Friday, July 6, 2012

Lakeshore Drive, 7-4-12


The first few pics were the sides of the road, just showing how green it is, and it’s JULY!  The others are Lake Buchanan taken at the side of the road, and 2 parks there.  One is Llano County Park,, the other is Blackrock Park.

Am I the only one not being able to see rvsue’s pics?  The last few days they will not load.  Everything else does, so I have no idea what’s going on.  If it’s just me, I’ll start trying to figure this out.  Plz let me know.  Just before that, they would load only when I hit the comments, and now that won’t work.

We had a great day yesterday.  Using the GPS,,loved it.  When he’d say,,turn there, I’d say nooo, I’m doing what GPS says,,,hahahahaha.  He’d say, don’t you think I KNOW what I’m doing,,and I could honestly say,,NO,,after the last time..lolololol  The doc took him on in right after we got there, so his g/f and I ran back to an HEB, was loading the car when he called and said he was thru.  BUT,,had to wait for his pain pills to be filled, cause he had forgotten to take them.  The doc gave him another prescription.  He had 6 shots put directly into his spine.  By the time we got back he was doing better.  He called today and said it was like nite and day. To the good.  Now, he will get them every 6 weeks, and these are not the same ones he had before, had gotten immune to the others.

We left, gone about 15 minutes, well on the way, when he couldn’t find his cell phone.  His g/f had had it, back at the place where the doc and pharmacy were.  She didn’t think so, but we both told her that when I called his number, he handed it to her, and she answered.  She had no memory of this, no idea where it was.  I said it was just a little way back, and got off I10 to head back, when I handed him my phone and told him to call his number,,,WOOOHOOO..It was buried in something she had so,,around we went again, and that was the only thing unusual.  We did stop and eat at Luby’s,,and it was good..

I’m going to the store, right now, to get some of those fly strips.  Had enough. Yall tc, and