Monday, January 14, 2013


Well, this might not be just plain ol sinus,,,starts out in the sinuses,,stinging eyes, nose, sneezing,,etc.  But, everybody has it and sinus is NOT contagious.  So,,just what is this?  I got it from J, after thinking he had sinus, wasn't contagious,,then my dotter told me today she has it,,,same thing.  So it is something going around LIKE sinus...Today i'm having a dry cough starting.  And my neti pot has sure helped.  Need to do it one more time today.  Did it this morning.  I slept good last nite.

I was eating some stuff that J brought and after a few bites, it kinda hung up about half way down.  Like it used to do with the lap band.  I went out,,in the cold,, and kinda made myself gag and get some back up.  After a while, what was left, went on down.  So I was cautious later when I ate, but ,,,it was fine then.  Have no idea what happened.

J took one of their cats to the vet this morning, and kept calling all day about her.  He finally looked at her late in the day, and said he could come pick her up.  She has horrible allergies, and had scratched some bad places on her neck, and was acting like she was real sick.  Don't know what the verdict is but will find out later.  He was taking her home.

My feet are getting colder and colder.  Guess i'm gonna have to shut the door.  With the wind blowing the storm door lets in drafts.  Hate to not be able to look out, tho.

Well, yall tc, and