Thursday, June 7, 2012

Long Day

Woke up to RAIN!!  I think i missed the heavier stuff, but it's still raining.

When i got up for the first time during the nite, i could hardly walk on my feet.  They were so sore from yesterday's traipsing in and out with J.  We got everything accomplished for his medicare and medicaid,,which was turning in the application for medicaid.  Both offices were in Georgetown, so no trip to Lampasas is needed.  AND, it's all done except the wait.  Medicare won't take over til 9-13, and there's no way to wait for the surgery.  30-45 days will have to be done to see about medicaid.  In the meantime, i take him to San Antonio next week to have serious injections put in, and they will put him to sleep to do this.  That will help him for a while on the pain.

The medicaid office there had the most friendly, decent people working there, i've ever seen.  We had filled out that huge app except for a couple of things.  We had the other things too, that had to go in with it, all except the medical expenses the last few months.  They made copies of everything, got it faxed in right then.  We will put off applying for that TCIP now, til we know about the medicaid.  This surgery could cost like,,250,000.  YEAH,,that's right.

That was just 2 of the stops,,lol,,,there were about 6 more.  That's what i meant about my feet.  Should have had other shoes on.  Was way too hot to wait in the car.  They are just about ok now, tho.  Good thing, i have to go to Marble Falls today, doc appointment at 2.  That's the ONLY thing i'm doing, too!  Well, might eat lunch.  There's a pretty good Mexican food place there.  Good prices on lunches.

Yall tc, and