the great depression too.  We were raised the same, use everything  up.  I remember my Grandmother making lye soap, out in the yard in an huge iron pot.  After slaughtering the hogs.  I put my little pieces into a mitt u can get at Walmart, in the bath section.  Scrubs off the ol flaky skin, feels good, too.

Mom used a Magtag wringer washer til the 60s.  And my bro B has it now, still works great.  And we all, at some time or other, got our arms caught in it.  She became an hoarder for the last years of her life,  left it all for us to clean up, sort thru, get rid of,,OMG.  Took all 5 of us months!  She would go to garage sales, buy old broken stuff, take home because it "could be" fixed.  She never got rid of anything, ever.  When all the outside buildings were filled, then she did the house.  Room by room.  I know it's a disease, and we just left it alone.  After she died, we filled 2 huge containers we rented, $700 a whack,  and 2 huge trailers, with just trash.  Gave away tons of clothes, material.  THEN, we had the estate sale, probably the biggest one ever, here..  What didn't sell, we donated to a children's home for them to sell.  My bro B and i were cleaning out one of the big storage buildings one day, and i was handing him out stacks of old magazines, and he picked up one to look at, and under it, was a lot of my old high school news things we put out every month.  I had been on the production crew.  Priceless, to me.  Took them to our class reunion in 2009.  How did they survive all those years?  Out in that old building?  There was an huge freezer out there too, been buried for years and years.  Had quit working long ago.  WELL, when we finally could get to it, no one wanted to open the door, but B just had to look!! YUKKKKK, black stuff!!!  They had to take a wall out there by it, to get it out,  Then pull it out to the trash container with Gs truck, then all of us helped roll it into the bin.  In this same building, were boxes and boxes of canned goods.  We had to throw them away!  No telling how old they were.  We just knew you couldn't open the door to it any more because millions of things would fall out.  Has anyone ever had an hoarder in their family?  The tv show was our reality too.  And maybe we should have forced the issue, but we just left her alone and happy.  I told everybody she was up there, laughing at us, having to clean up!  I kept a few things, no room, like everybody else.  An old trunk, put all the books and pictures in, at the foot of my bed.  An old churn, belonging to one of my grandmothers.  A few other small things. Everybody pitched in, and we finally could get the house on the market.  Put it with one realtor, no sale in the 6 month contract, so we changed to another one.  I bought that little statue of St. ?,,,Joseph, i think, and it sold within 3 weeks!!  Since i was the bookkeeper in the family, i got to do all the paperwork, from the getgo.  Taking care of all the insurance claims, getting everything done, and i would make a report to the rest every family meeting we had.  Kept all the finances on paper, to the penny.  The 2 older of us, were in charge, but we didn't ever inforce that, everything was always put to a vote.  No resentments that way. 

Ok yall, i've actually gotten some eggs boiled, gonna have 1 for lunch.  (Maybe 2)  My friend called early today, woke me up.  Was 9, so np.  She was worried because she had too much put in, not able to get liquids down.  She doesn't drink coffee, and she needed something hot to help open it, and she finally thot about broth.  When i talked to her a little later, she had kept some of it down.  It's really tight in the mornings.  My coffee takes care of that.  She knows it's too tight, but wants it that way if at all possible.  I also told her to sip on room temp. water.  Cold shuts if off more.  She wasn't so much worried about food, as hydration. 

Gosh, don't know where all THIS came from, today.  Gotta get, egg time, ya know.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Heyy, I'm Back

Did i actually say i would tell yall how much weight i had lost?,,,  Did i really?,,,hmmmmm, ok.  7 lbs, in the 6 weeks since port replaced.  Did those in the first 3 weeks, actually 9,  then i was needing a fill.  When the surgery was done, he just put 4cc in, and yesterday he put 1 more.  GOSH, it's working now!  When i got up during the nite and took just one sip of water, then went back to bed, didn't work.  I could not lay there without that water wanting to come back up, so finally i sat up and that made me burp and burp, but when i laid back down, still the same. I finally just got up and read my book for a while.  lol, Won't do that any more.  The next time i swished it around then spit it out. 

We went to Red Lobster for lunch before our appointments and i just got an appetizer.  OMG,,,it had 6 huge shrimp, which i could only get 3 down.  Had 1/2 a biscuit with them.  So, i had leftovers for supper, and our driver gave me 3 more she couldn't eat, so i still have shrimp.  For supper, all i could eat were 2!  Very slowly.  YEAAAA lol.  The friend that had hers done a few months before i did, is the one i go with.  We work it so that we can go at the same time, and another one has been driving us.  It was about 4:30 when we got back, and i was soooo tired of sitting by then, i didn't get anything else done.  Well, got my trash out cause it had to go.  The driver did a couple of things after we left the Doc's office, and that made us so late getting home.  Ok with me, i was just along for the ride. lol.  I donate for gas, pay for my supper.  And soo glad i can do that.

I realized i had missed 2 refills last week when i called them in, prescriptions, so i called them in yesterday before i left.  When they delivered this morning, they didn't have them, so i called, and they had no record of me calling before either.  They are the only drug store we have now, and he has also bought out 3 more, so i'm hoping this kind of thing doesn't become regular. 

DD, i've  read ur blogs from the getgo, every one of them.  Don't u dare quit doing them!! :)))  I catch myself feeling the same.  Nothing to write about, just rambling, and wanting to quit doing them every day.  I didn't post the last 2 days,  and that was fine.  I have gotten new followers or i might have quit totally by now.  THANK YOU, ALL U NEW FOLLOWERS.  Anyway, i get discouraged too, just wanted to let u know.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

McDs, Fireworks

Did i hear BB say he was cold? WOW, What is that?  Bring it to TX, BB.  With the rain of course.

I got out late yesterday to watch the fireworks, darkthirty.  When it got to 9:45, i came home.  They started before i got here. lolol,,,Too darn late for this ol body.  Of course, i could see them really good from my drive way, watched a couple of minutes, was enough.  Went to bed right after 10, slept til 9:30 this morning, with just 2 ups.  Nite before, i woke up sometime during the nite, shivering, freezing, out from under any cover.  Pulled it back over me, went right back to sleep.  Do like my bedroom cold.  Rarely run any heat back there in the winter, did a couple of days last winter, that's all.

I've had the Casey Anthony trial on all morning, closing arguments.  I don't think this will ever end.  Also don't see how anybody could think she didn't do it.  Death penalty?, No, life in prison, no parole.  My opinion.

Went to Marble Falls yesterday.  Walmart of course.  They didn't have the rain gauge i wanted, the great big one with the disk in it, and didn't have the silicon cover for this laptop keyboard.  They said Office Depot would have those, but,,,,nope.  Also, Home Depot didn't have the rain gauge either.  I ordered the cover when i got home.  No hurry for the rain gauge, right?  Damit.  Even after that little bit of rain, last week?, things have kinda greened up.  Stopped at McD's and got the double cheeseburger off the $1 menu, and the fries.  Had to take the top off the bun, but managed to eat about 1/2 of it, and that many fries too.  Band still working pretty good, but gonna get tightened Tues.  Will let u know what the loss is.

My son told me that all the kitties were there the next nite.  So they are still safe.  He said they were really hungry after the 2 nites they had been gone.  Even running off the big daddy.  He is huge, weighs about 18 lbs.  Son said as big as a bob cat.  He got bitten so bad, back in the winter, he had to take him to the vet, kept him at his house til he healed, but then he wanted to go home, so he took him back.  He protects the mom and his kittens very good.

Just saw Advair advertised on TV.  I was put on that back in the fall of 07 when i was diagnosed having COPD.  Also took the pneumonia vac.  In Jan. 08, had my first round of pneumonia. Never had it in my life, then after those 2 things, i'm having it.  May 1 was when i quit breathing.  Just before that, the doc took me off Advair.  Found out later, it can cause pneumonia!!!  It's in their ads now.

B and wife took off this morning for Carlsbad, then on to Yellowstone.  No plans, just do whatever pops up.  MY way to travel, lol.  No hurry either.  Told him our niece is out there somewhere too, and I KNOW it's a small world.  They were at Hoover Dam a few days ago, drifting back this way.   In one of her texts, she said they were just crazy, lmaooooo.  Texted back, wonder where u got it? hahahaha, she agreed.

Ok folks, so far, just a boring weekend around here.  Hope it's lots better for yall. 


Saturday, July 2, 2011


Good Morning, all!!!  Hey DD, i quit throwing out all food scraps just so something would have it to eat.  Got way too much wildlife coming by. lol.  Just hated to put it in the trash if something was hungry.  The large bins the company furnishes, won't turn over.  My sis N said she had seen a fox in her yard, and i told her it was hungry and looking for something to eat.  LOLOLOL,,,Keep those chickens in the pen.

My son told me that the abandoned cats he goes by and feeds, up by the school, has 2 of the kittens missing now.  Told about owls being there and one swooping over his head one night, when the cats were out with him.  I don't know how any of the kittens survive, with the owls, foxes, coyotes, up there and hungry too.  The school is leaving all the lights on for some reason, and of course, the cats will be out eating the bugs that come around.  He's going to call and ask why the lights are on 24/7 now with no school going on.  Then, there's the dopies coming up there hanging around.  Up to no good.  Late at night.  Crazy kids sometimes will get a kick out of torturing little animals.  With the lights on, he thinks they saw the cats.  Going to call police dept. and ask for patroling up there, too.  He is always looking for good homes for kittens.  One of the ones missing is a Russian Blue.  He asked if i knew what that was, and i did.  Wayyyyy back, one of our first cats was one.  Didn't know it til i saw a picture in a book, and there she was.  Was after that, that i got into the siamese.

  We had an huge german sheppard, so gentle, great with kids, loved little animals, and the first siamese kitten i took home, i set it down so she could see it, her wanting to lick it, and that little thing fuzzed up, spitting and scratching, ripped her nose before i could grad it.  O boy, after a coon had done that one time, she hated coons the rest of her life, would kill them if she could.  Took a lot of persuading to get her to like that kitten.  Had her on a lease one time, walking, and this kid's pet coon ran out, i was trying to hold her back, screaming to get that coon out of here, ripping off my nails, had grabbed her around the neck by then,  but that kid grabbed that coon and ran back to his house with it.  The one that bit her on the nose happened when she was still young, and we had taken her out to teach her to coon hunt.  She had gone running up to it, wagging her tail, til it did that.  Then, we had a coon dog. lol  She was so big, she could crush an armadillo with her mouth.  Didn't let her do that if i could help it, but did see it one time.  If the kids accidentally hurt her, she licked them in the face, never nipped.

Not even noon yet, 11:30,  and i'm starving.  Sure need this band adjusted, and will get that Tues.  Guess i'd better see what i have, know i have some leftovers.

Yall hagd.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Short n Sweet

Glad u agree with me on thieves, DD.  And it was about that same time i got my first Zenith portable radio too.  WOW  Could go to the river and have music!!  Til the 6 batteries ran down, lol.  Then later, bought my dotter a portable 8 track player,  and i know she still has it, even some of the ol 8 tracks too.  I bought an old stereo, Ward's, a few years ago, that plays everything, from albums, 8 tracks, and cds.  Had AM, FM too.  And what's so amazing, everything still works.  Double cd decks, so u can record from one to another.  Amazing machine.  Build to last too.

I bought lots and lots of albums, but would take whatever songs i liked, off of them, and record onto tapes.  So my tapes were always made up of my favorite music.  Someone gave me the whole Beatle set he had just bought, to make him tapes of it.  I also have almost all of the R&R from the 50s. on albums i bought thru the years.  Used to see them advertised on TV, and when i did, i ordered them.   Liked to have the walls shaking when i was cleaning house. lol

What do yall have planned for the week end?  Me?  Nothing as far as i know right now.  Don't like to be out in the heat, so i don't know if i'll even go and watch the fire works either.  For being such a small town, it's a great show.  The weather has cooled off a tiny bit, and feels like a whole lot, lololol

Gosh, this Casey Anthony trial is gonna drag on til no telling when.  Defense has messed up so bad, he's doing everything he can to salvage it now. 

Got a goooood book to finish, just a few more pages, had to quit last nite when my eyes wouldn't stay open.  Yall tc, hagd