Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Want a Cold Front NOW

I can't believe that heat in OK, and the fires with it....Horrible.  How can fire fighters work in that?  I sure feel for em.  Yeah, i gripe about the heat here, but, nothing like that.  Well, 10 degrees difference.  I know in just a few weeks, we can possibly have cooler temps.

Way back, when the kids were young, we had a COLD front hit on Labor Day weekend.  I can remember because it was the last day the swimming pool was open, and the kids just HAD to go,,,,,They were the only ones there and had to stay in the warm water, froze when they got out.  lololol.  It did keep the temp in the 60s that day.  Hard to imagine right now,,huh?

Got that possible hurricane heading West,,which is being watched.  Way back when i think it was Carla  hit the coast, we even had evacuees here, lots of em.  Got some of the wind and rain too.  Early 60s?  (I go way back,,,lololol).  I know how bad they are, but we central Texans sure hope for some relief during the season,,,sorry DD.

I was telling Js g/f about a time when he was gonna get his first pellet gun for Christmas, and he walked up on us paying for it in the store..  That was the worst thing he ever had to do, wait til Christmas, knowing what he was getting!  lollolol.  He had wanted one so bad, for so long,,and there it was, but,,,,,about a 2 month wait.  He never wanted to know again.

How can they be getting all that rain out in AZ?   Send it HERE!

Yall tc and