Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Month GONE!

I think the rain is over, and my gage has about 2 1/4".  Not bad.  Got up today and had to shut the windows,,that north wind blowing.  Made for good sleep,,,

Gosh, i sure miss J on the weekends.  Getting used to him being around.  He is feeling like,,80% better the last 2 days,.  Could that blood pressure med do that?  How?  His back isn't locking up now, like before, just once yesterday.  By the time it was taking effect, he started feeling lots better, and the pain better too.  I don't know what it is, my machine, used once, doesn't work!  That's what i get for buying a cheapie one.

I drove out to the park yesterday and fed the geese.  There  was this huge bird sitting on the dam, and i think it was a whooping crane.  Was raining so i didn't even try to take a pic, and my binoculars were in the trunk.  I'll go back today and see if it might be there again.

The lakes are up a little, hope more in the next few days.  Missed what they said about Buchanan, but Lake Travis was up about a foot.

I just turned my calendar!!! Now i have to do it again!  Yall tc, and


Saturday, September 29, 2012

Rain,,,,Don't ya Love It!

That rain hit last nite about 8,,and i don't think i've ever heard it rain so hard.  I could hear it over the tv, ac,,everything.  That lasted about 15 minutes, then it slowed.  All that's in my gage is 1".  Hard to believe.  Another round coming i think.  I just hope it rained in places that will help the lakes.

I'm STILL picking up these black beetles in my house.  There's a huge invasion!  Rain makes it worse.  The terrapin ate some of them.  J came over this morning and took it back where he found it.  All it did was crawl around the aquarium wanting out.  That's not a good thing to do to it.  And if it was taken to school, would be the same thing.

Is there anyone that likes this new blogger interface?,,,I finally got all the bells and whistles, at the top, but,,do NOT like it.  What's the new thing that makes it so good?   Does anybody know?

Think i'm gonna ride out to the park, see if the geese are around.  I have lots of stuff to feed them
so i hope they are. 

I called again today about that dog up the street.  Never ending whining, crying, barking, etc.  Nothing has been done.  I called back about an hour later and was told they had been up there yesterday and today,  like,,,that's all they will do.  lololol...gonna call til something is done.  Had to do that when a lot of dogs were running loose getting in my pond every day.  They finally did something about those.

Ok, outa here, yall tc, and


Friday, September 28, 2012

Nothing New

Nothing going on, maybe rain later, well, fairly sure.  Some spots might get 8",,,wooohooo. 

J caught a terrapin a couple of days ago, and it's in this big plastic thing out on the patio, makes a LOT of noise,,,bumping around.  His gf gonna take it to school in an aquarium for the kids.  It's eating a lot of these big black beetles that have been invading my house.    They are everywhere, not just here at my house.

Got up about 7 and now i'm sleepy.  Didn't get my nap.

I had to update my AVG today, and it didn't just do that, it put the whole thing on again.  Took a while.  Then i ran a scan, all was fine.   My x has a trojan on his, and no idea how it got there.  Even the best man in town can't fix it.  I had this and that in the past, and i know i went for years without anything,,,never a problem.  I had something on it before that, and it was always telling me how many things it was taking care of,,you know how they do.  Someone told me they didn't use anything, so i took that one off.  About 6 months later,,,, i ran a scan,,and guess what,,,there was ZERO on there!!  So that's when i didn't use one for years.  I actually don't know why i put one back on.  This one is fine, but i will NOT buy  any more to use.  Norton, you can't get rid of,,,whatever other one i used,,kept charging me when they shouldn't.  So AVG is as far as i'm going.!!!,,,lol.

Js burn is gone today.  The only thing on all those tests was his blood pressure was hi, (in a lot of pain at the time) and his sodium was low.  Both easy fixes.  His bp is super low for his natural readings.  The doc put him on a mild med, and for the sodium told him to cut down on water.  The results were faxed to San Antonio yesterday, so now, it's that wait time again. 

Well, out of input,,so yall tc, and


Thursday, September 27, 2012

HEYYYY It Changed!!

OK,,,NOW!!! I have all the thingys across the top.  Why did it take so long?  Even have spell check, font selection,,everything.

J and i went to his family doc here yesterday for all the preop tests, and he told them xrays burned him.  She didn't even bat an eye, just kept on clicking with this antique machine.  She had to take 6 because his lungs are long, way down his body.  Later, he looked like he had a severe sun burn, and i had some aloe vera stuff to put on it, and he had to use stuff several more times during the nite.   He's put in a call to the doc, because he wants this on his medical records.  He's still red today, but not quite as bad.  I'll take him down there if necessary. 

Just got back, and did stop at the doc's office and showed them the redness that is left.  The one that did them doesn't believe that the xrays did it, BUT, they did.

Got all the preop stuff done, now we wait until the doc in San Antonio sets the date.

Still have Rescue,,,lol,,but with J here every day, they both love that.  NOT keeping that cat!  He will be a good one for someone,,,,just,,i don't want any more pets.

Hey BB,,,last time J had surgery in SA,,,it was in the worst ice storm i ever saw..SA was locked down for days.  And way back around 90, i remember ice being all the way to Pasadena TX,,cause my sis N and hubby drove back on it..   Never know about Texas weather,,,lolololol.

I like what DD says, winter was last Thursday.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, September 23, 2012


Across the top of this is: just a little bit of T... POST,,, a blank with "post title" next,,publish, save, preview, close.

Under that is: compose, html,,blank, link

Over to the right is: Post settings (gives you nothing when you click),,,under that is, in order, labels, schedule, links, location, options. Nothing there anyone would use. Last is: send feedback.

That's all i have on here. It's all on a blue and white screen. No scroll option.
Does anybody have this? It just was there,,a few days ago, when i hit new post at the top. It's what i got. It's the same on IE or Google Chrome.

Compose gives me about a 1 1/2" space to type in, html gives me about 5".

Any ?s?,,,lol.

Under options to the right is ,,,reader comments,,allow, don't allow,
Backlinks,,allow or not
Compose mode, show html literally or interpret typed html,,,(tried both)
Line breaks,,Use
tag or press enter for line breaks.

These are the choices. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get me outa here!!!!

Otherwise,,nothing going on in the life of......

Yall tc and


Saturday, September 22, 2012

If i Say It Enough

I'm so confused. Blogger, hate this new one,,,is letting me use it on IE today, not having to go to GC. I still haven't found where i can change my font!

I AM using the feedback, telling em how i hate it. How it sucks. Now,,,wth is that spelling check?

It was 55 when i got up today. Still haven't turned on the ACs.

Nothing going on,,so yall tc, and


Friday, September 21, 2012


OMG!! This new blogger SUCKS!! Hate it!!

All i wanted was to tell one thing and it's messed me up for 30 minutes. Saw J's doc in San Antonio yesterday, in there 2 hours, very thorough exam, xrays,, all for 25.00 copay, not the 100s it's always been,,,will set the surgery to come in 2-3 weeks! WOOOHOOO,,,..

Yall tc, and


New Blogger

Does anybody like this????

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You Ever Talked to a Wall?

I actually don't even know what to say about the city council meeting we did yesterday.  It's like ,, talking to a wall.  It's been over 6 months, and nothing has changed.  The gate is still there, they haven't done anything but talk to the man once.  He's totally uncooperative, no reasoning with him.  We asked for a time limit to get this settled, but who knows?  Right up front on the power point screen, it is showing that the council voted for "RESTRICTED ACCESS",,,NOT closure!!!!  I brought this to the attention of the whole room.  Gonna do another letter to the editor, and ask everyone to call the council members, get this gate down.  Enforce their own ruling!!!  Sorry, but i get angry even now, thinking about it.  I also told them,,,they were elected to represent the people's wishes,,,and we had brought over 140 signatures on our petition wanting the gate down.  Woke up way too early today,,with this on my mind,,, now i'm gonna be tired all day.  I'm retired, i don't have to do anything, any time,,,lol.

J's not here yet, and i'm trying to wait lol he just called,,,He's been trying to figure out how to deal with the back and thinks he might have.  Don't take that wrong, tho, there is major pain, all the time, but he has figured out to release it enough when it shuts down his blood flow on his left side, to kinda live with.  Also taking one of the meds that is anti-inflammatory and pain combined, 3 a day like is prescribed.  Haven't heard from doc's office YET!  I don't want to be a pest, but geez,,,we need to know something.

Well, he should be here shortly,,,he drives in low gear, very slowly.  I've tried to get him not to, but,,,he just says he needs his car.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Rain Rain,,,DONT Go Away

Been  raining all nite, and still is, hasn't slowed down.  Not gonna go look at gage til it all is gone, then i'll see the whole total.  It's nearly 3" now.

Just got back from the store,,yeah,,in the rain but it's a slow rain,  gonna make a quick stew today or tomorrow.  Even got french bread to make garlic bread with.  J and i are so tired of trying to figure out something to pick up to eat.

Cleaned my freezer out this morning, had a little room... lol.  And gosh darn it,,found a package of fish my cousin had left me,, had to throw away, freezer burned.  Other things too, but they didn't really matter, just that fish,,from that lake just above Sherman, Denison.  He always has fish.  (Not gonna ever tell him i had to do that).

Can't get petespond on ustream now,,,and for the last couple of days,,can on facebook, go figure.  Got a little window on it saying to dl adobe flash, which i did, even tho mine is current.  No help.  Says beta on it too, so maybe that's the problem.

DD i guess you're the only one reading me now,,,no comments but yours.  Even tho there have been days i couldn't do this, i was reading all of them.  How's the swamp looking?  How much rain have you had?  What did you find at the flea market yesterday?  lolololol.

When i think about 50 years in the future,,,i kinda hate it cause of the younger ones.  I'll sure be long gone.  My g/dotter is doing everything anyone can do to preserve things.  She recycles everything.  Even saves the glass and takes it when they go to Austin.  My niece that lives in Austin, does too.  She has to have like,,3 or 4 trash cans to use.  And wash or rinse everything out,,,no way,,,for me.  I'm not convinced on global warming anyway.  Times change and always have, always will.

I think J thinks i'll finally decide to keep Rescue.  I won't,,and keep asking him every day,,,when are you gonna move him?  He's a wonderful cat,,,maybe one of the smartest ones i've ever seen,,had 2 before, and i know anybody would love him.  He's just under a year old,,the vet said, a Maine Coon.  Has huge feet and a big head.  I'll try to get a pic of him,,, He will be huge when he grows to fit the feet and head.  When J came by, i swear he knows who saved him,,,he gets all frisky, bouncing (literally) off the walls, running, sliding thru the house,,,bouncing off him too....lololol.  No claws used, ever.  I told him his dad would love him.  hehehehe...

Ok,,gonna try a nap,,so yall tc, and


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Love This Weather!

Gosh, it's after 9, and my son hasn't come over,,,,lol,,,sure miss him now when he's not here.  Probably won't be today or tomorrow since his gf is home for the weekend. 

Love this weather,,,was even cool enough to just use a fan for the nite. 

I've canceled my daily paper and am reading it online.  Not sure how i'm gonna like this.  I haven't figured out how to read it without running into repeat stories everywhere.  Not much to read,,like the actual paper.  lol.  But i have to go thru a lot to see if there's anything i'm missing.

I think i'm caught up on all your blogs.  I had to make J a copy of Mystic Mud's yesterday, it impressed him so much.  Now he understands how much bloggers love this.  And DD, i remember when you did your first one,,,lol.  Been reading every one of them since then too.  He's seen my games i do, with real people, and,,,the ones i do by myself.  He's never been a game fan, so,,not interested in those.

I think i'm gonna get out and see if there's any garage sales going on today,,,so yall tc, and


Friday, September 14, 2012

Another Rescue Cat

Gosh,,, been a while.  Still haven't heard back from the Doc's office about accepting this insurance.  I've tried to call all week and haven't received a call back YET!.

We just sat and enjoyed the rain and cool front yesterday.  I had the house open, and it felt soooo good.  He showed up today with his shorts, flops and muscle shirt on,,,freezing me just to look.  I got out my winter robe,,,hahahaha.  For ME.

I've got his rescue cat here,,,,did i tell you about this?   It was my fault,, i heard on my scanner about a cat in a trap over by his house, and the animal control man headed over there.  I called thinking it might be one of theirs.  And he went over there, and it was someone's pet, rubbing on the cage, talking to him.  The woman that lived there had baited it with a can of sardines, trying to catch some coons.  WELL,,,J couldn't stand it, couldn't get anybody to the door, so he called his friend, the animal control man.  They destroy the cats after 2 days, but he kept it over the weekend for J,  we picked it up and took it to the vet, had to have shots and get fixed,,,cost him 100.00, but he saved it!!!  Now,,i still have it here, and yes, it's a total sweetheart, but NO i do not want another one.  He thot he had someone to take it, but,,,no.  Last he told me,,,today,,,was, he was gonna take it over to his house,,,(hahaha),,,yeah. Turn it loose over there.

Gosh, all the new shows on tv,,,i've recorded so many, it'll take me all weekend to see them,,,lol.  There's one tonite,,,at 7 too.  lol,,,somehow i watched the last one of Amer got Talent, before i saw the one just before,,, that i had recorded.  Now i know who won,,,hahahahaha.

News is talking about a bomb threat at UT today.  My sis and I were in a club one nite, and a bunch of cops came in,,,told the owner something, and he got up to a mic and was kinda laughing,,,said we had to evacuate, there had been a bomb threat.  Sooo, we all went out,,, waited around about an hour,,,went home.  No bomb.

That's it,,,and i've been trying to keep up with all of your blogs even tho i couldn't do one, so yall tc, and


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Maybe for a Day

Heyyy,,,i'm back,,for today anyway.  J was here most of the afternoon yesterday, and was doing so much better than the last week.  Said he had figured out how to make his back unlock, and you could tell just by looking that he was 100% better.  When his back locks, his circulation on one side stops.  Gotta get this fixed!!  But yesterday he could make it work.  No pills either.

I went to Walmart yesterday to pick up one of his prescriptions.  He had had 4 of them in a sack in his car, and they disappeared.  He had looked everywhere, and the only thing he can figure out, is when he went into the shop, and left his door open, a girl walking by saw the sack and stole them.  We even went back up there and looked in the trash, because he had switched vehicles.  There were refills on all 4, and the hydrocodone was just an empty bottle.  Anyway, he called the pharmacy and told them so they could cancel and start over.

We got the front in early Sat so it's been really nice here.  Kinda chilly this morning. 

J just showed up, so,,back whenever.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time Out

My son has been coming by and spending the day so i haven't been able to blog.  Will get back whenever i can.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Car Troubles

Reading DDs tale of the dead battery,,,either that or a flat is the pits.  I have a strong battery box that will even air up a tire,,that i carry in my trunk.  Had a small one, but my son found a new one at Goodwill, so i paid him for it.  If i can just jump off that battery one time,,it will be replaced ASAP!   The last time,,wasn't the battery tho,,,it actually was the starter.  It had hesitated once, so when i got home that day, i backed into my carport so the front could be reached and jumped off is needed.  G came and tried and tried, and then he and his son towed it to the repair shop.  Bs thing is metal roofs and cement work, Gs is automotive.

Well, today is a holiday, and that will keep me messed up no telling how long.  We need Js insurance card and policy.  If it's not in the mail tomorrow, i will call.  Need it to set up surgery.

Rvsue had the pics of Rusty and Timber on there today.  What an amazing story!  And it would never have happened a few years ago.,,,without the internet.

I'm staying in,,,out of this heat, so not anything to say.  Went to Bs for a bit late yesterday, but when they, B and G, went out to play some pool,,,i came home,,,,After getting my body so hot Saturday,,and taking so long to cool off again,,wasn't gonna do it any more.

So Yall tc, and


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Good Morning,,,

Went to bed last nite, normal time,,and could NOT go to sleep....So it will be naps today,,,yeah,,,plural.

Got to laughing,,,,of all things,, one time about bro B.  He was doing the cooking out at Ns house,,,and bringing the meat.  BUT,,,he forgot the meat!!! hahahahahaha,,, Had to call and get his son to bring it on out...hahahaha,,, With all the hunters in town, the store was almost sold out, and he had to take what he could find,,,which was some thin pork steaks, and at the meat market store, the 1" pork chops.  Both were fantastic.  I brought a plate home too.  Yeah, that's what he left in town.  All of it was great, even the laughs.

Had washer games going too.  My dotter and g/dotter even showed up,,,big surprise,,(g/dotter) cause she always works on Sats.  It wasn't too hot in the shade, and a little bit of a breeze got up.  I did make the firecrackers, and brought home what was left.  The ritz had been picked out,,,lolololol.  Mostly the saltines left.  Now i know which ones are liked the best.

There was something going on in the Badu park in town,,,don't know what, but there was a band, "Cheap Sunglasses" gonna play ZZ starting about 8, so a lot of us got back for that.  I didn't stay after 3 songs,,,it was either where i was parked, or they really were NOT good.  I think all  of it was maybe to do with a wild game cook off.

Way back, maybe in the 80s,,,there was one here, (first one) and there were maybe a 100 cookers.  Some friends were entered and asked all of us to raid our freezers and i found ONE young squirrel my uncle had left with me, so i gave them that, and maybe some quail...Out of all turned in,,,LOTS,,,that ONE squirrel, which was thrown on at the last minute just cause it was there,,,,,,won!!!  That was where i tasted my first fried rattlesnake, which i liked.  (Taste like,,,FISH) haha   The first place prize,,,he took the trophy, i took the money,,,lol.

Thinking pretty hard about a nap,,,NOW,,so yall tc, and


Saturday, September 1, 2012

White Cranes




These were a group of white cranes, out at the city park ,,,yesterday.  There is just one large one, and the rest are about 1/2 that size.  The large one is right at the point on the bottom.  I know my pics aren’t good, but,,,, it’s this or   nothing.  The reason I know they are cranes, is because J and I looked them up on here a few days ago, determining what some blue birds were.  Saw the white at that time.  But why there’s so many little ones, I have no idea.

Got my mower man, and bro’s snake out there this morning,,,and,,,wouldn’t work.  He jabbed and jabbed, and it never changed a thing.  Soooo,,,came in and called a plumber.  Gonna get to see some butt crack,,BB,,lolololol.   He’ll be by today.  Better not be lying!!!  He’s new here in town, and they’ve rented bro’s car lot space,,,She does the great burgers,,,(used to).

Sis N’s having us all out there later today.  Bar b q.  Think I’m gonna take those firecrackers.  Darn,,,need oil.  But I can get that at the $Store.  Not going til later,,,too darn hot.  There is shade tho. 

Got flea med on Jude,,,and 2 filters cleaned,,one more to go.  It’s the first.  Jude was sure scratching last nite,,,was time.  I am convinced those bad bites I had were from the fleas.  He always sleeps on my lap when I’m watching tv at nite and at one time,,,those fleas were giants.  Just 1 or 2 is all I ever saw on him.

Well folks,,yall tc, and