Wednesday, February 8, 2012


There's 2 things in today's paper i want to share with you. This is unreal!

Then this other i can't believe,,,lol,,,

Who'd a thot it? Guess it means i can eat all those potato chips i want, if i leave bread out...hahahaha,,not really. Kinda shocking, huh?

My bro G came by yesterday morning and that's why i didn't get the blog done. We're getting things ready for the city council meeting, and as soon as we can, we will set it up on the agenda. We discussed what we had done, and what we still needed to do. Besides getting more signatures. I just talked to a business here, where i eat more than anywhere else, but she told me that there were no petitions of any kind allowed to be left there. Most of them are that way. But,,bring it by, and they would sign it...

I don't talk about the weather on here, cause there's enough in others,,,lol,,,but today is just NOT a good day. I have always loved to drive on days like this, cloudy and cool. Wish i had somewhere i wanted to go,,,lololol. Heard that darn gas will more than likely go up to 4.00 a gal by May...GEEZZZ I'm sure not using much, staying put. It's so high now, it doesn't pay to go to Walmart or HEB for groceries. Now, that's just too darned high!! It would take about 4 gal to go to Walmart. Just don't think i can make it add up,,for savings. I know how to drive for the best gas mileage too.

My son made it to San Antonio to his spine doctor yesterday for the spinal block shots he has to take every so often. Another back surgery is in the future, but he always puts it off as long as possible...This will be #5. The bone grafts didn't take on the 1st one, and a year later, had to have it redone. He made them use bone from his hip, and it was good. This was when he was 21 or 22, and it's been the others since then. He said the doc really fussed at him for not coming sooner. Like, 2 months ago. He can't go thru check points, without setting alarms off,,,lololol. Got too much metal up and down his spine. He was in a car wreck, and thrown about 50 feet out, wasn't the driver, but he also fell about 40 feet onto packed gravel after climbing up the side of a building. Broke both ankles, but i've always thot it jammed his spine too, causing all the problems later.

Ok,,on to something else,,,makes me cry to think about it. Wish it had been me,,,you know.

I haven't read the other blogs yet, so that's where i'm heading. See yall later,,tc and