Saturday, September 13, 2014

Gosh Where Are We

Nothing new going on.  Why i haven't posted. The new doc ordered an MRI, done at the hospital there, and an EMG, nerve conduction tests.  The same driver took J down there last Thurs. for the MRI, and when they saw the first, went ahead and did a second one from another angle. These are on his neck.  When he told the doc about his swallowing, he checked all that out, and ordered these other tests.  The nerve one's appointment is way down the line on Oct. 21.  Unless they have a cancellation.

Well, night before last he fell. His right arm and leg wouldn't work, so his Dad and gf took him to the hospital and were there for hours,, of course. Ruled out a stroke and finally sent him home. His dad called me the next morning and i went over to his house, and when i saw his ankle, thot it might be broken, had to call an ambulance because he can't walk or crawl.  Hours again, just a bad sprain. In the meantime, the ER doc did talk to the Austin doc's nurse, (he's in surgery on Fri) and she said to get everything put on a disk and get to his office for him to review.  My dotter sent it to be delivered on Mon. So that's where we are.

I talked to him this morning and he's a little better. Had used my walker with the wheels and seat, (i don't use it) to get himself to the bathroom. Very carefully.  His leg is still numb from the knee down, and his arm won't work but his hand would grip today. It has swelling on the back of his neck, and i think it's pinching the nerves there.  As it goes down, i think the arm will get better.

He was also starving, and ibupropin has helped with the pain.

I was so tired i was barely able to drive home, did go by and pick up a milkshake. Sat in my chair most of the remainder of the day, quit a movie with 15 minutes left and went to bed and slept good last night. Feel normal today. Even went to the library and got 2 books, almost finished with my last one.

Hey, it's cold! I'm wearing a jacket and just turned on some heat. WOOOHOOOOO.  LOVE IT.

Now i'm needing a nap...My breakfast is putting me down. lol.

Yall tc and


Friday, September 5, 2014

Rest of the Story

Well, we had a volunteer for a driver, dotter's "other", and went in my car, after me trying to get in his truck lololol.  I always fill my car when it gets down to 1/2, so we just got in it, and went....
He lived in that part of Austin, growing up, worked there too.  So, he took us on a better way?,,, lol.  sure did take a lot of extra time, to miss all that imaginary traffic, but we got there.. Even tho there was no time to stop and eat, so to curb my starvation, we stopped at a burger place and got fries. And yeah, would love for him to do the driving next time too....

Loved the doctor.  He was so thorough, listened, and went into detail with all of this.  No date yet, but wants 2 more tests done first.  An MRI on his neck, and a neurological test done on the nerves to see what is causing the pain in his legs, arms.  He doesn't think it is just the problem in the spine.  Did an xray too.  Used that and the maleogram to point out all of this.  He talked like the surgery for the lower spine was not much of anything.  He will insert screw, or screws, into the bone, crack it. and pull the bone out til it lines up straight, then he's gonna fuse about a 10" section.  (I think i got this right).

But i remembered that J should tell him about his swallowing, getting things stuck in his throat unless he lowers his chin to do it. Then he seemed more concerned with that, and that's when he ordered these other 2 tests. No doubt he's gonna get him fixed up, tho. The other doc had pointed out the place in his neck too, and told him it would have to be fixed later.

He also told him he would probably never be pain free, but thot this would help a lot.  I asked about what could be done post surgery for that, and he said there were the things to use to zap it.  So, got lots of encouragement, and we asked,, when can you do it? Tomorrow?,,, lol.  Reminds me, i need to call to see if both of those tests can be done on the same day..

Well, called and left a message,, isn't that always the way?

While we were there, it came a hard shower, lasted about 15 minutes... Loved it.

Well, that's all folks,, tc, and