Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rehab Time

Yep, he was transferred to rehab late yesterday.  I called just a bit ago, and he wasn't too happy, they didn't have his diet info yet.  I'm not going there today, he's doing really good, and it's supposed to be bad storms late today.  I'll plan on going tomorrow.  Not sure who will go today.  Also not sure how long he'll be there, he's still so weak.

I was just sitting here about 15 minutes ago, and don't know how, but this baby tarantula spider just squeezed into the corner of my door!  This is a steel door set into a steel frame!  Did NOT know there was any space there.  I put it outside with my bug catcher, didn't want to hurt it.  One time I saw one about a block from my house, stopped, caught it and put it in a cup and took it back to the house and put it in the breezeway.  It stayed around a long time, lots of stuff to eat.

Well, that's it,,so yall tc, and