Monday, August 15, 2011

Invasion of the,,,,SNAKES

Good Morning,,all.  Yeah,,i know it's Monday, but it's still a good morning here.

 Lol,,maybe not for someone i heard about on my scanner earlier.  They called in about her son finding a copperhead on Sat, and killing it, then,  6 more since then!!  Yeah, i'd get a little excited too.  Was right here in town, too.  I know there are copperheads here, but i have seen just 2 in my whole life.  And one of those was one my bro B had caught and brought into town, played around with it long enough, he got bit, too.  He and his friends had brought it to my house to put it into an aquarium, but he dropped it, and then stepped on it, but when he leaned over to pick it up, it got him on the finger.  One friend grabbed  something to tie his arm off with, while the other one beat that poor snake to pieces.  Hadn't wanted it in the car to start with.  We all left for the hospital, and when my son and i walked in, the doc yelled at us,,,"did u bring that snake?",,my son said,,"it was a copperhead",,then the doc screamed, GO GET THAT SNAKE!!!,,We just made a U turn, went to the house, took the snake back.  He looked at it, said "yeah, it's a copperhead" and THEN,, i said,,,we knew that!  He didn't know we had all been snake enthusiasts for a lot of years, knew them by sight.  Ended up, B was allergic to the antidote.  AND yeah!!! he's the one that still raids rattlesnake dens.  They should have called him to look for the copperhead den.  My son will go, too, is he knows about the snake calls. 

Read in the paper today, about a couple in Manor, letting their lamas in the house in the afternoons,,letting them cool off.  hahahaha,,Guess it's not much different than dogs or cats, just had never heard of it.  About 6 of them,,seems like it would be a little crowded.  I didn't know they were like cats, would go to the door wanting out if they needed to potty. 

Went out to Ns yesterday, been a long time.  Got too hot.  I didn't know she had lost another hen, of the same breed as the other one.  Must be the breed not being able to take the heat.  So now she just has eenie meenie,,,of the 4.  When we walked back there, something scared the rooster, One Feather, and he just kept on going about it.   He still has just one tail feather.  lol Has about 3 little ones trying to grow.

Same ol same ol, weather forecast.  I haven't seen one in days.  Record breaking heat.  When it shows the area temps,,it's always 4-6* higher here.   I think it's where the gage is.

O Wow,,now a beef recall.  Turkey a few days ago, then bacon, now beef.  I did get my bacon package out and check it.  Wasn't on the recall list, but,,,was made in Canada.  Had an old roll of ground turkey i had found in the freezer and it went out already.  It made good enchilada casserole, the reason i had it in the first place.

Enough of chatter today, HAGD