Friday, March 15, 2013




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Big roping event here this weekend.  Huge crowd out there, of trucks and horse trailers.  Really didn’t see spectators.  I just drove thru, took a few pics.  It’s a qualifying round on the way to the finals. 

There are a few world champion calf ropers, team ropers, whatever,  living here, but I never was into that, so not sure of their names.  One pair won 7 years in a row.  They brought dozens here to live, too.  Big spreads, big roping arenas around too.

The crawfish open is next month, and is another huge event.  Lots of going ons, roping too.

Yall tc, and



Nothing going on,,, but I did change my comments to registered users.  Hope it's ok, if not, I'll change back. 

Let me ask you something,,,when I open my email, the one on top is open? or not?  You can see it, so I don't know.  The reason I brought this up, is, I got a text from g/dotter saying if I got an email from her, do not open, she had been hacked.  Yeah, you guessed it, when I looked at my email later, hers was the top one.  I marked all, then junk, then deleted all of them.  Sooo, did I also get hacked from that?  Nothing has happened that I can tell.  And o yeah, now I need to go into Verizon and delete those too.  Forgot about that til just now.

I'm still using my old vcr, and when I watch a play-back, it will roll, snow, etc, for a few minutes then straighten out.  Guess I should set the time back for them.  The new head cleaner didn't help at all.  I won't be at a Walmart til next month when I take J back to the doc.  I've learned to live without it,,,lololol.  The price of gas has sure changed my life.  When I count that in, I sure can't save enough to pay for my trip any more.  Used to do that on one can of coffee.

Yall tc, and