Monday, September 3, 2012

Car Troubles

Reading DDs tale of the dead battery,,,either that or a flat is the pits.  I have a strong battery box that will even air up a tire,,that i carry in my trunk.  Had a small one, but my son found a new one at Goodwill, so i paid him for it.  If i can just jump off that battery one time,,it will be replaced ASAP!   The last time,,wasn't the battery tho,,,it actually was the starter.  It had hesitated once, so when i got home that day, i backed into my carport so the front could be reached and jumped off is needed.  G came and tried and tried, and then he and his son towed it to the repair shop.  Bs thing is metal roofs and cement work, Gs is automotive.

Well, today is a holiday, and that will keep me messed up no telling how long.  We need Js insurance card and policy.  If it's not in the mail tomorrow, i will call.  Need it to set up surgery.

Rvsue had the pics of Rusty and Timber on there today.  What an amazing story!  And it would never have happened a few years ago.,,,without the internet.

I'm staying in,,,out of this heat, so not anything to say.  Went to Bs for a bit late yesterday, but when they, B and G, went out to play some pool,,,i came home,,,,After getting my body so hot Saturday,,and taking so long to cool off again,,wasn't gonna do it any more.

So Yall tc, and