Friday, February 7, 2014

Bad Weather

Gosh, all you hear on the news is  WEATHER.  They said to delay school opening, then later, cancel for the day.  All govn offices are staying closed, the banks are closing at noon.....As for me,, i'm staying home,,,at least for the time being.

DD was talking about his little dogs, reminded me of dotter and bro were playing out front of Mom's house, and this little bitty ball of fluff came running up to them, from somewhere.  Bro thot it was a baby polar bear,,,hahahahah,,, it was about as big as a man's fist, hair over her face, but little tiny eyes showing out a little.....At the time, we didn't know she was a maltese, was before they were popular, but i had seen one in a disney movie named Moppet... sooo,,,that's what i named her...We had her for a few months, but,,, had a new carpet and i couldn't get her trained, so gave her to my best friend across the street.  Later, i found out how much someone had paid for that little dog,,,years later my boss bought one for his wife,,,at $500.  We watched for ads, newspaper notices, there was never anything.  She had 2 houses,,,ours and the other one..... so she came to visit a lot.  Lived for years, and died of heart failure.

 The first nite at our house, i put her in the bathroom and she was really crying,,,and my old tom cat!! wanted in.  And he comforted her!  She always thot she was a cat...hahahahaha.  Would run up to a female we had,,,all greetings,,,  One time my cat had kittens,,and spit and slapped her!,, She was sooo shocked....Backed up and looked at her...Used caution after that...

Gosh i had forgotten having her... TY DD.  She got a hair cut too, had that long kinky hair that would get hairballs too.  She got shaved,,, and,, she thot she was sooo pretty... came prancing over to show off.

Lunch time,, so yall tc, and