Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gotta Watch the Results Show

Goodness gracious,,,it's Thursday,,,week's gone AGAIN!  How can the time go so fast now?

I got all my laundry rounded up, and then when i took a shower, my drain gurgled.,...Now i can't do laundry til later, sure don't need an overflowing drain.  J went off with my bro B out to a ranch, but i called and he said he'd come by and help me try to run a hose into it, see if i can unstop it.  He had called earlier saying how much better he felt today.  Last time the drain did this, i stood by the washer, and let a little out at a time...BUT, i'm afraid i'll miss it and have backup.

Forecast is 100 here today.  Think i'm staying home,,,lol.  When it's that, it'll be 105 or so.  Always more.  We needed Isaac,,,  Got winds from the NE from it.

I don't know what happened on Amer Got Talent, had to record it last nite.  When S called i told her,,,'don't tell me",,, lol.  That's the one where there were 12 acts, and i voted for 9,,,hahahahah,,,just 3 could stay.  But,,they were all so good, i sure couldn't decide.  So,,,the results are what i recorded.

Yall tc, and