Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Internet Out Today

Had to spend hours today, getting my internet working again,,,got the desk top going but the laptop wouldn't connect, sooooooo,,,,another call back.  O well, yall know the drill.  The desk top is so slow, compared to the laptop.

I keep seeing all this stuff about the flu. and I'm so glad I took the shot.  I always take it as soon as it's here, because it takes 3 weeks to take effect.

I haven't felt good today, been short winded.  The high humidity does that to me.  Then all the stuff with the internet,,,

I've been eating mostly at home lately.  And tonite, it's one of the spaghetti entrees in the freezer.  Sounded pretty good.  Surprise surprise,,,, it's meatloaf!  O well that'll do.

OOO yeah!!! THE RAIN....  lololol... In my gage is a bit over 2 1/2".  I heard it raining hard every time I was up during the nite, until after 3 or so, then more lite, but still raining, after that.  I was going to look on the LCRA map but haven't yet. 

The pelicans are still out at the park, at least a small amount of them, sitting on that rock, but I think the others are just on down out of sight.  Maybe they'll come here to winter every year now!  They seem to like it.

Well, since it's my supper time, yall tc, and