Monday, February 27, 2012

A First For Me

Hey,, folks,,,another day, not another dollar.  lol.

For the first time yesterday, i had to remove a comment, made from who else but,,,,,Anonymous.  It was an attack on me for stating something in my blog they didn't like, and was filled with filthy words.  I will never allow that, and i think most others agree.  Now i'm gonna say something else, then i'll drop it.  I believe in practicing what you preach.  I don't say one thing, then turn around and do another.  Case closed.

Did any of yall watch the grammy's?  I watched some of the red carpet stuff, but then a movie came on on PBS, and not much to say about that one,,,either, lololol.  Something about losing a curiosity shop, British.  I lmao one time, when Angelina Jolie was on, and the group that came on stage, the one on the right, mimicked her stance,,was hilarious.  He got it right on the nose.  Sticking his leg out, hand on hip, twisting and turning,,,hahahahahah.

My internet tech called and asked how things were going,,i told him great,,and i swear,,not one minute later, i'm offline.  I fool with it for a while, doing no good, and finally, just let it go.  I had called him back and left a message, so i just waited for his call back.  Well, for some reason, the internet came back on, just like that.  Right before he called me back.  It was off about 45 minutes.  We decided to just wait and see.  I told him i thot the new modem was the problem, and he thinks my line to it, is.  So, if i'm gone, you know why.

I keep being amazed at the spring weather, have to keep reminding myself it's Feb.  My weeds need mowing again.  Birds are everywhere.  (Not my martins, yet)  Butterflies, bugs, all fooled.  Buzzards have been circling in hundreds, migrating.  They will do circles above the river.  Hawks do too.  We don't have the turkey buzzard any more, don't know why.  They disappeared about the same time as these others showed up.  My Mother hit one one time on her windshield, and threw up the whole time she was hosing it off.  She had a weaker stomach than me, i guess, and i never knew how she made it as a nurse.  She worked til she was 79, and NO that's not a typo.  Came down with a bad case of pneumonia and never made it back.  Same with me.  I've never been the same as before that bad pneumonia.  It's been almost 4 years, (quit smoking at that time) and i'm just now trying to walk.  It's not my lungs, it's just out of shape bad.  I know i have to use it, or lose it.  I made it a 1/3 of a mile yesterday,,lolololol.  Sat down a few times,,on head stones at the cemetery.  Maybe my r&r shoes do help. lololol.

Ok,, enough said,,yall tc, and