Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hard Day's Nite

I have an appointment to see the same Doc I saw with my wrist,,,on Friday at 11AM.  J is gonna drive me.  I'm about ready just to be put to sleep..

His new office is out on E 71 about 30 miles, and he uses that instead of an office here.  I just didn't like that other one, and this one did fix my wrist great.

I woke up about 5 this morning, and couldn't get into any position that didn't hurt.  I finally got up and got into my chair, kicked back and slept til 8. 

After that big fire, and they're still getting calls to put out hot spots on it,,,there was another one the next day, not quite as bad tho.  Then, one out close to  my g/dotter's house and they're gone.  No structures were burned, tho.

When I was in the 3rd grade, our house burned, and that leaves you always worried when you hear the call for the fire dept.  The house was burned up in the attic, and people passing by, stopped and took everything out, so we didn't lose anything, but still.  Well lost a place to live.  We were renting so we had to find another place.  I use all precautions and always have.  One time, we were eating supper, and the fire alarm started beeping.  I wasn't cooking, so I got up to look around, and when I opened my youngest son's bedroom door, OMG!  A huge box was flaming right by the window curtains.  You talk about everybody running!  Hubby filled a pan and threw water on it, J grabbed a big towel, wet it, and threw it over the fire.  And that's what put it out.  It scared my son so bad, he wouldn't even sleep in that room for days.  I still don't know how it did it.  He had a candle burning, setting in a metal pan on top of the box, and somehow, the wick got out and caught the box on fire.  Yeah, I keep smoke alarms.  We had insurance that paid for the little bit of damage.

Nap time, so yall tc, and