Saturday, August 13, 2011

What A Day, and,,,,WTH is BB???

MERCY!!! I'm gone one day, and we lose BB??? OMG, did he drown in that Bubbaboat thang?  Went by the turn yesterday to get to PR4, but had my niece with me, and a tiring day ahead.,,,Then,,after the tiring day, got home, unloaded my month's groceries, too tired to even get on here.  Gotta correct something on a blog a few days ago.  When u cross that bridge in Kingsland, u are in Burnet County, then.  And yep, the Inks looked good.

Bet ol BB got out on it, right about the time that STORM came thru.  lololol,,,Only storm here in decades, (well, seems like it) and he decided to get out in his thangy.  Wow,  nearly had to stop and wait on the side of the highway a time or two, was raining so hard.  Out by Buchanan, not here. Niece about scared to death, by the lightening.  I wasn't paying any attention, but did tell her about getting hit in my house one time.  Think that's back in one of my blogs.   Looked like here in town, we caught the edge.  Hardly any in my rain gauge, just raised the mud up a little in the gauge.  Kept hearing about a fire, could see the smoke, a big one, all the time driving home.  Was a ways south of here, caused by the lightening, i'm sure.  They got it out later.

Got a small stew cooking, smelling really good about now.  I use my waterless cookware, so i don't boil the beef.  It cooks in it's own juices,,yummmm.  Just added the veges, so won't be long.  AND, i just might eat some of it, even tho i just ate breakfast.  ahahaha ,,I can do that,  don't have to do 3 a day.  Reason for it, was cleaning out my freezer, got out that beef, needed to be cooked.  And, only way i seem to be able to eat beef now, is cooked a long time.  Tried one of the little steaks not long ago, stopped me up, had to quit it.  So, the others are in  the stew,,horrible waste,,, i know.

Been cloudy today, and here it is 1 PM, and it's 85*.  Ain't that nice? 

OMG,,,OMG,,,,OMG!!!!  When i got home yesterday, i opened my storm door, with my key in my hand, and my entry door opened.  What???  Checked, and it was locked.  THEN,,,when i checked later, it wasn't catching shut.  NO telling, how long it had been that way.  I was horrified.  I tried adjusting the catch plate, but,,,couldn't.  Called my son, and he came by with his drimmel?,, and took off some of the bottom part of the plate,,and,,,fixed it.   So, now, if it ever happens again,, thot of this last nite,  will have to take off part of the thing that goes into it, on the door.  He said one of theirs had shifted too, caused by the dryness.  On these doors, why don't they give you a way to adjust?  Like on my storm door there, the thing on the bottom needs to go up, but,,,no adjustment, will just have to drill a new hole for the screw, to raise it, and not sure how far you can do that.  Paid more for that door to get the better one and not sure it was worth it.  My front one is broken, needs to be replaced too.  The wind caught it one time, and broke it.  Want to do that before winter, it's on the north.  lol, That north wind was what broke it.

Well, see that BB made it back,  Just in time too.  Thot i might have to report him missing. hahahahaha,,,BB, quit scaring us that way.  And, did u catch any fish?  Don't know why i'm talking to him,,don't know if he even reads this or not.  He COULD become one of my followers.  I've been one of his for ages.