Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue Jays

Saw jays mentioned on Jos blog, and it made me remember an experience I had living in another place here in town. 

I got home from work one day, and I was always loaded down with stuff to carry in,  and when I got out of my car, heard a whole lot of squawking blue jays in the front trees.  Here I went thinking, wish I had my pellet gun right now, looking up at about 7 of them hollering their heads off, making the gawdawfullest noise you ever heard.  I got to my screen door and glanced around at it to find the handle, and WOW,,,no wonder those jays were yelling.  There is this 4 or 5 foot chicken snake stretched across my screen.  I had almost grabbed it....It took off around the house, and I finally  got in, and by then,,,oooo noooo,,,here they went again, in the back yard!!!  I open the back door, go out, and there it is,,,across the screen of my neighbor's door this time.  (Lived in a duplex).  I got the hoe, pulled it off, with those ^&*)&)% birds still squawking,,!!!  I cut it's head off, and went back in the house.  Those birds shut up immediately!  How did they know it was dead?,,,,Harmless?  It was still moving...  Never figured that part out.

Then,,, I got this idea of putting a bag over the neck, and bringing that snake in to show my 2 cats,,,hahahaha,,,When I walked by the first one carrying that snake, every hair on her went straight out,, lmaooooo.  I layed it down in the living room, and it took them both a LONG time to get close enough to swat at it,,,they were circling it, jumping back every time it moved.  I laughed til I thot I would choke,,,,for about 2 hours..

I didn't think anything about it, and just tossed it in the trash can, but I think that whoever picked the trash up, must have nearly had a heart attack...that dead snake was left laying out there,,,,

Yall tc, and