Sunday, November 11, 2012

Gonna Get Cold

Somewhere back about a week ago, we musta had a little frost, cause the leaves are finally falling.  The front due in any minute will finish them off the next few days.  Hey,,no more mowing til Jan...hahahaha,,,

My internet is slow, and has been doing this a couple of weeks.  I can reset the router and make it ok, but,,,guess i'm gonna have to call, much as i hate that thot.  Where the lines show it,,it's just one line off, but, that makes it slow. 

J told me a couple of weeks ago that he wanted some pecans and did i know where he could get any.  I had seen signs but didn't remember where.  WELL!! Just across the road and down about a block from him,,,there is a big sign,,PECANS....hahahahaha,,,It's just before the city park, and i remember when that pecan orchard was planted there.  And yep, they had shelled pecans.  We went by and i whipped back around and he got a pound.  $8.  He's gonna make pies, and said he had won the award for pies, 4 years in a row...He makes those little, what? 4" ones?   Little ones anyway.    I think our squirrel population had doubled in the park this year,, so much for them to eat.

I just read Gypsy's blog today, and i had totally missed it about her being in the hospital.  Glad she is home now.  That pneumonia is a BAD thing to have.  I was never the same after my bad bout of it, almost 5 years ago, but one thing good, was, i never had another cigarette.

Hey just got dark, maybe we will get a little rain.  And that south wind just went still, think that front is right at my front door. lol.    Don't know if it will hit like a blast or kinda sneak in...

There was a new food trailer set up last week end and i was giving my signal for Sonic, and went by it, saw the sign, pulled pork,,and just went right on thru that Sonic drive way, back to the pulled pork,,,,Gosh, love that stuff.  And of course i want slaw on it!  WELL, got my appetite back up for another one, went back and it's GONE!  Well, it was back yesterday, so about 5;30 here i went again,,,mouth watering, and $%*%*&*_)&^(*%&,,,,,it was closed!!!  This is before dark, when the hunters would have been in hunting food.  So now, i'm lost.  Heck, maybe he ran out early or something,,,

Just had my waffles and here i'm thinking about that pulled pork bun!  Think i'm gonna go check it out...  so yall tc, and