Sunday, September 30, 2012

Another Month GONE!

I think the rain is over, and my gage has about 2 1/4".  Not bad.  Got up today and had to shut the windows,,that north wind blowing.  Made for good sleep,,,

Gosh, i sure miss J on the weekends.  Getting used to him being around.  He is feeling like,,80% better the last 2 days,.  Could that blood pressure med do that?  How?  His back isn't locking up now, like before, just once yesterday.  By the time it was taking effect, he started feeling lots better, and the pain better too.  I don't know what it is, my machine, used once, doesn't work!  That's what i get for buying a cheapie one.

I drove out to the park yesterday and fed the geese.  There  was this huge bird sitting on the dam, and i think it was a whooping crane.  Was raining so i didn't even try to take a pic, and my binoculars were in the trunk.  I'll go back today and see if it might be there again.

The lakes are up a little, hope more in the next few days.  Missed what they said about Buchanan, but Lake Travis was up about a foot.

I just turned my calendar!!! Now i have to do it again!  Yall tc, and