Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How do u get a follower, then lose one??? Anybody know?  Well, if u know me, u also know i dont bother about such things.  Bye,,,u know who.

In the paper today, has a map of all the fires, realllly, realllly,,,bad.  Theres more than 20 active ones going now.  If i were Ben,,,, think i might get a little concerned.  Not just u,, Ben, we r all concerned right now.  Theres a lot right behind me, hasnt been mowed in a couple of years.  It also has an abandoned trailer house.  That get on fire, ill probably go with it.  Well, my house, i can get out the front, holler at my bro,,,GO GET THE FIRE TRUCKS!!!  lol  My other bro, B, put a new metal roof on a couple of years ago, so i might make it if G gets the trucks here real fast.

Now ,,,,lets talk turkey.... uh,,,liver i mean.  Like ol Ben, couldnt stand the smell, let alone the thot of eating it.  Then one day,,(i was in my 30s by then),,was with 2 friends in Austin, and we went to a Lubys to eat.  One ordered smothered liver n onions.. GOSH, that sounded sooo good!!!  I had already ordered shrimp, but got the craving for that liver n onions that day.  From then on, was 1 of my favs,,,love fried chicken livers too.  Had a server tell me one time, they didnt have fried shrimp.  I told her they always had, that i had gotten it a lot of times.  She just about called me a liar, i was furious!!!  She said they had NEVER had it.  I argued about it, but didnt get it.   You had to know they had it, but they DO!!!,,,the same friend had also shown me that.   Great big butterflied fried shrimp.   I never went back to that one.  We went to Lubys a lot, had a choice for everybody.  Had B and 1 of his friends with us 1 time, (thank God they sat at another table),,,and i looked over, and there was a mountain of used sugar packets on their table,,,then he got up n went to another table n got all of those,,,kept putting all that in his tea!!!  Said he couldnt make it taste sweet!!! hahahahaha,,,that was the day he decided to just drink unsweet tea, n did from then on.  Another place we liked was Ponchos,,,all u could eat mexican food.  This was way back when we always had our kids, plus,,,. We took them almost every week end to do something.  Went to lots of races, cars n motorcycles, hard track n dirt.  Boats too.  Always had B, (he was  just 4 years older than my oldest son)  n my kids adored him.  When they went off with him, I would tell them,,keep up with B,,,and they did.  He would forget n leave them if it was up to him...lmaooo,,, He did that with my 10 yr old nephew,,,left him at the stadium after a  UT football  game, had to go back n find him after B asked where he was. hahahahaha,,,didnt even bother the nephew.  When i forget something now,,,he says,,not to worry, hes always done that...and i believe it.

Time for lunch.  Crackers, ritz whole wheat, with pimiento cheese, a deviled egg, and a can of V8,,,never eat veges.  Cant eat salads now,,,lettuce sticks n stops me up.  Kinda just snack for lunch.  cya later,,,maybe,,,

 Just had supper, nearly time for Idol.  Thot we were gonna get storms, but they just sat there in Menard  n a few other counties.  Heard there was some baseball size hail, so they can have those.
Really havent done much of anything since i logged off earlier.  Back a few years ago, 10? r so,  heard there was a bad tornado out close to Castel, next day, drove out there and when i went over a hill,,,OMG,,,never ever saw anything like that.  Had been an F5.  Sucked the pavement off, even sucked the green out of the grass, what was left!!!  Was a never never land.  A news station out of Austin was there and went in right after it happened, and when they saw this man with a 2x4 stuck in his side, they put the cameras down n helped!!!  The man lived 2 weeks, but just was too bad.  And they had been in a good protected place.  That was the same year Jarrell got hit too. I think. 
That thing even took the hair off the cattle!  Hope i never c anything like that again.  OK...goneee,,,wasnt watching the time!!