Monday, June 25, 2012

Hey, Mondays Don't Matter Any More,,,

Nothing new today, staying in and cool.  Just got out and went to the store before it got hot,,ha,,hot now.   Needed more eggs, tomatoes, and bread.  The bread is 13 gr carbs per slice, so i limit myself to 2 a day. 

Called bro G yesterday to tell em have a safe trip, and found out they were already up there!!!,,,He had told me they were leaving today, not Friday.  Got a wild hair and went.. lol.  I always hated to make plans, just get up and go.  He's the one that wants to leave in the wee hours.  Then i always say, why ruin the whole day? 

Gosh, tv has gone to the dogs and then some.  Having to catch movies to record, so i'll have something.  Watched 2 over the week end from TCM.  Not too good, but ,,,,  was Harry and Tonto,,,and Sundowner.

My Jude hasn't shown up this morning, but i think i know why,  The place behind me got mowed sometime,,and i didn't even hear it.  So he's hiding.  That ol guy that did it, sure didn't do a very good job, left a lot, but, better than it was, won't have to worry about fire so much.

Got text from my niece, SS,,,lol,,lottajoy,  and they've bought a house and moving stuff into storage til paperwork done.  Haven't sold the other one yet either.  Texted her back, saying,,CALL ME.  lol,,,i can't have a conversation doing those!!!  I want to hear about the house.  They lived in one there in Lake Worth that was wall to wall houses.  Postage stamp yard.  So i know they wanted one with property.  Their 3 kids need running room.. 

Don't have to cook today, well, after i boiled some more eggs.  Have leftovers.  My feet are really killing me lately.  Feels like stone bruises, hard to walk on.

Don't remember if i told you i got a jury summons or not, but i just can't do that any more.  Just got a call back and was told she would find out more and get back to me.  I know my Doc would excuse me, but that might not be neccessary.  The meds i take would not let me sit for long periods of time, diuretics,,So i could just see me holding my hand up,,asking to be excused,,,lololol..

Yall tc, and